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    New York
    2300 Hours

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    Night time in New York city was always a wonderful thing. To the humans of the world, it existed as a place where anything can happen. The busy city roared on in a never ending slumber similar to that of Vegas or some other casino-ridden road strip. But for those who existed beyond the sights of the humans...the night was something different all together.

    A hidden library off a dirty side street gave way to a secret underground warehouse where all creatures of the night came to party. Vampires, werewolves, fairies. All creatures who could see the Veil of the truth were welcome here. Though, goblins and orcs and the like didn't really venture this far inward to the busy city. They had their own little slice of the underground with the trolls under the bridges.

    This particular venue was named the Fanged Tooth, as it's owner had an affinity for the Faerie blood in his ancestry. Those that personally got to meet with the man swore his teeth were even sharpened to give himself that look. It was all smoke and mirrors as the man barely had a drop of Faerie blood in him to begin with. But he was supportive of the community so no one called him out on it.

    A girl in a purple cloak came out of the rain and entered into the hushed library nearing midnight on this normal Saturday night. In the back was an elderly lady clerk who seemed to be reading the same book every night. The girl threw down her hood showing long, dark purple hair. It wasn't natural, though the girl wished it was; she had to dye it once a month to keep it looking fresh. The girl held out a library card that had expired on the sixth day of June. To make things visually accurate there was even a time stamp on it saying she'd gotten the card at six PM.

    "You've got overdue books," the woman would ask as she looked up from the book she was reading.

    The girl cocked her head to the side and would reply as if droning the words on, "My apologies. I'll go put this one back then."

    The woman reached under the desk and clicked a little button that opened a door in the back. The purple haired woman pulled her cloak back up and ventured into the dark corner of the library and entered into the room marked Employees Only. There were two actual doors going in. One normal, and a second made of steel so as to block out sound. The girl walked right up to the steel door and instead of bothering to open it, phased right through it as if it wasn't there. This was something only this girl could do; it wouldn't happen for any other customer coming into the club.

    Walking down the curved set of stairs the music hit her instantly. Loud pounding music of some up and coming musician in the underground community blasted out of the speakers. The girl continued downward until she was entering onto the crowded dance club. Not a single person here was human, but a few chose to keep their more human features. One werewolf for example wouldn't bother turning full wolf as they didn't make good dance partners.

    The girl would keep her cloak over her head and head around the dance floor to a booth off to the side. The kind of table rich people would sit at for hours and make deals at and things. How horribly cliche. Because that's exactly what brought the girl here. She came up to one such booth where three young boys were sitting. They each looked like they belonged in a fraternity and were dressed in the top most fashions. She'd sit down on the end, but the boy closest to her would lean over and pull her closer; her hood fell off as he did so.

    "Emily, Emily, Emily. Why you always got to be so distant?"

    The purple haired girl, now identified as Emily, would try to pull away some, but otherwise didn't escape the grasp of the young man who held her close with his long arm. "I don't like making a scene, Dimiti. Do you have my fix or not?"

    "That depends, doll. You got the cash?"

    Emily looked around as she reached into her hoodie pocket. She pulled back a roll of twenties and tossed it to the man in the middle. He picked it up from the table and shoved it in his pocket, then under the table would pass something in a bag back to her. She then started to get up but Dimitri held her back down.

    "Hey hey hey. Don't go nowhere, doll. We're just getting started."

    She tried sounding tough, but her tone was barely convincing, "Let go of me, Dimitri. I'm not playing any games with you."


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    The young man stumbled through the night. His dark hair was a mess, he had vacant eyes, and his x-men t-shirt was stained with blood. As he ran, he tried to remember what exactly happened to him... yet his mind wouldn't bring anything to bear. All he could remember is waking up in an alleyway, covered in blood, and a terrible ringing in his ears.
    The strange thing was that it wasn't even his own blood. He wasn't hurt, in fact he felt better than he had ever felt in his life... save for the memory part.

    Then he heard the sirens... which made him run. If the authorities found some random guy on the street covered in blood, then they would probably want to know answers to questions that he didn't know.

    As he ran, he felt a draw, or what he only could describe as a drawing toward a small "hole-in-the-wall" bookstore. As he stepped inside, he quickly shut the door behind him, making sure he was hidden from anything or anyone that was chasing him.
    "We're closed." a voice came from the desk near the back of the bookstore.

    Shaking, he wrapped his arms around his chest and slowly walked toward the back counter. "I'm sorry, but I have no where else to go." the young man said.
    The man at the counter pulled out a sawed off shot-gun and pointed at the young man. "I said we are closed."

    Just then, the ringing in his ears reached a fever pitch. He put his hands on the sides of his head and cried out, "What is happening to me!?"
    And with that, the young man fell to the floor, passed out.

    The clerk paused for a moment, making sure that it wasn't a joke, or a prank, and put the gun away. Picking the young man up, he carried him to the back room and set him on a small cot he kept for midday naps.
    "Who did this to you kid." the clerk whispered as he inspected the passed out kid for wounds. Finding none, he placed a blanket over the kid and stepped back. The young man was in his twenties he guessed, and he wasn't harmed in any way as far as he could tell... Yet his eyes seemed to tell a different story...

    The clerk had seen some very weird things in his day in dealing with the unnatural... but this was a bit of a mystery... a bit beyond his expertise. He needed someone to help him and help find out who the kid was.
    So he decided the next person to come up from the "party" below, he'd have a chat with, and see if they were willing to help somehow.
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    "Not playing games? What makes you think this is a game?"

    The man named Dimitri reached for her, grabbing at her chest. Emily flushed and slapped him with her free hand. He laughed and leaned backwards. Emily stood and he reached for her again, but she quickly got out of his grip and past the table. The three boys all went for her, but in the flashing of the lights-she was there one second and one the next.

    With tears in her eyes she made her way back up the stairs in the book store and slammed the "Employee's Only" door shut behind her. The woman clerk gave her a stern and angry look, but Emily paid it no mind as she headed to the front of the store. Her purple hair flew wildly past her as she walked down the isles. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she passed by the room with the store clerk and his sleeping partner....