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 Shady's Back

Discussion in 'Welcome New Members!' started by James Steel, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. James Steel

    James Steel Galactic Fallout

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    So after three years of mysteriously disappearing, I have returned to Star Wars RP. I had to leave earlier for various RL reasons, but I'm back now. I'm also significantly older than before, and the quality of my writing has improved greatly (College does that I suppose). Anyhow, I look forward to jumping back in, but have a question before I do.

    I noticed in the announcements, that a new timeline will be coming soon, so should I even bother creating a character now, or wait it out until the next line starts? Thanks, I look forward to coming back!
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  2. Brick

    Brick For the Greater Good of the Company

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    Hey there and welcome back! The answer for your question, is that yes we will be having a new timeline, but it should happen around December. You can still create a new character, and rp them out as we still have some time!

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  3. Eden

    Eden Hopeless Artistic

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    Welcome back! Yeah, it's totally worth getting another character going before the next TL. We still have four months or so, and in that time period I imagine a lot will happen.

    Hope you enjoy being back, and feel free to hit me up if you want someone to RP with ^^
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  4. Faster Than Light

    Faster Than Light The Good Community Admin RP Administrator

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    Welcome back! As the others have said plenty of time to make a new character and get back into it.

    If you have any questions or anything just let us know :)
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