Shadows in the treetops.

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    When Ashford finally got off the transport. He already found this plant he dropped off at the best sight he had seen in all his life. And he was just getting started with this planet hopping business. Not that it was his only goal, to hop one planet to the next.

    Eventually, he'd do what Burrow asked of him, but for now... He was going to enjoy the sights, the senses and the breath of fresh air. The planet, called Kashyyyk. Was just what he needed after the stuffy travels he had in the transport vessel.

    Not that it was all bad. But the good times never lasted, and without a ship giving him food and transport for labor, he was left with very little credits for ether. And the chance he'd find another transport that would offer the same deal as the current one. Was not likely.

    Course, they'd be refueling for now, long enough Ashford could get back on if he didn't get lost among the strange and unique culture that seemed present on these treetops. The people looked interesting too... And it was a good thing Burrow told him to learn some shyriiwook.

    He remembered why he had been told that too. The beasts were amazing creatures that could be your best friend, or rip your arm off before you even had a chance to resist. If you can at least understand them, you'd be safer then others.

    Just don't try to understand the many different ways of saying wood. Or Bloodshed.

    Chuckling to himself, Ashford decided to leave the wooden port to start exploring the rafts that were here for him to explore, luckily, there were others so that he didn't feel out of place among the many Wookiees that seemed to surround him.

    But being around many lives seemed to resonate with him, if he wanted, he'd never bump into someone because he felt as if he could sense them before he even saw them. And that was simply amazing to the young man. To be so calm, so relaxed in this beautiful world.