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    Biographical Information

    <1 y/o


    Physical Description

    Eye Color
    Paint Color

    Masculine Programing

    Blue & White

    Standard Equipment
    Beviin Light Repeater (2x Spare Powerpacks)
    Armored Chassis
    2x Concussion Grenades
    2x Frag Grenades


    R0-TR or Rotor is a droid manufactured by the Industrial Automation corporation by a factory on Nubia in a long line of R0-series droids. Not too long after being put available on the market, this droid was purchased and used most of it's life-time it was spent it's time as a mundane building droid under a company constructing higher end buildings on Ord Mantell. Not only did the R0 droids did construction work, their larger imposing frames made then decent against fending off petty thugs until actual guards were needed.

    While performing on duty one day in Ord Mantell, this particular R0 droid was shot with clean with a blaster a good couple times in the central chassis. This unit was presumed to be permanently shutdown and then made it's way into one of many salvage yards on the planet. R0-TR's broken chassis was then found by a Rodian salvager by the name of Picla Dlamard. It was found it decent-ish condition, it's chassis hasn't begun to rust and the internal electronics haven't withered. Picla was able to to use more salvaged parts to get the droid to working order. The droid lost all it's memories and being shot had an effect on it's the droid's mind. Overtime it began to
    develop a personality and become self-aware. Picla declined to give it a memory wipe. Now nicknamed 'Rotor, instead the droid would act as the proud caretaker of the salvagers home when he is away doing salvager things. Picla found some paint and hit the motherload while off and away, which let Rotor shed his rusted plating in favor of better metal and also have a paint job. Before too long R0-TR looked like a whole new droid, different from it's mundane brothers and sisters fresh off the assembly line.

    Weeks had passed, and one night Rotor was off on his own, doing a little salvaging of his own and found a nice gift for Picla that he hauled all they back home. Only to hear the sound of blaster fire as he closed in from the rear. Dropping the gift, the large droid ran as fast as it could and found gang members toting blaster rifles exiting out of there. The droid was able to put two and two together. The droid did not hesitate, he found a repeater rifle lying in reach, and then used it to kill the gang members, gunning them down.

    Rotor then comforted a dying Picla. Picla wished Rotor well in his last words before he passed. Rotor felt sadness that his adopted father perished. To that day, Rotor has a harsh outlook on the galaxy and distrusts and holds contempt for organics, as there are very few decent ones and the rest are vile.

    Personality and Traits

    Originally a cookie-cutter no-nonsense droid that just does as ordered, follows programming and no more than that, now Rotor has evolved a life and personality of his own and has self-awareness. He held his loving adoptive father Picla well and after he was savagely murdered the droid holds contempt for organics and holds no value for their life. Although Rotor can interact with organics as needed Rotor has no problems with being hostile towards them if needed or sufficiently provoked, although not carelessly. Although having a bad outlook on organics in general, he can warm up to certain
    individuals who can earn his trust.

    Although holding little regard for organics for the most part, Rotor does have a soft-spot for nature, being able to understand and see the beauty of it through it's photoreceptors including non-sentient wild-life.


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    Love. Things look good to me. I'd suggest finding a weight but that's strange territory for a labor droid.

    Tagging @Malon for notes or approval.
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    I'll let the weight slide on this one given the weird situation. Perhaps @Loco or @AutoFox can give some suggestions.

    In the meantime, approved!
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    Its hard to say with droids, but I'd figure somewhere shy of half a ton maybe?
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