Reviewed Retrieving Stolen Goods

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    Character Name and Level: @Tycho Draykon Lv1 (When plot started)

    Character Rank: Rebel (At start of plot)

    Name of Plot: Retrieving Stolen Goods

    Participants in the plot (Character accounts):
    @Tycho Draykon (@Nommie)
    @Levi Solus (@vamp, only got two posts in.)
    @Crix Dolan (@Zay)
    @Vardon Galland (@Pyrenees)
    @Nefieslab (Staff DM, Fourth thread)

    Intended Outcome of Plot: To find and return the goods that were stolen by the Smugglers to the Businessman. Earning the GA access to supplies.

    Actual Outcome of Plot: The goods are successfully returned to the businessman and the GA gains access to supplies on the grounds that Tycho returns to take care of any Smugglers that may cause problems.

    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved? Yes @Nefieslab

    Link to Dice Roll Thread if used:
    Brawl in the Cavern Dice (Redo)
    Protecting the Train and Goods Dice (Redo)

    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:
    Trouble with the Shipping: Tycho and his partner Miran meet with the Businessman that had contacted the GA to find out what is going on. After learning the details, Tycho decides to take up the case.

    Brawl in the Cavern (Redo): Tycho leads Levi, Crix and Varkon into a cavern where the gang of smugglers has been stashing goods that have been stolen. A hard, long battle takes place. But the rebels succeeded in their mission.

    Protecting the Train and Goods (Redo): After beating the Smugglers in the cavern. The goods are loaded onto a train to take them back to the businessman. But Smugglers come and attempt to board the train. Thanks to Crix's help the smugglers failed.

    Returning the Goods: Tycho reports to the businessman to tell him all the goods are accounted for.[/url][/url]
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    @vamp receives 0 credits for both his lack of participation and his singular dice roll not matching what he posted in character. It has been decided by the staff that since this thread was already a redo, the remainder of the participants will not have to redo the thread again due to his conduct
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