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 Sith Order Saric Noms

Discussion in 'Approved Character Profiles' started by Ulysses, Dec 28, 2018.

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    That's... Not... Fair!

    Sparks darted from young human's fingers to the ground as he threw his tantrum. This was not the first time that Saric had proclaimed a deep injustice by his parents. It was, however, the first time that anything else had come with it.

    His parents were suddenly afraid for their son. The initial shock of seeing unnatural electricity was slowly but firmly overtaken by a deep-seated dread of what it meant for their family.

    Not long later, the Sith came for Saric. He did not understand why they were so upset. As far as he was concerned, one school was as bad as another and staying at the academy would be convenient for him.

    His time studying passed mostly without incident. He was a model student, some would say swot or teacher's pet. As an Acolyte, he undertook missions for the Republica, revitalising the Kuat yards, bringing the pirates to bear. He also started following threads that pointed to a corruption ring at the heart of the Republica - threads he now continues to pull at as a Crusader


    Saric loves rules. He knows where he stands with rules. He holds himself to high standards and, having never really struggled himself, holds the rest of the galaxy to the same standards. Anyone that falls below, deserves everything they get. He despises the anarchy of both the Old Empire with its power games and the Rebellion in equal measure. They are just as selfish as each other, just in different ways.

    He is decidedly unsentimental. For example, if people were to know where he came from, it wouldn't make a difference as they would not be able to threaten or blackmail him over it, nor curry favour with rewards. As far as he is concerned, the place of his birth was a matter of chance. He is an imperial republican now.

    He is not loyal to people. However, he is unflinchingly faithful to his ideals - and he knows when he is in debt to someone or an organisation and will do all he can to discharge it.

    He always likes to know where he stands in the hierarchy. If he does not know where he stands in relation to someone else, he will adopt an apparently subservient role, but will look for an opportunity to assert himself.

    Ultimately Saric sees himself as the person best placed to be the one setting the rules and imposing order. But there are ways to do that that don't include mindless slaughter. He will wait his turn and position himself so that the empire, no the galaxy, begs for him to take over.


    Tall and willowy, his hollow cheeks and dark, deep set eyes already show the signs of his youth driven away by the dark side.

    His brown hair is always cropped in a functional, but not military, style.

    He is always seen in traditional Sith robes. The more traditional the better: plain black, with cloak and hood where appropriate.


    Skilled with lightsaber and force (kinetic & lightning)
    Can just about point and shoot a blaster
    Passable pilot
    Has superficial knowledge of computers/datapads etc (ie not a slicer)
    Emergency first aid
    Good with codes/ciphers

    Averagely strong (for a Sith)
    Good endurance
    Good intelligence
    Less good with people (EQ)


    Lightsaber x2 (1 short, 1 long)
    Sith marauder armour

    Saric has command of a platoon of Imperial troops
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    Just thought I'd point out that you need to link the armor from the tech boards.

    Otherwise, I'm not a mod. But. I like him.
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    For clarity you should also notate the specific lengths of the sabers since they are different.

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