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    S. R. C.
    Sector Relief Corp

    "The First to the call of need.
    --- The S.R.C Motto​

    The Sector Relief Corp (S.R.C for short) is a Humanitarian Support Agency established during the days of the Galactic Republic. Existing as a Charity, it relies on the generousity of its supporters, in order that it might undertake its work, which focuses mostly on medical, logistical and humanitarian relief efforts on impoverished planets and within warzones.

    Once a bulwark against poverty and the after-effects of war, the S.R.C enjoyed the funding and backing of the Republic, and numerous member states, flush with cash, members and publicity alike. However, as times have gone by, and the Republic came and went, the orginisation is a shadow of its former self. Left with a few aging vessels, and a small clutch of stalwart employees remaining true to the cause, it has a long way to go before it returns as the preminent agency it once was.


    Founded some few hundred years before the collapse of the Galactic Republic, the S.R.C was established by Lord Maxim Organa of the eponymous House Organa as a charitable venture to 'Aid and relieve the suffering of those worlds beyond the realm of the Core.', according to its founding document. As time went on, it soon garnered much interest from the wealthy families, and several Governments, of the Core, growing in size and activity to become the largest humanitarian organisation of its kind.

    Operating primarily in the Outer Rim, it saw significant operations on Tatooine in the wake of the Czerka Corporation leaving the world, and was instrumental in the development and instilliation of Moisture Vaporation Units across the world to ensure that native inhabitants could survive.

    However, its largest deployment came following the abolition of slavery in the Republic, and the S.R.C undertook a vast refugee and reintergration program to ensure that emancipated slaves found their way into productive society, and not into the various slums that popped up across the deep and outer core worlds. Yet, despite its vast impact on the wider galaxy, the organisation was seen by many as an instrument of the Republic Government, and was therefore defunded following the Sith takeover of the Republic.

    In their droves, underpaid or unpaid employees drifted away, assets stolen or sold across the Galaxy, and the S.R.C fell into a rapid and spiralling decline, becoming little more than a fringe-world organisation, propped up by a few loyal sponsors, one off donations and the charity of its own dedicated members. In the modern day it has slightly under four-thousand members, split across a smattering of outer-rim based and operations, and its HQ, the Gorath Class Freighter - Restoration.

    Mission & Organisation

    Founded with the purpose of offering aid and relief to those most in need, the S.R.C is a humanitarian relief group, focused on the delivery of healthcare, disaster relief and refigee resettlement for those affected by natural disasters and warfare. It has a lose orginsation, focused around four ranks.

    • Responder - The first tier of operation, these men and women are the front-line of the group. Trained as medics, to varying degrees of skill, and the provision of support equipment (through engineering new structures and tools) they are the first in to any crisis.
    • Team-Leader - The second tier of operation, theese men and women normally lead a small team of operatives, and are therefore more skilled than their junior counterparts. Often, they work with scarce resources, and must work with what they have in impossibly hard conditions.
    • Field-Director - Normally running several teams, this third tier of operation is one that many aspire to. Running outposts across the galaxy, or commanding larger scale relief operations.
    • Director-General - The fourth and final tier of the operations, this is the overall commander of the group, and has the horrific job of being their public face to the outside and wider galaxy.


    The group has access to standard issue equipment for each member, which does not scaleas they rank up due to funding issues. This consists of:

    Alongside this, all new recruits are issued with a branded (and often second hand) UT3 Utility Speeder to get about their business.

    As a whole, the faction has acces to various mobile bases on whichever world they are operating - which are always temporary, only lasting as long as their mission. They have one Gorath Class Freighter known as the Restoration.


    The group has a small membership of just under four-thousand employees, many of which are on very low wages, and do it more as a calling than a career. Most notably, the S.R.C requires its members to take an oath, in which they pledge to do what they can to save lives, a pledge of to not kill another sentient, and a pledge to remain apolitical in all that they do.


    This is intended as a pacafistic group, inline with some of the relief agencies that exist both IRL and in Star Wars. As wars go on, disasters happen, there will be call and room for RP within such an organisation, which could appeal to players who want to RP a good, non-violent, character.
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