Galactic Alliance Sharlon Kruger

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    NAME: Sharlon Kruger
    FACTION: galactic alliance
    RANK: Rebel
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 28
    GENDER: Male

    At 1.83 meters and 100kg Sharlon is a beast of man. His body is coughed in cuts, gashes and scars with many wounds healed with cybernetic implants. His dirty blond hair is kept ragged but short and a beard covers much of his face. He has green eyes. typically Sharlon wears a set of camouflage fatigues and combat armor.

    A beast of a man Sharlon is strong, and enduring and fast. though not very nimble. He is not dumb but book learning is not Sharlon's strong point. Instead he focuses on piratical skills and knowledge that will keep you alive. Strong willed and defiant when Sharlon put his mind on some thing nothing will stand in his way. Both is life experiences, brash nature and and aggression make Sharlon a rather charismatic person.

    Sharlon appears as uncaring, hate-filled, unsympathetic brute. But it is a act. Haven lost all that he loved and held close Sharlon does not want to endure that again and there for pushes every one away. He now seeks to destroy those that ruined him and destroyed all that he loved The criminals, thugs, imperials, sith and himself. He keeps people away but deep down he cant help but care for those that he calls his comrades

    Born the second brother to family with two sons and a younger sister Sharlon lived live has the middle child. He was not has strong as his elder brother nor as smart as his younger sister. Still life growing up was smooth, until he turned 12 and his farther was accused of being a rebel. Imperial troops took him away never to be seen again, his eldest brother shot and left for dead on road leading up to there farm house. Unable to support them self they where kicked of there own farm so a local imperial officer could take it for his own.

    On the streets Sharlon was and his family was at the mercy of thugs and bandits. As they scrounged for what little they could Sharlon grief turned to anger as street destroyed his life. Sharon killed his first man at 13. A thug for the local crime boss who tried to rob them of the little money they had. Killing him with his own blaster pistol. The response was brutal and Sharlons mother did not survive the beating and his sister was taken. Sharlon was left for dead and would of died if it was not for a timely rescue by stranger he would of been dead.

    Rescued from death by a deserter of the imperial Miltary he was nursed back to health. He desire for revenge not changed though his new mentor molded this anger with common sense and intelgiance. When Sharlon finally acted he was 17 and a man with with skill and drive.

    With his new mentor they struck. But it was to late, his sister was dead, died as a slave owned by sith who bought her to test out his powers in the force. Confronting him Sharlon only escaped death due to a sacrifice of his mentor. Now truly only Sharlon had only his skills, wits and drive keeping him going.

    It did not take long for Sharlon to have imperial authorities have him on a list. Fortunately that got him a different list. When offered the choice to join a group of like minded people driven to removing the imperium and the siths rule 20 year old Sharlon did not have to think long before joining up. With a farther 8 years of training and war Sharlon is now a threat to all.

    Small arms and marskmanship: trained with a wide range of fire arms. Is a competent shooter but he us no sniper.

    CQB: Sharlon carriers several blades and a Echani made vibro blade. After his encounter with the sith he ensured next time he would be ready. In addition Sharlon is while trained in hand to hand combat training enhanced by his physical strength and endurance.

    Heavy weapons and explosives: Sharlon showed a natural affinity for heavier weaponry, mostly since he could wield them so much easier than the average man. He is all so adept in the use of explosives. Though he is no bomb maker

    Vehicles/piloting: Sharlon is no pilot but he is not ignorant in the use of a space ship though he is much better handling ground based vechiels.

    Medical: trained in first aid Sharlon can keep some alive only till help arrives. He is no medic or doctor.

    Sharlon all so has training in several skilled needed for a rebel saboteur such as: use of aEva suit, survival, land navigation, small unit tactic, covert Communication and integration.

    Typical non combat setting.
    A set of camouflage
    A pistol with 2 extra mags
    Vibro knife
    Small first aid kit

    Typical gear for combat
    Combat Armour
    light repeater 4 spare mags.
    pistol 2 spare mags
    2 vibro knifes
    1 vibro sword
    First aid kit
    2 knock out grenades
    2 Riot grenades
    Emergency rations

    Custom gear
    Bowcaster (Advanced tech, rewarded)

    Zipp Flamer (advanced tech)


    Lesser of two evils: aided in helping a group of rebels escape imperial forces with a defector

    Hearding wookies: Kruger and a band of like-minded people helped escort a band of wookies through the jungle on a pilgrimage.

    Need alight: Kruger with two members of the GA loot a crashed a freighter on Tatooine

    Small shuttle

    pilot droid in the shuttle



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    The Beviin Light Repeater is Mandalorian faction tech, please repeat it with something your character would have access to.
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    As per tech mods it tagged as open market there for cleared for all
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    Yeah its tagged as open market so I'm good with it. Regardless, 12 spare mags is too many so whatever weapon you have would need far less. Like two or three.

    Looks alright outside of that.