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    "Hindsight is 20/20."
    —Old Galactic saying

    Psychometry, is the Force ability of acquiring information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching it. Whoever uses this ability receives input from sight, sound, and emotions from the object. Psychometry is a difficult skill to master, and is frowned upon among the Jedi due to the possibility that the strong feelings may taint one with the dark side.

    2. Intent


    Psychometry is an old ability, passed down for generations through tomes, holocrons, and word of mouth. Those trained in it can be found among the ranks of many Force-sensitive groups, but not many grow to fully grasp how to practice psychometry. It allows the user to view events as if they were there, including the sights, sounds, and feelings, both emotional and physical, that the wielder of the object experienced. Psychometry is easier to use on personal objects that were used frequently. Objects that were used once or by several people often make the use of this power difficult, though it is still possible. This skill is useful for tracking though it is not useful in open battle and would fail to render useful information at times. It takes a few seconds—sometimes even minutes—to properly get all the information out of an object, and thus requires the undivided concentration of its user.

    Dark siders are able to use psychometry to tear information even from the minds of those recently deceased, though only minutes after they died. Attempting it on a living being is not only dangerous, but impossible, and can result in the painful death of the victim. Jedi tend to shy away from psychometry due to the emotional toll it can sometimes take; practicing it to track the frequent wielder of a weapon that has been used to murder can taint the user of this ability with the dark side, as well as show them sights and force them to feel emotions that can be traumatizing. Thus, it is generally restricted among the Jedi Order. Sith, however, are free to learn all they can about psychometry from archives, provided they can find the information on it.

    Level Requirements

    This ability is available at Level 1, and users can get cryptic glimpses of memories or emotions. As they level up, their ability to perform psychometry increases.​


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