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    SALE's Market

    Advanced Technology Exchange

    Service: Goods exchange
    Facilitator(s): Multiple "SALE" droids. (54-73, S4-L3, 5A-7E, etc)
    Known Affiliations: N/A
    Known Associates: N/A

    Resources, constantly fought over and attained on a regular basis. Many people happen across things that they want or need and then later these items become out dated. Perhaps something is just a piece of junk. But that junk could be someone else's treasure. Free and independent from any faction, the SALE Market is a neutral place where making money is the primary focus. Here people trade and acquire goods for their own agendas without issue. If there is an issue, well consequences are sure to follow.

    Always willing to buy for the right resource, the "SALE" droids (or rather his owner) have a web of associates across the galaxy that transport high quality products. Whether these are the illegal dangerous blasters outlawed on civilized worlds, or the highest quality star ship parts barely off the production line, the SALE team can get it. The catch, is that you have to have something worth while for the exchange.

    First, people wishing to exchange can usually meet with a representative at a known location. Alternatively they can contact a SALE droid through encrypted messaging system on the shade-net or their own encrypted business cards.

    Rules of the Market

    • A SALE droid has the right to refuse service on anyone.
    • A piece of tech is able to be worth half of their lowest requirement to a minimum of 1. (rounding up)
      • Example 1: Quickdraw blasters (1-2 thread requirements = 1 "token" each)
      • Example 2: self destruct (3-4 thread tech plot = 2 "tokens")
    • 1 'Token' is worth 1 thread completed for a tech plot. You may use these tokens to lower the requirement of future tech plots or to directly 'exchange' them for a piece of AT if you have enough tokens to purchase it outright.
    • Transfer of will be done at a disclosed location in independent space.
    • Tokens are only viable at SALE's Market and as such may only be used here.
    *Be advised, turned in resources will be subjected to detailed analysis by hired experts to ensure that the product is legitimate. Attempts to pull one over on SALE's team or their associates will result in no reward and blacklisting from future exchanges.

    OOC Information

    Link the relevant tech you posses, where/how you earned it, and the tech you would like to gain in exchange.

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    Burkhart Kelborn is turning in the parts of The Hellion that he did not refit to his own ship. He acquired it by theft of some poor soul. This was one Waxa class ship Burk renamed and cut down to the the Rascal (the base writeup stats aside from some non AT upgrades). In addition, from The Hellion he also had one military grade power core which Burkhart is also turning in. Everything and anything else from the Hellion Burkhart had a use for.

    Waxa class scout ship = 1 Token
    Military grade power core = 1 Token

    In exchange he would like to add a proton torpedo launcher (2) to his ship The Effervescent.