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    NAME: Percival Arhena Espaa
    AGE: 17
    SPECIES: Human/Vahla Hybrid

    FACTION: Jedi Order
    RANK: Knight - Librarian

    HEIGHT: 6 ft
    WEIGHT: 195 lbs
    HAIR COLOR: Brown
    EYE COLOR: White/Gold
    FORCE: Sensitive


    There's really not as much to say about how I got to joining the Order as you might expect. My mother is the current clan matriarch on the frigid world of Rhen Var, leader of a clan that takes in anyone who can perform their duties and sustain themselves. My father? I have no idea who he is, never met him, Mom won't talk about him.

    The clan has come under better times with her in charge, and I guess they all expected me to be just as great a leader and warrior as she was. Well, I'm not exactly what you would call "warrior material", and I found myself on the receiving end of more than one beatings at the hands of my fellow clanmates. I couldn't attack back, these were people I considered to be family, that I cared about, and would rather die than hurt them. That was my first mistake, assuming that they thought the same way about me. I was a liability in their eyes, a disappointment, and after a while, my own mother began to agree with them. By the age of 12, I hadn't shown any signs of being at all gifted in battle, despite the special training and teachers that the clan's matriarchy had provided for me. And don't even try to drag me on to a stage for public speeches. I came to accept a long time ago that there isn't a mean bone in my body, and I can't hurt people, I hate hurting people. And leading this group of humans that would just as soon throw me to the wolves as protect me? Not. Interested. As you can imagine, trying to tell that to a warrior-maiden matriarch didn't exactly go over that great, so I did the only thing I could and ran away.

    It was icy cold, and I really didn't have anything to cover myself with - I was young and stupid, running away from home on a planet as dangerous as Rhen Var was almost suicide. But as I was trudging through the snow, wondering whether I'd freeze to death before morning came, I heard a strange cry for help. It wasn't with a voice, it was almost like a feeling of panic and anguish washing over me. It filled my heart with a fire I didn't know I had in me, and I found myself following the cry into a small hollow nestled in the side of a mountain. The whole time, that anguish echoed in my mind... it nearly drove me to tears, it made me feel so angry... and what I saw only made it worse. The hollow was torn to shreds by this wicked monster of a beast. An old man tried to fight it on his own, and was killed right in front of me. The instant I watched him fall, the instant I saw that family in danger, something poured out of me, something powerful. I threw the creature aside, and together we escaped.

    So there I was, trapped in a public vessel filled with people I didn't know and without a credit to my name. I had what clothes were on my back, a single training spear, and no idea in high hell where to go from there. I'd heard a few rumors about a war raging around the Galaxy, but I had no idea how bad it was until that very public vessel jumped directly into the middle of one of their off-world skirmishes. Soldiers, on who's side I still don't know, boarded that thing and took whatever they could find, and anyone who was of value. I managed to hide as many people as I could from them until they left, but then we were stuck in a completely different problem: I and a group of completely normal people were trapped in a derelict space vessel in the middle of... well... space. And I still have very little idea on how to repair stuff like that, I can fly and all but this was something else. Oxygen was running low, and we all just kind of huddled together for warmth. I don't think any of us thought we were getting out of there alive, that was far-fetched and the opportunities for escape were narrowing fast.

    Maybe they came back to check for survivors, or maybe they won the battle, but Republic Forces found our ship and started evacuating people. There was somebody with them, and although I couldn't explain why... this person radiated with an energy I never felt before. Their words, their motives, they made me want to do whatever I could to help people, protect people... and by the Gods did I want to fight. But, just like my clan, the Order that found me and the Jedi that trained me didn't think I was ready to fight anyone. Instead of sending me to the skies above, to help win this war like all those brave soldiers, they stuck me behind a desk in a library. I know that I was made for more than this... and I swear by the Ashla herself I'm going to learn. I've only just joined the Jedi Order fully, I'm going to figure out what this power is inside me, I'm going to learn how to control it... I want to become a true Jedi, I want to help people, I'm going to make sure all the wrongs that were done to me don't happen to anybody else.


    There's a lot to say about Percival Espaa, but the three biggest things you'll remember about him is his honesty, patience and resourcefulness. He doesn't lie, and I mean that as a statement of fact, he's never once lied since joining the Order, and his honesty is one of his best and worst traits. While honesty is usually an amazing and rare commodity, he tends to tell the truth to anyone and everyone, no matter the situation. It's gotten himself and others in trouble before. Though he is very honest, he is also wily and deceptive against his foes... as he may not outright lie, but that doesn't mean that what he says means what you take it as. Of course, he's also responsive, clever and creative, but those aren't nearly as prominently featured due to his youth, and the troubles he can get himself into that way.

    His patience is what's most praised about him, and it's one of the reasons everybody feels they can rely on him. Those who he's lucky enough to call friend frequently depend on his understanding and companionship during times were they can't handle it themselves. He's well known for comforting people, and has become something of a pseudo-counselor for Knights who have lost friends in the war. His resourcefulness and knowledge is another one of his traits many find to be endearing, he knows tidbits and facts about almost anything you could ask, he only lacks the experience to use the majority of what he knows. But he's a quick learner, and people often find him ignoring the mundane ways of getting things done in favor of a quicker, or out-of-the-box solution.

    Of course nobody is perfect, and Percival has rotten moods to go along with his bad days. He can be extremely possessive and protective, to the point were he truly believes he is the only one who can accomplish a task that might cause others harm - even if he's the worst possible candidate to be selected. His irresponsibility concerning his own well being and most of his duties is also a huge glare on his personality. Some might consider this to be a part of his youthful zeal, but it has nonetheless thwarted his continual progress in the Order. Though he has always strived for a combat position, his rather positive outlook on life have led many to believe him incapable of combat, or harming another.

    His knowledge is among the foremost of his abilities, and his connection to the Force is far stronger than his abilities with a Lightsaber. Most of his powers are focused on defensive techniques, and healing. Some even specialize in telepathic communication, but he still has much to learn. He can use melee weapons pretty well, but he lacks the hardness to actually harm anyone in battle, and would much rather be hurt himself. That is not to say that he is incapable of defending others, and it is in that regard he is among the best at what he does. Threatening another being around him was never a good idea, and he is more than willing to fight for somebody else's sake.

    Of the Lightsaber Combat he does know, he has gravitated more towards Soresu than any other style. The defensive techniques help him maintain his composure when pushed in a fight, and he can use it to protect himself without feeling terrible for attempting to hurt his opponent. Again, threatening someone else will elicit an entirely different response, and he is more than willing to use Sii-Cho in an offensive capacity to push his enemies back, or make sure his allies get out alive.


    Lightsaber (Green)CSR-2A Blaster PistolNone YetNone Yet
    Jedi Dueling Armor w/ DG-10 Gauntlets
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