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    NAME: Reuben Azari
    FACTION: Galactic Alliance
    RANK: Jedi Padawan
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 20
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 5'10/177cm
    WEIGHT: 155lbs/70kg
    FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, in training

    Reuben has light brown short, well-kept hair that curls at the ends, blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. He is of an average build, weight and height at 5'10 and 155lbs and is slightly toned from training.

    Reuben is of average strength for someone of his age but has above average intelligence with high emotional intelligence which allows him to empathise with people and aids him when negotiating and attempting to keep the peace. It also gives him a strong sense of responsibility and means he is quick to forgive and frequently shows compassion as Jedi are expected to. However, despite often good intentions he has shown to be fickle in his beliefs on occasion, not wanting to believe everything is as binary as he had been taught which can make him seem disloyal although he has no intention of being disloyal and believes that although not perfect, the Jedi way is the closest to the right way.

    Kind-hearted by nature, Reuben will help who he can when he can and is not often impulsive in his actions. He is obedient to authority figures but not blindly so, if he fundamentally disagrees with what he is being told to do he will disobey, making him difficult to deal with on occasion. Despite being calm and collected most of the time when under threat, he is not emotionless and does, on occasion, tackle with fear and anger like many others do but he tries to control these emotions and not make them known to others. When not threatened or on high alert, he is cheerful, friendly and talkative but not excessively and is able to quickly build a rapport with people who allow him to do so. Reuben often struggles to focus when out in the field and as he is absent-minded which is something he tries to tackle. He is very opinionated and will speak his mind when given the opportunity and knows when to hold his tongue but doesn't always choose to do so.

    Reuben grew up on a farm in Corellia with his aunt, uncle and cousin, Avan, where he was taught the ways of the trade. Shortly after he was born, his mother fell in love with her sister's husband but after being rejected she was full of resentment and was easily tempted to the dark side when met by two Sith in Coronet, where the family lived at the time, who sensed her affinity to the force and convinced her she could use her resentment and passion for greater things that would benefit her and that she would be fulfilled by the Order. When his mother came back for Reuben, who she suspected would be force sensitive too and thus an asset to the Order, a fight ensued between her and her husband with her overpowering and killing him but she couldn't find the baby hidden under a panel in the floor, under a rug. The baby was found by neighbours after hearing crying for hours and was given to Reuben's aunt and uncle, the next of kin who already had a son of their own of a similar age. Reuben's uncle, fearing he knew what had happened and what would be next moved the family far away from Coronet and bought a small farm where he would try to give the children a normal upbringing and raised his nephew as his son.

    His aunt and uncle were very overprotective of him during their time at the farm, they were terrified of him being found by his mother and often kept him house-bound. When word about the Jedi order began to spread, his aunt and uncle were hesitant about contacting them to be tested as force sensitives but decided that ultimately they couldn't protect the boys forever and that one day they would have to fight their own battles but they contacted the Jedi who found both boys to be force sensitive and with permission they took Reuben and Avan on to train as padawans.

    Due to his ability to remain calm, focused and keep a clear head, Reuben has strong potential to become adept with his force abilities although he has only been training for three years so far. He is particularly gifted with sensing through the force, able to discern intentions and understand beings, with or without language. He is also competent at moving objects through the force but struggles with healing and mental manipulation aside from someone is particularly weak minded.

    Reuben's lightsaber skills, like many others, are still being honed with his preferred fighting form being II: Makashi, since it didn't rely on strength as much as some other forms and appeared more graceful in nature while still allowing for an offensive attack.

    Blue Lightsaber
    Jedi Robes

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