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    Please find below a general update to the plot rules and expectations!



    Self-DMing is making a comeback!

    A thread that is self-DMed is simply a thread where any and all NPC interactions and combat and the like is entirely decided by yourself and your thread partner. It is a chance to be spontaneous or follow a plan you've both got in mind but the primary reason for self-DMing is to tell a story.

    You have full freedom to make it as challenging or as easy as you like and you can better steer your characters - because of this, this style suits Character Plots very well and you'll find in the future that character plots that focus purely on developing the character will likely not need either Dice or DM.

    Faction plots can have elements of self-DMing in as well but be aware that rewards will still require appropriate risk - you could not, for example, conquer a planet for your faction through self-DMing.

    Use your own judgement but be aware than upon completion your threads will be analysed and judged by the plot team and we can take action based on this including:

    Invalidating a thread's contribution to the plot (meaning you need to do a new thread to meet your plot objectives or risk failing the overall plot goal)
    Removing IC rewards taken during the thread
    Removing IC rewards from the completed plot​



    Dice rolling will be becoming more challenging and you will begin to see it adding far more to a plot with less use in the plot as a whole. With the re-emergence of Self-DMed plot threads, Dice roll threads will no longer be 'bottom rung' when it comes to challenge in a thread, instead they will be a marked step up from Self-DMed threads but not as challenging, for the most part, as DMed threads.

    For Dice, we are introducing a standard table for rolling for how effective your actions are. Roll a d100 dice and apply to the scale below:

    100: Critical success.
    81-99: Rousing success. Everything goes better than expected
    51-80: Success. Everything goes as planned
    26-50: Barely a success. You succeed in your end goal but take some sort of negative in doing so
    11-25: Mild fail, fail with some minor consequence
    2-10: Major fail, fail with more serious consequence
    1: Critical fail.​

    Note that a natural 1 is "critical fail", not necessarily instant mission failure - a natural 1 should be something that makes the rest of the thread harder but it depends on the attempted action exactly how much by.

    Likewise, rolling a natural 100 is not instant mission success - depending on what it was rolled for, this can give bonuses to other rolls or, at the judgement of the Plot team, include a surprise bonus reward from that thread.

    Good rolls can counter bad rolls - if you roll a low number, it is entirely possible for your team mates to roll to mitigate the effects of said roll.

    You are not expected to roll a d100 to determine how many enemies are in your thread or the like - for those kinds of rolls, a lower numbered dice remains perfectly fine.

    All plot completion threads will be required to have links to dice roll threads used for the plot - failure to do so will mean that the plot will not be considered completed until the links are supplied.

    Use your own judgement but be aware that upon completion your dice rolls will be judged by the plot team and we can take action based on this, including:

    Invalidating a thread's contribution to the plot (meaning you need to do a new thread to meet your plot objectives or risk failing the overall plot goal)
    Removing IC rewards taken during the thread
    Removing IC rewards from the completed plot​



    There is going to be a shake up in how DM threads are run from now on - simply put, the plot team has noticed that some DMs merely roll over for the players and this will no longer be acceptable.

    If you are trying to convince someone to do something, you are going to actually need to come up with a compelling argument, do your research on your opposition and tailor your approach.

    For example, if you approach House Organa as a Mandalorian and promise them conquest and glory on the battlefield to side with you? Expect a door slammed in your face and a mission failure. But if you approach the Nightsisters of Dathomir as a member of the Old Empire and promise to give them access to certain Dark Side artefacts for their assistance? Prepare to find them more agreeable, if not any less cunning than before.

    If you are in DMed combat it will be treated as a true PVP - just as you are attempting to kill the target, the target and their defenders will be trying to kill you. There will be no punches pulled because the whole point of DMed combat opposition is to be closer to fighting another player than to using Dice.

    Advice for players: Prepare yourselves before you enter into one of these threads and be prepared to work hard. Failure is possible but because it is possible, victory means so much more.

    Advice for DMs: Remember to stay true to the characters you are in control of - people stick to their principles unless given compelling reasons not to and people under attack don't hold back when it is clear people are trying to kill them.

    As DMed threads are becoming harder, they will be used more sparingly than Dice threads going forward but, as such, the rewards for completing a plot with DMed opposition can be higher.

    DMs themselves CANNOT be a member of the same faction or allied to the faction that the plot benefits - this is to prevent a conflict of interest OOC where the DM wants the players to succeed so goes easier on them. This means that DMs will need to be one of the following:

    A staff member
    A player for an opposing faction
    A player for a neutral faction​

    DMed threads will be heavily scrutinized by the plot team upon completion and members taking part in the thread can flag concerns during the thread itself by reporting the post in question. This is to look for both DMs making it too easy and for DMs making it too hard - the idea is to present a high level of challenge, not block your opposing factions with DM powers.



    As always, Open PVP remains the highest level of risk that can be used for a plot thread. There are very few changes to Open PVP plot threads but to confirm again some hard rules:

    Attacks arranged against another faction directly REQUIRE Open PVP
    Espionage plot threads are REQUIRED to be Open PVP threads​

    One change that is coming into effect however is that if no one joins the Open PVP thread then the players are to start using dice - remember if you are attacking another faction that resistance doesn't just disappear because no players join to oppose you, only that it becomes less risky for yourselves.

    You are clear to start using dice once you have gone 72 hours from the thread start time and date without opposition appearing - at which point you may change the thread to ASK. It is expected that before closing the thread, the purpose of the thread will be clear (with no massive alterations to the purpose/type of thread after closing), all planned participants will have posted, and between 5-10 posts of normal RP will have taken place.



    Q: Can I do single thread plots?
    A: Yes, but only in the case of character or tech plots, so long as the tech in question requires only one thread to acquire. Appropriate opposition may be required.

    Q: Can Level 1 members of a faction lead a mission pack?
    A: Yes, through approval by the faction leader during submission review.

    Q: When attacking a faction, must all threads be Open PvP?
    A: No, but a majority do need to allow for adequate opposition to your attack.

    Q: How many threads does it take to acquire advanced tech?
    A: Most tech submissions list how many threads are needed. If not, we can review it all the same.

    Q: Can we use dice other than d100?
    A: Yes, we suggest other dice for rolls such as establishing enemy numbers. While D100 for rolling the effectiveness of your actions is not mandatory, it is recommended. An easy-to-use table for your convenience and our own is also provided.

    Q: Can I self-DM for advanced tech?
    A: Context needed. While we will not force you to dice roll or seek out a DM, more threads and effort may be required for self-DM’ing tech. Depending on the tech, this is subject to change.

    Q: Do I need to submit a lore write-up before I submit a plot?
    A: If you plan to acquire a base of operations, create an organization or discover ancient tradition through a plot, a write-up will be needed before the plot can be approved. That way, we can better understand what you’re planning to get and whether the threads or opposition involved is either too little or too much.

    Q: How many threads might it take to acquire a planet?
    A: Context is needed. This depends on your approach, support from your faction, the planet in question and the opposition it may retain.

    Q: Can I submit a plot retroactively?
    A: Yes, and these are particularly good for story plots, but keep in mind that the higher reward you aim for, the more chances that your retroactive plot will be subject to denial. If you are uncertain, play it safe and submit the plot ahead of time.

    Q: Can I submit a plot that has failed or is incomplete?
    A: Yes, successful plots aren't the only plots that can be submitted. Just because a story goal has failed doesn't mean the story hasn't happened. You will be rewarded credits for the threads you have completed, but will not receive a completed plot bonus.

    Q: Do I need to list what form of opposition I want for each thread?
    A: Please. You would be surprised how often we must ask.
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    I feel like the change to open/PvP was made because of Kuat.
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    In the case of rewards, does this mean that threads that turn from Open/PVP to ASK no longer count towards Open/PVP thread count?
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    Cool to see! Regarding the critical success providing the possibility of bonuses, are they then something that you would mention to the plot team as they happen or is that part of the review when submitted?
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    Mention to them as they happen.
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