Sith Empire Saorise Kallig

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    Biographical information

    Force Senstitivity

    6424 BBY
    38 standard years*


    Physical description

    Hair color
    Eye color
    Skin color
    1.4 meters
    52 kilograms

    Chronological and political information




    Capstone perk

    Sith Empire

    Dark Councillor

    Darth Inheris

    Excerpt · Biography · Personality and traits · Powers and abilities · Equipment · Roleplays

    Darth Inheris, or Saorise Kallig (/Ser-sha/), the first daughter of a minor noble house among the many the growing Sith Empire had come to collect, was one not who felt not destined to follow the fate of her family. Set on the path to power by her parents, Saorise intended to use every ounce of that assistance to move beyond the invisible shackles that bound her to that life, ready to create herself anew, alongside the Empire she saw ready for revitalisation.



    The Dalaigh family. A proud family, if a little more than their station truly allowed for. But ones that had built themselves up over some generations. So the story went to hear her parents tell it.

    It mattered little to Saorise. It would matter less once she was done with this Empire, her family history but a footnote. She would do better. The Empire would do better.

    From a young age Saorise's parents pressed into her the values of the Empire, of the Sith, though they weren't force sensitives themselves. Perhaps that was why they could only ever hope to hold their current positions. But she had been a 'lucky' one. The possibility of the force coming to their family was too good for the Dalaigh's to let up, and once her abilities began to manifest themselves, well into her teenage years, her expensive education was dropped, replaced quickly with the red dirt of Korriban, and the grit of the Sith academy.

    It suited Saorise just fine.

    Though upon her exit she was offered a place by the side of her Uncle, a lord of some note and influence deeper into the Core, Saorise refused. Such familial preference did the Empire no favours, nor did it to those it supported. The Empire was failing to protect those it claimed its power could. Ones family had nothing to do with it. She had made a point to distance herself from them already, taking the last name Kallig instead to deny such connections. She would make a new place for herself in this galaxy. Indeed, she would make this galaxy new.

    Though the aged of the Old Empire might have claimed they believed the same, nothing could be further from the truth. True yes, they focused on ones power over ones merit, but the futility and abandon of its practitioners to throw themselves into such ancient rituals and ways was not progress, but regression. Clinging to the old ways meant death, stagnation, a focus on keeping alive beliefs over the self. And the self, well, that was all that mattered.

    And Saorise was all too sure of herself to let that slip away so easily, or be lost in the madness of ritual. No, this Empire would be her proving grounds, a chance to forge the Empire anew.

    It was early in her return that she looked upon her failing House and saw an opportunity for it to be revitalised, though under her command. Gathering allies from her family, she managed to secure her place as Lord of House Dalaigh, though at the cost of her father and brother. Scars that weigh on her still.

    It was around the same time that Saorise came into contact with the Venatori and, sensing a shared purpose, entered into the brotherhood and began using her resources to assist.

    With these together she set off on a path to slowly take control of Kuat, beginning first with the revitalisation of the shipyards, that burned in flames set by the Mandalorians. Her efforts were quickly noticed by those above her, including the new Empress Lyanna, granting her the title of crusader, and the command of a platoon (40) to aid her ongoing efforts. Just more strings to her bow, who would see their teeth cut on Corellia, Saorise leading them on the frontlines as the Jedi revealed themselves to the galaxy.

    Though her sudden rise was seemingly cut short by her opponent Jacob Tagger, a journalist without fear, who managed to find more dirt on her than any before, putting her in hot water with the law. She had to act fast to save her image. And her influence.

    However, the Empire was changing fast. With the death of Empress Lyanna, and the revelations of the Jedi's existence, their alliance with the Mandalorian's, and the impending encroachment of the Old Empire, Saorise found herself forced to choose her direction within the conflict.

    But, either way she would be left with a gift for her service to the Empire. A battalion of troops (640), a Humbler-Class Assault Tank (x2) and an Audacious-Class Corvette, the 'Nocturne', all at her command. More tools for her games. Ones that would now only grow more ambitious.

    But the crisis only brought fresh troubles, and with it the contact of an old friend. A member of the Venatori, and the soon to be Emperor of the united Sith Empire. His words convinced her to flee the flailing Republica, and follow him.

    Through the integration Saorise found herself hard at work, taking a step back from the spotlight as she took to running her household more directly, and engaging with administrative work throughout the Empire.

    Still, as the behemoth began to stabilise itself, it marked for Saorise the perfect opportunity to reveal herself once more to the galaxy, the newly minted Darth Inheris, ready to seize the day.

    With her first act, she lead a campaign to seize a number of planets for the Empire along its central spine.

    However, whatever efforts they may have amounted to, nothing would ready the Empire, or the galaxy, for the invasion of the Mindbreakers. As outer worlds fell to their advance, their greatest blow fell on Korriban, the Sith capital world, which fell to the might of these newfound enemies. In the desperation that followed, Inheris was raised to the Dark Council as Councillor of the Sphere of Military Defense, just as darkness would fall upon the galaxy.

    Personality and traits

    Hailing from the more aristocratic and bourgeois parts of the Imperia Republica, Saorise shares some of the haughtiness and stuff upper lip of her family.

    However, this is combined with a fierce disdain for most of them and those within her immediate circle. Instead, Saorise has consistently focused on her own skill and self-improvement, leaving little time or desire for shared sympathies. Though perhaps her foray into the Empires upper circles will provide her with both new friends and enemies.

    Frightfully determines and singular in intent, Saorise did not suffer fools easily, and maintained a deal of distance between herself and most compatriots she might find herself on the same side of.

    Equally, she would not shy away from a challenge, though how she would meet it always depended upon the circumstances.

    True in her mind though was a belief that the Empire could produce a better people, a stronger people, if only it were different. And Saorise was of the conviction she might be able to lift it to that.

    However, this stringent set of goals meant that losses on the way were inevitable, and though she is clear of purpose, and somewhat cold, they still have affected her.

    Powers and abilities

    With such comprehensive studies as her family thrust her into, her knowledge was her greatest weapon. Though her time on Korriban impressed upon her many newer skills far more deadly in nature, though not necessarily more effective.

    To make her mark on this galaxy though, Saorise meant to hone every skill she had at her disposal, to combat enemies both without and within.

    • Marksmanship: A fine shot, but a blaster to her is little more than a trifle unless used in the correct circumstances.
    • Hand to Hand: Though on Korriban Saorise found herself in more than a few scrapes, such blunt attacks were by no means her focus.
      • Lightsaber: Cleaner, quicker, and all the more effective, a duel with such was her combat of choice, and her most versed method outside of the force.
    • Conversational: Distant at times, but ready to twist words and meanings when the purposes suited her. Any such pretense of pleasantries was a facade, one there only to keep the game going for someone otherwise so often withdrawn in her own mind.
    • Force Skill: Gruelling months on Korriban drilled into her an understanding of the nature of the force, and her ability to manipulate it. As strong as any other alongside her, she tended not to employ it destructively, but for more secretive and subtle means.
    • Piloting: Comeptent, though that was the most she dared claim of herself. Ready to fly if need arose though.
    • Education: With a good number of years under her belt and a strong head on her shoulders, Saorise’s education has helped her succeed, and at times exceed, in the world she has been thrown into.

    On leaving Korriban and setting out to establish herself within the Empire, Saorise brought little in the way of personal effects. Her lightsaber, crimson, quietly unadorned, smooth to the skin. A ring, set with her family seal permanently scarred after her time on Korriban. A number of outfits, as well as a personal ship, 'Liberta', an Vexatious-class Starfighter. With these simple instruments she intended to find herself an entry into Sith her society without the need for family ties, and if anything to bring them into the fold as an asset, rather than a chain for affections. As a gift for her success, she acquired a Violator Disruptor Pistol, ready to use upon her enemies as needed. Additionally, a Pugio blaster gives her some ranged ability. For both blasters she carries two extra power packs. When violence was called for, Saorise wore a functionless set of Sith Trooper Armour, with a set of DG-500's over her hands. She also carries a Quickdraw blaster pistol, with two extra power packs.

    Her main method of transport now was her Nightshade-class Pinnace, the ‘Diomedes’.

    Her fathers holdout blaster completes this, taken from him when he refused to give up rule of House Dalaigh. Though she does not use this for combat, it's purely a trophy kept at home. Similarly, she has taken to wearing an ancient neimodian necklace, taken from Neimodia's Museum of History and Culture before its destruction at her hands.


    Chapter 1 - Breaking Ties

    __1. Young Minds - O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    __2. Promises - Bartering with Brokers
    __3. Common Exchange - A Pretty Pot of Poision
    __4. Sing to Me - Words in a Mother Tongue
    __5. Wicked Game - Where Rules Were Broken

    Chapter 2 - Shadowed Allies

    __6. What's the Cure - Keeping Down the Rabble
    __7. Stakeouts Never Work Out - A New Face
    __8. Donald's Dangerous Dragon Doings - Chill in the Air

    Chapter 3 - Rapid Expansion

    __9. The Shock Doctrine - Words for the Masses
    __10. Twisting Words - Finding the Words
    __11. Diplomacy - A chat with their betters (as hologram)
    __12. Need More Resources - Getting what she needs
    __13. A Grand Design - Designs to die for
    __14. A Toast! - Time for the finale
    __15. Chandrila Covfefe Round Two: Imperial Boogaloo - A Good Old Heist
    __16. Culture Shock - It belongs in our museum!
    __17. Jail of Jewels - Alderaan Underground

    Chapter 4 - Changing Times

    __18. Building Ties - Meeting the new Administration
    __19. Supernatural Soliciting - A vision in her eyes
    __20. The Strike - Conflict on Corellia
    __21. Holonet News: Saorise Kallig Accused of High Treason - Name dragged through the mud.
    __22. Defection! - An Artist Hidden
    __23. Overture - Convincing Business
    __24. Uncertain Times - A Desperate Conversation
    __25. From the Pinnacle to the Pit - Wielding the Sceptre
    __26. Return of the Jedi - The enemy is revealed
    __27. The True Calling - Opportunity in the ashes
    __28. Control - Judging a Judge
    __29. Nightcall - Flight Delays
    __30. Screaming Stars - Hunting a Hunter
    __31. Crusader vs Crusader - A chance to see what the Old Empire is made of
    __32. Long Time, No See - A much needed conversation
    __33. Majesty - A Higher Calling
    __34. Spring Cleaning - Cleansing Prakith
    __35. Shadow Falls - Disturbing the Peace
    __36. Smells Like Victory - A moment of victory

    Chapter 5 - Return
    __37. The Emperors Mistress? - What had she gotten into...
    __38. Pit Stop - Stomping Centares with an old acquaintance
    __39. Hub Activity - Sky Fire
    __40. Against the House - A Talking To.
    __41. Holy Ship! - Sinking Abhean
    __42. Escape With Me - Breaking Out and Breaking the Ice
    __43. The Light Must Burn - Darkening the Rim
    __44. Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter - Into the Underworld
    __45. Setting Things In Motion - The Party Line
    __46. Rains of Chaleydonia - Surrender or be Silenced
    __47. Industrial Affairs - Playing Espionage
    __48. The Fall of Korriban - Dark Days Await
    __49. Rolling With The Punches - Desperate Measures
    __50. Experts - Taskmasters for Hire
    __51. Burdens - A Deadly Hiring Process


    Other canon appearances

    Non-canon appearances

    * Date may not match up with her age given changes in site time. Ten years added for timeskip.

    - Credit to Malon for profile code
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