Rebel without a cause (yet)

Discussion in 'Galactic Alliance' started by Ulysses, Dec 26, 2018.

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    I have an idea for a character. In brief, a soldier whose home planet is taken by the empire and starts a guerilla resistance. From there, he is rescued by actual rebels and joins the cause.

    There's lots of the details that are up for negotiation:
    • Where the home planet is
    • Which branch of the empire invades
    • What happens to him when recruited
    • Pretty much anything else
    If this appeals to you and would like to pick up the story with the rescue - let me know. What I have written so far is here.

    I'd be really grateful to slot in with anything going on and I'll get a character sheet up once I have an idea of the direction

    Thanks in advance
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    Hey I'd be interested in picking this up with you if you're still looking.