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 Sith Order Raina Drast

Discussion in 'Player-Controlled NPCs' started by Braden Drake, Dec 31, 2018.

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    Raina Drast


    ► 27
    ► Human
    ► 5 foot 8 Inches
    ► 92 lbs.
    ► Yellow (Dark Side)
    ► Brown
    ► Brental
    ► Female
    ► Imperial Republica, Drast Family
    ► Sith
    ► Yes
    Raina, a wife of a Drast, a daughter of a Sith and a killer of parents. Raina Drast, was born 473 ABC to an Imperial Agent and Sith Crusader. Her early life was full of anger and distaste to her younger sister who she believed was her parents favourite and received everything that she never got. Including her father's name, as she was originally born out of wedlock and given her mothers at birth. Her name was legally changed but Raina still held this against her sister. Raina was a natural with the force, showing all the power and aggression a true Sith would need. She was taken to the nearest academy at the age of ten, where she would meet her future husband Raspail Drast.

    During her time in the academy, her natural power and anger allowed her entry to one of the elite circles in the school, usually reserved for those of high born heritage. She used this newfound influence and her growing relationship with Raspail, to bar her younger sister Freyja from any Imperial Academy. The ban was permanent, forcing her sister to eventually abandon all hope of becoming a Sith, much to their parent's dismay. During this time Raina became an accomplished Sith, even a match for her pureblood fiance Raspail.

    After she left the academy she spent time travelling the inner rim with Raspail, working for the Empire until they finally married. During this period she began to plot the downfall of her family who she had isolated herself from, using her anger hatred of them to fuel her power. Raina finally devised a plan to kill her mother in single combat, whilst her husband sent agents to capture and return her Father and Sister to her so she could kill them as well. Raina was able to kill her mother, but her sister and father got away.

    Since then she has become obsessed with greater power and still sends people to hunt for her family.

    ► 473 ABC - Raina is born
    ► 483 ABC - Raina joins the Sith Academy
    ► 494 ABC - Marries Raspail Drast
    ► 597 ABC - Kills her mother.
    Skills and Abilities
    Force Powers [*****]
    Lightsaber Combat[****]
    Military Tactics [***]

    I am happy for someone to take on this character as a full PC and flesh her out more. I only have some interactions I would like in the future but apart from that, it is free to go to a new home. If interested Please PM