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    Rancor Company


    Type Special Operations Branch
    Designation RC
    Part Of Republic Judicial Forces
    Founded 6023 BBY
    Headquarters Coruscant
    Area Served Remote
    Key People Admiral Vincent Deryck
    With the Borders of Galactic Space being pushed further and further into the Expanse of the Unknown, budding colonists, prospectors and more still find themselves in need of a little muscle. Indeed, it is the protection of their assets abroad that stands at the top of the agenda for many Core World Governments. The Noble Republic is no different and whilst in the centuries to come they will be seen as a paragon of Galactic Society, let it not be forgotten as to how such status was achieved.

    Rancor Company was founded to protect and to serve those who find themselves isolated from the support of the main Government and Military of the Core, its existence denied and its people cut off - intended to grow with the colonies their protected, and act as a silent dagger in the hands of the Senate.

    Originally little more than a force of semi-professional rangers and contract hunters, Rancor Company was an off-shoot of the Republic Judicial Forces Intelligence Branch, a position that it still occupies as it developed into a more professional force. Making a name for themselves in private wars and conflicts of the within the deep Core they operated under a strategic directive to ’Strike Hard, Strike Fast, and without Warning’, operating on a base of resources they had to build themselves, and reaping the rewards as and when they succeeded.

    As the saying goes if you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire... Rancor Company? Yeah...that’s how it goes.

    • History
    • Operations
    • Operating Structure
      • Squads
    • Assets
    • Player Commitment
    • Expectation vs Reality
    • Inspirations
    • Intent

    Born of a need to have a group of Military Personnel that could be deployed and then, should they screw up, deemed rogue and ignored, Rancor Company is a disposable ‘Spec Ops’ Company established by the Republic. Founded during the One-Hundred years of Darkness, the group was established to be a silent guardian against some of the more inhumane elements of warfare, and to dabble in those elements itself - for the supposed betterment of the Republic.

    Based on the Core World of Coruscant, within the Republic Judicial Forces Compound, the existence of the Rancor Company is a State Secret, as it lies within the remit of the Republic Special Forces. With the same equipment and resources as the wider special forces teams, Rancor Company itself is well equipped to deal with the various threats for which it is tasked.


    Due to its relative youth, Rancor Company does not have carte blanche to do whatever it wants. All of its ‘Operations’ are thus assigned through ‘Executive Orders’ from the Chancellor, which are as follows -

    Anti-Piracy Remit - Executive Order #01 - The first ever Executive Order assigned to the Company, this grants the group the authority to halt, inspect, board and destroy (with reasonable cause) Piracy Vessels along the Republic Border. It also enables the group to trace, track and capture suspected Pirates and to seize stolen goods within Republic Territory. The group currently requires a warrant to enter a facility or property however. This Executive Order is currently active.

    The Rancor Company is expected to be available to carry out work in the following banches of operation -

    • Close Protection.
    • Search & Retrieval.
    • Counter Terrorism.
    • Black Ops.

    A versatile team, the group effectively functions as a top of the range 'tool kit' for the Government, with its duties allowing it to carry out high level police investigations one week, and then snatch and grab counter terrorism the next.

    Consider it a mix between the FBI and CIA, but with lazers and snazzy armour when needed.

    Operating Structure

    Simply put, Rancor Company will operate within the NPC Faction of the Republic, and will work in squads. Each squad must be filled before the next one will be made. These Squads will be operational units in their own right, built to a max size of four players only - one leader, and three specialists. Once a squads is filled, a new one will be made should there be interest to match.

    Any NPCs gathered as a result of plots and expansion will be support staff only - as this group is inspired by Inferno Squadron think the engineers and background staff on the Corvus. Orders will come down from the NPC leaders within the Repubic Faction, with the seniority of that NPC being reflected by the average level of the squad under their remit. At present their instructions come from the Admiral Vincent Deryck - although if asked, he would naturally deny the squads existance.


    At present, the Company can support and deploy one squadron, known as Alpha Squadron which is made up of the following members.

    • Member One - Link - Name
    • Member Two - Link - Name
    • Memeber Three - Link - Name
    • Member Four - Link - Name


    Each squad in Rancor Company MUST start out from scratch. This means they will all build their asset base up through roleplay, and to start with shall have only their personal gear, a squad transport and nothing else. Currently it is fair to assume that Rancor Company squads have access to Republic Issue Gear, Special Forces Armour and misc items. As the group grows, this shall be reflected in their assets.

    Currently the group can ‘boast’ a hanger on Coruscant and a Protocol Droid affectionately called ‘Rusty’.

    Troopers are (until they rank up and become specialised) expected to have the following standard loadout when in combat operations -

    Most squads also take some of the following items with them on missions to assist with certain operations.

    As the company scales, so to will the equipment available to its members.

    Player Commitment

    As you may have guessed, should you have read this far, this is going to be a close knit team/group, with a focus on combat, guerilla warfare and other such styles of RP. As a result of this, most of the non-social threads that Rancor Company enters will be centered around one squad, which means players must be committed to entering every OPEN thread that is a planned Squad Mission.

    All missions will be squad based, and all members of that squad will enter each mission, so be prepared to be in PvP and combat frequently. Good sportsmanship is also a must, so please bear that in mind.

    Expectation vs Reality

    Whilst advertised as a special forces group, Rancor Company is not anywhere near the level people may be used to. This will be a long haul, hard graft - and assets can be lost much faster than they can be gained. So, whilst the expectation may be that we would be joining some hyper elite super ninja group, the reality is you are joining a bare bones team, that needs to work damn hard for every single bit of good luck it gets.

    It must be noted here that, no matter how well we do as a group, we will not be pushing to be in the same league as a main faction, and would like to keep small, the ultimate goal to be a collection of elite squads based off a mobile HQ, doing cool missions, rappelling down buildings, and shooting fools.

    Please also be aware that - as present - characters do not resign or retire from the Squad, and are expected to die in service, move into command ranks, or face execution to protect the groups secrecy.


    To give people a final idea of what we are looking for here, this group is inspired by Metal Gear in its approach and style to missions, as well as Havoc Squad, Inferno Squad and the Republic Commandos from the books and games. It is a close knit team of wannabe elites, so comradeship, training and such should be expected.


    The intent behind this group is twofold - firstly I want to make a sandbox group that people who like the combat elements we see in previous timelines, such as within Stormtrooper and Rebel Cells, can come and play in. Secondly, this group could - should it grow well - explore the ‘SWRP Canon’ for the foundations of the ‘Republic Special Forces’ we see in the Video Games.

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