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 Location Roche Spaceworks

Discussion in 'Approved Site Lore' started by Cazar, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Roche Spaceworks is a facility built into an asteroid orbiting planet Roche. It has four bays that can be used for building decent sized ships with a central hub for workers, supply deliveries, and management.

    The shipyard is based around a small asteroid in a stable orbit around Roche. It was originally a mining facility before being re-purposed. A landing bay provides access by smaller ships to deliver workers or basic supplies. The main facility is burrowed into the rock itself with little protruding above it. Quarters provide living space for the workers deep inside the tunnels alongside power generators and a supply warehouse. Above the surface there are three towers. One is for supervision of construction by the administration. A second is an extension of the living quarters for higher ranked staff. The third is a defensive laser tower that was decommissioned and is no longer functioning. Next to the third tower is the communications relay that does still function as primary means of external communications, mainly to Roche itself.

    While the Asteroid provides some protection from attacks due to its bulk, the shipyard has no actual defenses. It relies fully on docked ships or nearby Roche to protect it. Security personnel are posted inside for smaller threats. At most times this would be one platoon of IDF from the Sith Empire.

    Actual construction of ships takes places in the four large bays. Two are attached to either 'side' of the asteroid. These are not large enough to construct something like a Star Destroyer, but can handle most Corvettes and Frigates.

    To create a reference to a shipyard for Roche system. It will be acquired by the Sith Empire at the completion of a plot.

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    Approved with the caveat that this will need to be overhauled if the plot fails, to indicate that it is not staffed by Sith soldiers or producing Sith equipment.
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