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    Something had been bugging Castor all day but he didn't know what it could be... there was just something about today that meant he had woken up as if from a nightmare (which he could not recall) and had been possessed by an urge to see his sister, to see her safe. He had left his own rooms after scarcely sparing the time to get dressed properly.

    Had he been paying more attention he might have noticed that there were far fewer droids and servants around here at this time.

    He shouldn't have been able to rush through the corridors to his sister's room without being stopped but the corridors were remarkably clear as he made his way to her room as fast as his little legs would carry him. Arriving at her door, he remembered some of his manners and knocked.

    Right before opening the door anyway.

    ... he remembered some of his manners after all.

    "Siggy?" He called out to her quietly, "Siggy are you awake?"

    It was still early so he wouldn't be surprised if he was waking her up right now.

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    Siggy was still fast asleep, burrowed in and amongst her numerous pillows and blankets. Yet, despite all her comforts, she seemed unsettled. Tossing and turning, unable to find peace. She seemed beset by something, a nightmare perhaps? No, not quite. It was an odd sensation to describe, hence why words and comprehension failed her. It wasn't something the nine year old had experienced before; it was like an echo, a far off whisper, but without a tangible source. Without any clarity. At first, the girl simply tried to shrug it off, blaming one too many bonbons the night before. But before Siggy could dwell on the foreboding feeling, she was awoken by a more familiar voice.

    "Cas?" She blinked for a moment, sleep still clouding her path to full consciousness. Sitting up, the young heiress' hair was a mess of curls, one or two locks straying over face rather comically. Siggy definitely was not a morning person. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she then glanced blindly about the room; the tinted windows were set for the early hours, confusing the girl even more.

    Groaning, Siggy haphazardly tossed a pillow towards the door, whining, "It's too eeeeeearly," before burrowing herself back within her blankets, "More sleep...We can play later."

    However, the two would not have such luxury. Not long after, chimes sounded in the apartment, meant to rouse the sleepy, young heiress.

    "Oh,what now?" Siggy grumbled, popping her head up from the cover of the pillows.

    A trio of service droids entered the chamber, each carrying various articles of clothing and dress. "Your presence is requested, young mistress. Guests will be arriving shortly."

    Siggy blinked, looking at Cas in confusion. "Guests?" She wondered if he knew anything about this, because she certainly didn't. Why would their mother not inform them?

    "A bath is being drawn for you, young mistress. Best not keep Lady Rhea waiting." The droid, then noting Cas was there as well, instructed him to do the same. "All family are required to attend, young master. Perfection is expected, as per Lady Rhea's instructions."
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    Well it seemed that his little sister was awake, even if she had been having a bad dream. He was rather glad he had woken her up all things considered. Just smiling at her for a moment as she had to drag herself, kicking and screaming, into wakefulness, he would admit that it was amusing. He was the opposite - he was able to wake up in a split second and that was what had happened today actually.

    He chuckled a little bit as he stepped to one side, neatly sidestepping the pillow she had thrown his way. She was an awful sleepy head wasn't she? But if she wanted to sleep then he would let her sleep.

    "Alright you go back to sleep."
    he told her with a wave of his hand, "I'll watch the clouds outside."

    Before he could set himself to the taste however, it seemed that the service droids were going to finish the task of getting Siggy up and out of bed. Guests were coming? Well that was... odd. He hadn't heard anything about this and their mother was the type of person to have everything planned months in advance if possible - which meant that this wasn't a visit that was planned by their mother at all.

    And that was ominous to the young Castor, even if he wouldn't quite use that word himself.

    He rolled his eyes at the droid.

    "Alright... I'll see you outside Siggy."

    He followed one of the droids to his own rooms and got washed and dressed as quickly as possible. As expected, he was ready before Siggy so was waiting outside of her room for her to arrive.

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    Siggy thought exactly the same as Cas. This was unexpected. Mother didn't like surprises, even at the best of times. Perhaps it was a control issue, but Rhea kept strict order within her household. She arranged everything; the staffing, the décor and even visitations. They weren't prohibited per say, just approved in advance. Usually it was the odd family member, a visiting aunt or a family confidant. But why so early in the morning? And why the frenzied rush? It was too much for a nine year old to process, especially when she was still half asleep.

    She nodded to Cas and went about the droids' preprogramed morning routine. She was bathed and dressed, her flowing locks styled in the most adorable curls. Delicate little slippers were laced to her feet, all whilst bows fixed atop her head. Again, it struck Siggy as strange. She didn't usually get this dressed, not unless it was an important occasion. Like Cas, Siggy was uneasy.

    She stepped out of her room, glancing towards him, uncertainty in her features. "Something doesn't feel right..." still, she couldn't put her finger on it. Couldn't form her thoughts coherently into words. Seeking comfort, she sought Cas' hand, hoping once more her brother would be there to see it through with her.

    With that, the two would be escorted into the estate's inner chambers. This was Rhea's personal space, not typically accessible to just anyone. She was already dressed (rather decadently) and yet appeared irritable, talking to her staff harsh tones and scolding words. That changed when she caught sight of Siggy.

    "There you are, my little star. Beautiful and radiant, as to be expected." She primed and picked at Siggy's hair, ensuring not a strand was out of place. Briefly she glanced at Cas, but it was fleeting. She trust he knew of her expectations; be seen, but not heard.

    "Mother..." Siggy was timid at first, almost unsure if she should ask, "What is going on?"

    "Nothing to worry about, nothing at all. Now come, stay close. And remember-" she tapped at her daughter's nose, "-let mother do the talking."
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    If Siggy was picking up on the fact that this whole thing felt wrong, Castor was practically feeling goosebumps all over. It felt like... it felt like something was going to happen and he didn't know what could possibly happen to make him feel so uneasy. He hadn't felt like this before and that was probably what was throwing Cas off balance as much as he was right now.

    He didn't even notice that the clothes he'd been told to dress himself in were of the more expensive variety until he noticed that Siggy had bows in her hair.

    Siggy only ever had bows in her hair for the most important of meetings.

    "Just be calm and everything will be fine."

    Being calm would help keep Siggy from accidentally using her magic - that was something that the two of them both had to beware of these days after all. As they arrived in the entrance hall, Castor bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement of their mother before moving to stand behind and to one side.

    Castor didn't say anything, even as a small group of men entered the house... almost immediately Castor felt as if ice-water had been poured down his back as he looked at one of the two leading figures. There were half a dozen Imperial Troopers, a finely dressed man and a male Zabrak.

    The finely dressed human man with the beard was clearly the leader simply from the way that he carried himself - there was a confidence there. On the other hand, the Zabrak looked much younger, still older than either Siggy or Cas, and carried himself with barely hidden arrogance. The two of them took in the room, the Moff looking interested and the Zabrak, the Sith, looking utterly bored.

    The Moff spoke.

    "Rhea the second of the House of Chume'da-Volante... have I pronounced that correctly? I do hope that I have but I won't be surprised if not. After all..." His eyes narrowed slightly, "You were expected at the Imperial Governor's residence today to represent your House's reaffirming of Hapes' vow of loyalty to the Empire. My colleagues and I are here to see what tragedy could have forced you to miss such an important event."

    The Sith smirked and it was a cruel, ugly, expression as he idly ran a fingertip along the length of his lightsaber as he wandered around, idly touching ornaments and decorations.

    A crystal candlestick fell to the ground and shattered.

    The Sith didn't even bother to look at Rhea or the candlestick, instead just moving on.


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    Siggy stifled a shudder. Never show weakness, that was one of mother's rules. But Siggy had never felt such dread, never even contemplated such a feeling could seize hold. Briefly, she glanced towards Cas, wondering if he felt it too. A storm was rolling it, one that threatened their childhood shelter. Siggy clutched at her mother's hand, staying by her side, the same place every heiress should stand. Rhea did not offer her daughter any comforting words, nor did she give her glance. Doing so would reinforce the girl's fragility. As future matriarch, Siggy needed to learn a lesson or two; hopefully, if all went according to plan, she could garner such from today's interactions.

    When the series of Imperials entered, Rhea (for a moment) utterly ignored the entering entourage. Instead, she focused on instructing her staff, reiterating matters of the estate and other, less important, taskings. It was a statement, a subtle one, but still significant enough to be noted. Purposefully, she made the men wait. She would address them when she was good and ready. Forcing a reply would simply result in a shut down of communication. If the Moff had any competency, he would know, and also know when and where to push his agenda.

    Looking over the assortment of men, Rhea was visibly disappointed. Not a specimen among them. How deplorable. Clearly, the Empire had no self respect, no clarity of subordinates. If one looked at the staff on the estate, all would be deemed moderately pleasing to the eye. Substandard would an offense; how could a woman, born to embody beauty itself, surround herself with anything less? It was simply unheard of. At this, Rhea absently caressed Siggy's cheek. Her perfect daughter, a beautiful doll. She would grow into a fine young woman. Her personality left much to be desired, but such things could remedied with the correct instructions.

    Finally, with feigned contrition, Rhea focused on addressing the assembly. "Oh, was that today? How unfortunate. Must have slipped my mind; you know how these go, Moff...Jerkin, was it? Apologies, you're all so similar, it hard to tell any of you apart, what with your boorish appeal."

    Her torrent of barbs were cut short however, the sound of shuttered crystal stealing a brief pause. To Rhea's credit, she didn't even bat an eyelid. Such things could easily be replaced. Still, if anything, she found the alien's actual presence to be the more pressing insult. "Do keep that mongrel under control. Otherwise I'll have to insist he waits outside...where he belongs."

    The atmosphere was notably tense. Even Siggy had picked up on the not-too-subtle implications. Her mother was in one of those moods, her sometimes frequent passive aggressive phases. She could be down right vicious, when she wanted to be. It was only a matter of time till such a façade cracked, an the harpy like fury reared itself.

    Despite all of this, Siggy gapped openly at the Zabrak; she had never seen such an creature before. There were horns literally protruding from his head! And his skin colour, a startling combination of red and black. Could it have possibly tattoos? Unthinkable. Absolutely unthinkable on Hapes. He looked like a beast of old, one of those demons destined to be vanquished. Siggy gulped, unsettled by the molten ambers of his gaze.

    "Do forgive me, but I feel compelled to ask; why exactly has our presence been requested? Surely, the other houses have sworn fealty?" It was a loaded question and Rhea knew it. Over the previous generations, House Chume'da - Volante had grown significantly. Consorts had been politically selected, all whilst further securing ties of allegiance. Without their family's support, numerous other houses refused to reaffirm Hapes loyalty. The point of all this? It was a message, a clear and blatant one at that. If the Empire wanted control of Hapes, then they would have to do so by appeasing the Chume'da family.
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    Castor had to admit that the alien was... strange.

    Strange to look upon and strange in that just being this close to the creature sent shivers down his spine. His magic seemed to recognise something about the creature that was far more dangerous than even the troopers with their guns and their swords. They were normal in a sense while this creature, this Zabrak, was so abnormal that he seemed as if a black hole standing in the middle of the entrance hall.

    The Moff looked at Rhea for a long moment before sighing a little bit.

    "Moff Jenkins, as you very well know, Miss Chume'da." he scolded her like an elder speaking to an unruly child, "But you see... you are labouring under certain... misconceptions."

    There was a bark of laughter from the Sith that the Moff ignored.

    "Troopers - remind Miss Chume'da of... reality."

    There wasn't a second's hesitation before the trooper opened fire. Screams were short lived as attractive men and women servants were blasted apart, splattering expensive walls with blood and bones and viscera. One of the maids, half of her chest gone, crawled along the floor and clutched to Siggy's leg before her head exploded from a blaster bolt.

    Painting Siggy's lower half entirely in the woman's blood.

    "Bring in the others." the Moff declared, "And line them up."

    More troopers from outside marched in with stable-hands and gardeners and the like as their prisoners... but that was not all. Castor's eyes widened and his aunties Themis and Octavia were also brought in. It seemed that Octavia had struggled - they had broken her nose and the captain of the troopers was dragging her along beside him by her hair. The servants were lines up against one of the expensively decorated walls, forced to kneel facing the wall.

    And so were the Chume'da-Volantes.

    Octavia and Themis were forced to their knees and troopers grabbed both Cas and Siggy and forced them down as well. Rhea herself? The Sith held her in the Force, keeping her in stasis. The Sith tutted as he pressed a finger to Rhea's forehead.

    "Such arrogance... maybe if you were a Sith you could have amounted to something...?"
    the Sith taunted her before taking her chin in hand and forcing her to look at the Moff, who now held a pistol in one hand, "You are nothing."

    The Moff hummed as he pressed the blaster pistol to the back of a gardener's head and, without hesitation, blasted a shot straight through the young man's skull.

    "Indeed, my subordinate is correct. You seem to believe that you are in a position of power, Miss Chume'da. But tell me..."

    He moved down the line and fired - a stable hand died.

    "... do you know what would happen if I wiped out your entire family...?"

    Down the line.

    Another shot.

    Another dead woman.

    "I would have to fill out form 22-TB68-8XB."

    Down the line.

    Another shot.

    Down the line again.

    Another shot.

    "The Empire ends lines like yours for insults, such as yours, with such dizzying frequency... that it's nothing more than another day at the office."

    He reached Octavia and pressed the blaster against the back of her head for a moment before pulling the trigger.

    A click.

    The weapon was empty.

    "Oh dear... I had hoped my ammunition would last. A shame - she was so pretty. Like you, but without so much disgustingly misplaced arrogance."

    Dropping the pistol, Moff Jenkins instead drew a vibroknife in one hand and pulled Octavia's head back with the other by her hair. He didn't slit her throat however - instead he stabbed down into her face. He was deliberately sloppy, carving through her face with each stab without actually getting through her skull to the brain. Instead he brutalised her face, tearing her apart as she cried, then screamed and then just made disgusting wet noises.

    Finally, he stabbed her through the forehead and dropped her mutilated corpse to the ground.

    The vibroknife rested against Themis' cheek... who was the only person between the Moff and Siggy.

    "Convince me not to end your line, Rhea." He prompted the matriarch as he mimed slicing her sister's cheek, "Throw away your arrogance and beg me, the Empire's chosen servant, to spare your line."

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    In that awful, chilling moment, Rhea knew she had overplayed her hand. She had done the one thing no sane person should ever do; she underestimated the Empire. And reprisal was swift. Moff Jerkin was merciless in his demeanour; at this rate, none would be spared. Yet still, there was a spark of defiance, a spiteful gleam within the matriarch's otherwise stoic expression. Though silent, retribution was surely promised. Rhea made no utterance or plea, not even as her staff were cut down. She remained remarkably composed, with only a hint of vexation tugging at her lips. Servants were replaceable. Nothing irrevocable was done just yet.

    This worsened however, as immediate family became the next apparent targets.

    Viciously, Rhea struggled to free herself from the Sith's influence. She gnashed her teeth, attempting to break the invisible hold he held. But there was little success. Helpless, Rhea watched on as her children and sisters were lined up in and amongst the fallen victims.

    "This will not be forgotten," clawing at her armrests, Rhea looked more beastly than beautiful, "Mark my words, you will pa-"

    Octavia was slain. Her life snuffed out before Rhea could even finish her words.

    Bu then, there was a sudden tremble.

    It was subtle at first, yet with each passing moment, it grew into something truly significant. Glass windows cracked and shattered, all whilst furniture rattled and quaked; the air itself was heavy, its stillness similar to that of the proverbial calm heralding the storm. In a blink, Moff Jerkin was thrown back, an unseen force flinging him half way across the hall. He may have been winded by the impact, but other than that, he was unharmed.

    Sagging with relief, Themis took what little opportunity she had; in a terrified frenzy, she scurried back, dragging Siggy with her in an attempt to further shield her from harm. The child didn't even look up. She stayed as she was, curled up and wailing in terror. There was so much blood; her lavender lace dress was nearly drenched in it. That poor attendant. Siggy would remember that dying visage for the rest of her days, all whilst the horrific sounds played in the background. Surely, this was a nightmare, it had to be. How else could such a travesty come to pass? They were untouchable. Practically royalty. So why were they being slaughtered like animals, indiscriminately and without discretion? It made no sense. Not to Siggy.

    She was in hysterics, clutching at Themis in a fit of tears. The longer she cried, the longer the strange occurrence manifested itself. "Mother! Cas!" She screamed, "Make this go away! Make them stop!" She scrunched herself up at tightly as possible. Perhaps hoping to disappear from that ghastly scene all together.

    Yet for the first time, Rhea showed apparent fear. Her daughter had gone and done it. Had broken the one rule. Never show magic to others. Surely, this was Siggy's doing, who else could it be? Everything was ruined. If the Sith didn't kill them now, then they'd surely claim the heiress for their own. And that was unacceptable. Rhea tried to think quickly, tried to scrounge together one last feat of preservation.

    Her lilac eyes landed, expectantly, on Cas.
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    The Sith just laughed as he held Rhea in stasis, watching her body twitch and shake in place as she fought with all her might to try and escape but was unable to overpower his hold on her. After all, she was nothing but a spoiled heiress and then nothing but a spoiled matriarch - she'd never struggled or fought for anything so she lacked the physical strength to match his stasis.

    She could only stand there and watch as Moff Jenkins slaughtered her servants and then her sister, with a brutality that left the Sith in awe of the Moff. THIS was the man he was supposed to learn from and, despite the Moff not actually being a Sith, he couldn't have asked for a better instructor on how to draw forth fear and pain.

    And then the world grew loud with the Force.

    Before he could drop the stasis to stop it, a Force push slammed into the Moff, sending him skidding backward across the room. The Sith snarled.

    "TROOPERS - THEY MOVE AND THEY DIE." he bit out, the troopers training multiple weapons on the remaining Hapans, "My Lord?"

    Moff Jenkins sat upright on the ground with a sigh.

    "And now... they have been hiding a Force Sensitive." he noted drily, dabbing away at his split lip with a hankerchief as he stood, "And I thought this family could not sink any lower, could not break faith with their Empire any more. It seems that I was wrong... Acolyte?"

    The Sith stood at attention, well aware that the attack on the Moff could be considered to be his error.

    "Yes, my Lord?"

    Jenkins spat some blood on Rhea's shoes.

    "Test to see who it was."

    The Sith acolyte didn't speak at all, instead he drew his lightsaber and advanced on Themis and the covered Siggy. For a split second, Castor caught his mother's eye and knew what she wanted from him.

    He knew in that instant the only thing that she would ever respect him for doing and even that respect would be fleeting. Knew that his mother didn't see him as her son, her child, to be protected and to be nurtured. She saw him as a spare, as a tool to be used to protect that which she actually cared about; Siggy.

    Had he received the same treatment from everyone else in his family, Castor would have merely watched as the Sith executed them all for their foolish arrogance. He probably would still enjoy watching his mother die at the blade of the Sith.

    But he cared about Siggy.

    Kriff his mother, kriff this family and it's over-inflated sense of worth.

    But he wouldn't let this Sith, or anyone, hurt his baby sister.

    "You leave her alone!"

    The Sith looked up at the outburst in time to receive a Force Push that hit him in the left shoulder, staggering him backwards a step. Castor stood as tall as he was able, hand outstretched - even an idiot could tell what had happened. Seething at the thought of someone touching his sister, Castor roared as he held both hands out... and squeezed. Eyes wide, the Sith clutched a hand to his throat, which was already being squeezed.

    Driven by pure emotion, tapping into the Dark Side of the Force instinctively, Castor threw everything he had into choking the life out of the Sith, into protecting his sister by killing the creature. The Sith, caught off guard by this, found himself unable to get his own control underneath Cas' and there was a real fear in his heart that this might be it.

    Until Moff Jenkins took two steps and pistol whipped Castor, knocking him to the ground and breaking his concentration. Jenkins looked down at the boy for a moment.

    "He seems to have the right instincts... take him, Acolyte."

    The Sith's eyes widened before he scowled and nodded silently. He hated that the child was to be left alive. On the ground, by Siggy, Castor gasped in pain as he clutched to his sister's hand.

    "Be good... Siggy be good... keep quiet... don't use magic..."

    The Sith was not gentle.

    He stomped on Castor's back, flattening him to the ground before a duo of troopers began to drag the boy away. Moff Jenkins nodded and another two troopers physically grabbed and restrained Rhea, forcing her to her knees in front of Moff Jenkins and the Sith.

    "Acolyte... see to it that Rhea forever remembers that she belongs to the Empire."

    The Sith, already seething with rage, grinned with yellow teeth as he reached out to Rhea and began to use the Force to cut into her face, burning the symbol of the Empire onto the middle of her forehead in the space of a second but leaving a scar that would last a lifetime.

    "When next we meet, Rhea? Do yourself and your family a favour..." Moff Jenkins said as he paused in the doorway, looking back at her and down at her like she was scum beneath his boots, "Remember that you are nothing before the might of the Empire... and bow. Or I shall send your son to destroy everything you hold dear."

    With that, the Moff departed, the two troopers dragging the struggling Castor along with them. The Sith waved mockingly to the family before leaving as well. The remaining troopers however? Did not leave.

    Instead, six troopers remained before retreating to the edge of the property, waiting for the family to show any signs of seditious activity before finishing the job. They would watch and the family would know that Moff Jenkins would know if they stepped even a toe out of line.

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