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 Q&A Session: The Kushari

Discussion in 'Galactic Alliance Archives' started by Jiang Winters, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Jiang Winters

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    Hey-o, just an interest check here.

    I was toying with the idea of having Jun Sajuuk, my DSEG guy and the Kushari representative in the GA, host a closed-door question-and-answer session about the Kushari to any interested senators and military personnel.

    It'd cover a few key areas:

    -Kushari Culture
    -Kushari Biology/Psychology
    -Armed Forces
    -Government/Legal system

    Basically, you'd be free to enter, fire off a question, and then sit back and have it answered. I thought it might be fun, but at the same time it might be boring and might disinterest everyone, so... Yesh. Interest check GO.
  2. Dmitri

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    I'd be interested. Sorry about the very late reply. Didn't see it earlier.
  3. Flamjetxx

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    I was just looking for some of the Kushari combat styles. Anything really: Unarmed, with a sword, with blasters.

    I saw Quasil, but found no Write-up for it. Is there any way you could expand upon it?

    What I know of Quasil already doesn't quite parallel with what a Kushari is, and I know that it was stated it's because sit was one of the only styles that didn't require the physique f a Kushari to perform.

    Does that mean there are other styles for Kushari combat that are more unique to practitioners that resemble the physique of a Kushari? Are there any write-ups for them?

    --Hoping I could unbury this thread for some answers.