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 Prath Praji

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    Commander Prath Praji was a Republic Naval Commander, and former Senator - having resigned from his seat as Senator for the Core World of Coruscant to take a commission in the armed forces following the signing of the Non-Aggression Pact between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. He was appointed to the Senate by his Uncle, the Patriarch of the House Praji, shortly following his fourtieth birthday, having previously served as a Trade Envoy for the House Prajis shipping business - Praji Shipping and Transport.

    As a member of the wealthy House Praji, whose wealth stemmed primarily from its involvement in pan-galactic shipping and colonisation, he was one of several members of the family to enter a political career, and has been widely critiqued in the media as having 'surfed on the coat-tails' of his family name. There is little doubt that his familial connections did not approve of his resignation from the Senate, as he was disinherited when he announced his resignation.


    Prath Praji was born into the esteemed House Praji on the Core World of Coruscant, and practically fell into the lap of luxury from a young age. Home educated at first, he was then moved into one of the elite Guild Schools of the Core, which his Uncle (the incumbent 'Patriarch' of the House) patronised extensively. Moving quickly through middle school, he went on to study law at the University of Kuat - getting into the prestigious University thanks to his mothers connections with one of the minor Kuati offshoot houses.

    During his time at University, he was encouraged by his family to become more politically active, and joined the Galactic Peoples Party through one of their many University Branches, soon rising to the position of President of the Branch - a position that was seen by many as a rapid entry route into politics upon graduation. Sure enough, whilst many of his peers headed off to further study or into the legal profession follwing graduation, Prath was hired by the Galactic Peoples Party as one of the Policy Advisors, and was soon working as a senior member of the Campaign Staff on the election of the next Corellian President.

    Keeping a low profile, he became something of a 'Master of the Dark Arts' - excelling at Opposition Research and the dirty underside of political tactics, and whilst this was not enough to secure the election for his party, it was enough to see him handed a seat on the Coruscanti Council; floated into one of the safe seats for his party, into one of the electoral areas that looked after the opulent Entertainment District. He was to prove to be a maverick on the back-benches of Coruscants Planetary Government, linking the party up with wealthy donors, and securing for himself a considerable war-chest to back his own ambitions, namely securing the nomination as Planetary Senator.

    Launching his bid at the Galactic Peoples Party Planetary Conference he stormed the nomination, clinching the vote by just one elector - making his Senate seat one of the most marginal of the elected seats in the galaxy, something he remains very much aware of to this day. For Prath, two options appear to exist, one - focus on securing his own seat, or two - focus on taking a higher office for his own.

    Within the Senate, he was quick to align himself with the Galactic Peoples Party once again, sitting firmly in the center-right of Galactic Politics, pushing for an expanded and strengthened Republic, one of predominatly core-led and modelled values. With strong links to Coruscanti Nobility, and Business, he was seen as something of an elitist - but none the less was a capable combatant in the field of politics, and more than willing to get his hands dirty in other Senate Business should the occassion call for it.

    Resignation: Change of Career

    Despite his high-morals, or at least 'percieved high morals', Senator Praji is a product of the climate into which he was born, and as such is 'thick as thieves' with many of the power brokers on Coruscant, be they legitimate businesses or noble houses. Despite this he is a staunch Republican, and a firm believer in the Repblics ideals. However, his time within the confines of the Senate Rotunda would be brief indeed, and five years after taking up the Office of Senator for Coruscant, he resigned citing 'a growing concern about the security of the Republic, and a deep seated need to be part of the solution'.

    Ceding his seat, and thus not standing in the election for Senator at the end of his term, he took up a commission within the Naval branch of the Republic Judicial Forces, passing through training and taking up the role of 'Commander' within the small fleet of the Republic, with a remit to interact with the Republic Intelligence Services, building on his skill set from his days as a political opposition researcher. He was accepted into his role as a Commander in the Navy, and began to pursue this with great eagerness.

    Starting out by arranging a small team of RJG Intelligence Agents, Army Personnel and Fighter Pilots - he put together a counter-crime team, focused on rapidly responding to threats originating from within Hutt Cartel Space. Furthermore, he began to activetly lobby his former-fellow Senators to increase the RJFs resources and authority ahead of what he felt was a rising war on crime.

    Personality and traits

    Prath Praji was a well mannered, to the point of absurdity, man - with a calm and collected demenour, that hid his true feelings expertly. Falling very much on the right-wing of the political spectrum, he believed firmly in the rights of the 'Old Blood' of the Core, and feels as though a series of 'Galactic Standardisation Methods' (language and currency) are required to enable the Galaxy as a whole to develop and prosper. As such, he is fluent in galactic basic, and must make use of a protocol droid to translate any other language.

    Political astutue, he is more at home in the arena of the Senate than he is on the battlefield - although he is a capable pilot, and a reasonable adept slicer (thanks to his time as an Opposition Researcher, in which trade such skills became useful indeed). He is a good judge of character, and tends to keep his friends close, and his enemies closer.

    He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, something that was exemplified by his willingness to make the move from the political arena over to the military one, and is a realist - understanding that on a world such as Coruscant, one must mingle with the wrong people in order to get ahead.

    Once outside of the world of politics however, other aspects of his personality began to flourish and develop - perhaps due to him being able to 'be himself' now that he was outside of the public limelight. Stoic and practical, he hid his true feelings very well - understanding the need to adhere to the hierarchy that the armed forces had foisted upon him. Fond of those under his command, he considered himself a harsh, yet just commanding officer.

    Powers and abilities

    A skilled pilot, with his physical fitness adhering to military standards thanks to the training required of him within his navy role, he is a reasonable shot with a blaster although prefers to avoid having to use one if needed. Fluent in Galactic Basic, he had a keen eye for detail - and a wide knowledge of different cultures and traditions.

    Umknown to many he is also a capable information gatherer, or spy, able to make use of survelliance technology easily, and indeed - he often has at least one such item on him at all times. He is a good judge of character, able to read people with reasonable ease. Alongside this he has a mastery of etttiquette, and can be sometimes unnervingly well-mannered and presented.

    With regard to his military capabilities, he is a capable shot with a side-arm, as well as a good pilot. His skills regarding naval command are developing, but thanks to his reasonable public speaking abilities and generally good strategic mindset, they are not all that bad.

    Command Style

    A harsh commander, but deemed to be fair to those under his remit who do their jobs 'well and without question', Commander Praji is a connsumate 'Hunter-Killer Captain', opting for the silent running rapid strike vessels, such as the Drexsl whenever is possible. Partnering up with special forces and the officers of the Republic Intelligence Forces, he believes that rapid, often deadly, action is required - leveraging the Republics superior fleet strength to disable the key military-industrial assets of rising powers, before they become a viable threat.

    Equipment and assets

    Prath makes use of whatever gear he is permmitted to use in his military role, and as such his gear is named in the opening post of his roleplays. More often than not he is armed with a standard issue sidearm, and standard issue armour - over which he most often wears his naval uniform. Alongside this, he makes use of a Pilots Suit, RJF Version most of the time, especially when on combat missions, provided by the RJF as general standard safety equipment for serving officers and troops.

    Whilst he does not own them, Prath is trained in the piloting of many Republic Ships - the ST-9 Starfighter, STB-e Bomber, Diplomat Class Shuttle, Raider Patrol Boat and even the Drexl-Class Attack Corvette.

    DD/MM/YY - Moved from Senate to RJF. Skills, recent bio and equipment edited to reflect the move. Faceclaim changed to something with more stripes and less beard.
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    You should really change his name. Mori Valorum is the current Supreme Chancellor and there shouldn’t be any family relations.
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    Good Point! Done!
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    His age in his info is 38 but you mention he gets appointed to the Senate after his 40th birthday.

    Other than that I think it looks alright.

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    @Relent updated to reflect his recent move to the RJF. @Aberforth - move being wrapped up on Monday, but given he is now in a thread taking place after the move, thought I would do the edits today to avoid confusion.