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    Name: Red Skull Gang
    Description: The Red Skulls are a notorious crime syndicate of rogue Mandalorians that operate largely out of Gargan and are heavily involved in illicit spices, weapons smuggling, assassinations, and slavery. They have strongholds of a variety of planets loosely in the Outer Rim with influence also on core worlds. Hated by certain Mandalorian clans, Red Skull members carry a mark on their back but also have lives filled with criminal thrill and excitement. In the context of this timeline, they operate as a small to medium sized criminal organization and are responsible for a variety of small level crimes across the galaxy. Several members have bounties on their head including their leader; but their members are also known to accept independent contracts and their services are often purchased for the right price. As they increase their assets and influence grows, they can play roles in assisting in faction wars as well as molding into a terrorist cell to help carry out attacks against civilians. Identifying as Mandalorians, their values reflect traditions and laws of Mandalore though some may argue that their activities have already shunned them from mainstream culture. This is evident given that most bounties on their heads originate from Mandalorian clans. They do not have any strict laws or doctrines guiding their actions however most actions are expected to occur in order to result in benefits or profits for the gang. Their largest stronghold is on Gargan, however they have outposts, smuggling routes, and warehouses on Bandomeer, Concordia, Mandalore, and Concord Dawn. Some members are even have said to operate in undercity of Taris as well as Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa.

    History: Aks-Ree, the infamous Gran crime lord that operates out of Mandalore sector is one of the founders of the Gang. His youth dominated with a life of crime and local posses grew to larger numbers until they were able to solidify assets on Gargon as well as Bandomeer. Red Skull Gang was actually derived from one of Aks-Ree' lieutenants, Drakus Gunn who operates largely on Taris. As Aks-Ree had a heritage on Mandalore, the Mythosaur Sigil was chosen by him and the organization was created initially approximately seventeen years ago with twelve founding members. Some have perished, others imprisoned, but a select few still remain and typically serve as the Garg's lieutenants. Over nearly two decades, the organization has grown in wealth, power, and reputation.

    Leader -Aks Ree.
    Five Vice-Leaders - NPC.
    Twenty Five lieutenants - NPC.
    Enforcers - @Markus Valentine, other NPC.
    Street Level Thugs - NPC.

    Assets: Warehouses, armored stronghold on Gargan. Stronghold on Bandomeer, stronghold on Taris. Armored vehicles, trains, larger transport vessels. Three large freighters, several smaller personal ships/starfighters. Blaster Rifles, repeaters, explosive grenades, ammunition. Annual income: 2.5 million credits.

    Roster: Aks-Ree (Staff NPC). @Markus Valentine, numerous other NPC filled at other positions.

    Intent: I wanted an independent faction that still had plenty of roleplaying opportunities with a wide variety of others. The concept of a crime syndicate and potential terrorist organization is too alluring especially with a few upcoming plotlines I have in mind. Red Skulls were already created and in use by Bounty Boards as well as other factions as NPC Opposition. I wanted to give them a write up and allow players an opportunity to write as a Red Skull character.
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