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    (Artist Credit: Inès Bérerd)

    NAME: Claudia Niekahl

    NICKNAME: Roxy

    ALIAS: Rex Gallicka

    HOMEWORLD: Coruscant

    PROFESSION: Trader/Smuggler/Pilot

    FACTION: Galactic Alliance

    RANK: Rebel

    SPECIES: Human

    AGE: 22

    GENDER: Female

    HEIGHT: 182 cm / 6'0

    WEIGHT: 60 kg / 134 lbs



    Tall enough with a thin, lean build. Dark hair, blue eyes, low, angry brows, and a strong jaw. Scar above her left eye, through her eyebrow, and burn scarring on some of the left side of her body, left leg and left arm. Usually wears her hair tied back, or just cuts it all off when she gets too frustrated with it. She keeps herself clean and has good hygene, but usually dresses like a gruff fringe spacer, preferring colors like black, red, and orange. Usually open-carries her weapons to dissuade would-be trouble makers.

    She often wears her lucky red Imperial 337th Regiment bomber jacket.


    She's smart and strong willed, otherwise fairly average across the board. She's mentally tough, but her body's not in the same shape it was in the Imperial Army. She has a few lingering injuries from her army days: fractured left wrist and left shin that never fully recovered just right, and occasional back and neck problems. Her biggest weakness is her aggressive, bellicose nature. She has a tendency to act first, think later. She's fearless in a reckless sense of the word, proud as hell, and zealous in her beliefs. She talks big, and is always looking for a chance to back it up. Trying to prove to the galaxy, and herself, that she's not some defenseless little girl, and she 'ain't just a no name street rat.


    A proud, zealous firecracker. Headstrong and always looking for a challenge. She has a very competitive nature. She's an anti-imperial extremist, very opinionated, with her own radical ideas on how things should work. She wants to change the galaxy, and she has no problems brute forcing her way into political power. Anyone that gets in her way can go to hell. In contrast to her outwardly aggressive personality, her very nature is that of a sharp minded strategist and political animal. She's also a bit superstitious, and believes in luck and lucky (or unlucky) charms.

    She struggles between wanting to live her life in peace now that she finally has a say in it, and wanting to fight to make the galaxy a better place for everyone.

    • Have a home, on a world somewhere. Somewhere comfortable to sleep and live besides a cramped freighter.
    • A love life. There hasn't been much time or room in her life for partners. It's been lonely since she left the army, and even more so since her band of deserters broke up.
    • A comfortable civilian life, living as an honest trader, focusing on her company. Preferably in a galaxy without the Empire.
    • Power to make a difference in the galaxy.

    • Gambling
    • Swoop Racing
    • Shock Boxing
    • Video Games


    Claudia Niekahl. Former Imperial Citizen. Born on the lower levels of Coruscant. Troubled youth, bad record. Misdemeanors and felonies including: theft, vandalism, harassment, assault, street racing, breaking & entering, burglary, armed robbery, distribution and consumption of narcotics, and gang activity. Lucky for her, the Empire's need for manpower in the recent decade let her off easy when she was finally brought in during Imperial round-ups of thugs and criminals in a campaign to scrape the barrel for men and women to send off to the army.

    The Army waived a lot of their ages. She began in the infantry at 16. Aptitude testing suggested she be placed into officer training, but it was denied, citing criminal background and circumstances of recruitment. She showed talent after 4 months, seeing combat twice on Thustra, and was moved to a cavalry scout unit; Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 337th Cavalry Scout Regiment, 3rd Brigade Scout Team, 96th Armor Division. With the 337th, she was stationed on a handful of worlds, and saw combat on Roche before making Sergeant in just three years of service, and went on to see combat on Telos before being officially recommended and considered for officer training.

    The recommendation was denied, citing again criminal background, as well as accounts of inappropriate behaviour and insubordination during her service with the 96th Armor Division. Sergeant Niekahl deserted with a number of other soldiers from similar recruitment programs after Telos. Imperial records show she began operating with an armed radical group somewhere in the outer rim, under the alias of Rex Gallicka. She is listed as an anti-imperial extremist and suspected of aiding the rebellion, and numerous acts of terrorism.

    After her desertion, she made a living with her fellow deserters as a thief, pirate, and smuggler, operating mostly against Imperial and Imperial-aligned assets. Eventually the group fell apart, but she got her hands on a light freighter and ended up operating as a mostly legitamate and licensed trader and pilot. She founded and licensed Gallicka, a small company with her ship as the company's only asset, and herself as the sole proprietor. She maintained legitamate hired crew, usually only people with anti-imperial sentiments who she either trusted or were seedy enough not to say anything if they moved a little "extra" cargo under the table here and there. She used the company as a front to aid the anti-Imperial insurgent groups like the Rebellion.


    She has training and experience with marksmanship, CQC, and military vehicles from her time as a cavalry scout. She's accustomed to deception and stealth, both from growing up as a gangster and street rat on Coruscant, and as an outlaw spacer in the outer rim. Street racing on Coruscant and her familiarity with Imperial vehicles has translated well to a newfound love of piloting.



    1. Close To Home (Ongoing) - Business & pleasure on Corellia




    Galaxy One (XR-1200fp Light Freighter)
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    Hello! Apologies for posting. If it turns out to be a problem or you simply don't want it here, please say so and I will remove it asap. No hard feelings!

    I just remember you having posted a thread about wanting to know how to stay interested in a character for the long haul. In reading through the bio, I noticed you've ticked a lot of the boxes. She's flawed, and she has as a purpose. Those are good.

    But she doesn't seem to be interested in a personal life. And you should remember that RP is 100% interaction with other characters. So if yours is strictly business, then that's pretty much the extent of the interactions she'll have. Going on assignments, doing the job, and going on other assignments. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with that, but it can get a little one-track-minded. So if that was an issue before then you may want to consider adding other layers to the character.

    If that was helpful, then just ask yourself: Who is this girl, socially? Why should people like her? And why does she like people? Which kinds people would she like, and which would be more inclined to like her?

    If, other than that purely social element, you also give her a hobby and some interests (particularly if they align with some already existing factions), then all the better. Maybe things like being a merchant or a smuggler, or doing sciency stuff.

    As long as you're careful not to go too far into her skillset that your character encroaches on Mary Sue turf, then as a general rule of thumb: the more things she's interested in, then the wider the net you can cast and the higher your chances of having RP that doesn't get boring in the end. Variety is key.

    Once again, if you feel I was in any way out of place commenting, then I apologise, and if you want it gone just say the word.

    Otherwise, hope I helped, and either way, enjoy your day.
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    Thanks for the post. I actually made her with the intention of having a romance arc with another character a friend's making. That's a good point about the downtime/life thing. I had some ideas about that, but didn't bother putting anything in the CS. I'll definitely make some additions in that area after reading your post. Thanks hecka, I really appreciate the help.❤
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    I saw in the character creation rules it said a PC with a small business could have 4 NPC or droid employees. I wanted to see if I could run a small business out of her ship as a trader and wondered if I could give her an NPC crew to co-pilot, man the guns, and help with loading and unloading cargo.

    Not sure how running businesses works though, but I thought it would be cool to be a legitimate trader in downtime for general sustenance and see if I could maybe develop it into a trade company over time.
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    Neimoidia, Arkania, Thustra, Zygerria, Roche, Serenno, and Telos are the planets you list for where she saw combat. I'm assuming this was as part of the Civil War? Neimoidia and Arkania are deep enough core-ward that they never saw any actual war there. And Serenno and Zygerria were deep in Old Empire territory, so as a soldier from Coruscant she wouldn't have been posted there, as she would be a part of the Imperial Republica army. Also, for similar reasons to the core worlds there wasn't really any combat there. Thustra and Telos might have seen combat, as they actually lay along the border of the two Sith factions, same for Roche. Also, while the Empire might ignore some crimes like robbery and gang activity, being wanted for murder would have resulted in her getting killed instead of recruited into the military. That's probably one step too far. All this needs minor tweaks to fix, most of profile looks good minus these details.
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    I was having a hard time finding details about the war, but I thought it'd be good to know what worlds she could've served on, so I just guessed based on the map. I left in the plausible three you mentioned and removed the rest. Also removed murder from list of crimes.

    I also added a notation by her ship denoting 3 npc crew members for her small business. Just wanted to mention it as to not accidentally slip it by you without approval. Also, do those need to be essentially no-name throwaway characters, or can I make little NPC profiles for them to make them more interesting?
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    Yeah, you can definitely flesh them out if you want!

    Also, Approved!