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    A lot had changed for Kae'Leigh Tameris in the recent year of her life. First, she found a new partner in crime that she hoped would bring her in the big bucks. Then, she found out she was a Force sensitive. Which of course ruined any plans she had of becoming some infamous pirate slicer. Instead, she found herself choosing the good side of things and deciding to become some hero. It was a total one eighty for the blue skinned Twi'lek. She never once thought in a million years she'd join up the rebel alliance and become some freedom fighter. If this Twi'lek came to the younger version of herself she wouldn't believe it.

    And truthfully that's what happened. When she learned of her Force sensitivity she was given a vision of the future. She saw herself as the Jedi Knight she was today. She still couldn't believe it had happened. Just a few days ago she was a failing Padawan unsure of whether or not she wanted to stay with the Galactic Alliance or follow her mentor into exile. She had been painstaking decision and up until then she was in constant turmoil within herself. Her mentor had dropped a metaphoric bombshell on them while the rebels were evacuating the system Savereen. Go figure, as soon as she finally goes to see the faction's base they pack up and leave.

    Anyways, she'd been invited near around the same time to travel with a different Jedi master to a planet called Ilum. It was a frozen tundra that Kae'Leigh had not at all been expecting. She'd even dressed in all her warm clothes and still felt like her lekku would fall off. But in those icy caverns Kae'Leigh had another epitome. The first was when Vu'thari took her to her home land, that she'd never set foot on previously, and started her training. In her alone time she came to the realization she did not want to be a criminal. She wanted to help people who couldn't save themselves in the way she'd wished someone had saved her and her parents when she was an infant.

    But Kae'Leigh found something else in those caverns on Ilum. She'd not only gotten her Kyber crystal but had yet another vision of the future. One that had changed her life for good. Soon after this life changing vision she left the cave -with some struggle- and returned to Master Luy and his Padawan. From there she was instructed to build her saber and duel with him. But the Kae'Leigh who'd come out of the cave was not the same one that went in. The version of Kae'Leigh who started this adventure had doubts, she had questions, she believed she was a failure. This new Kae'Leigh had a purpose. Suddenly everything that had once fogged the girl's mind was now clear and understood. Kae'Leigh had no problem drawing on the Force and proved herself to Master Luy that she was capable of learning their teachings.

    And just like that he anointed her as a Jedi Knight. Kae'Leigh had no idea he could just do that. Wasn't that supposed to be done by Vu'thari? He was her technical master after all. Did he have that right? Maybe things were different now that time was a factor. Or maybe it was because some of the Jedi were at odds with one another due to their leaders going into exile. Either way, Kae'Leigh didn't much feel like a Knight and so she left Ilum to seek out her true master to see if she had really passed the test. This is where he said he'd meet her, but she couldn't sense him anywhere. He was probably masking his presence, but it was annoying to say the least.

    The woman that had once been an ordinary rebel soldier was now so different that even she did not recognize her at first. Even looking at her face to face in the mirror she couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had a certain look in her eye that finally had that confidence her master had been hoping she would overcome. She was the first of his Padawan but the slowest to learn. Now she was here asking to be given the title of Knight. No doubts, no hearsay. She wanted the official thing. She'd set her Silver Bullet down in a far off hangar so as to not arise any suspicion, then walked into town hoping her presence there would somehow alert him.

    The woman walking down the street felt no shame in her identity. Not anymore. She no longer hid like a random soldier, an average Joe as the expression went. Her pilot jacket and leather pants were gone, now replaced by a black suit that had special duraplast plates woven into it. The armor zipped up in the front and came all the way down to her ankles, but not before tucking into heavy duty boots. She still wore her utility belt which was currently lacking with the additional pouches. Over her head was a simple leather headdress common to their people that wrapped around the ears and held her lekku in place. On her left shoulder was a heavier looking duraplast plate that had adorned in the leather a symbol of an eagle surrounded by some sort of angelic light. Any Twi'lek would recognize the body of the piece as a hawk, for Kae'Leigh's last name translated in Basic was: Lighthawk. It was the one thing she knew in her language of Ryl; she still had no one to teach her the language of her people.

    So now here she was, standing just as she was then in the vision with pride in her stance, and her Brylark saber hilt resting gently on her hip. Before she'd left for Ilum, Vu'thari gave her a piece of the bark he and the Padawan he was with received on Kashyyyk; this was after Kae'Leigh fled from them. As the wood was harder than most metal, it was a difficult challenge for Kae'Leigh to mold just right. She was good with her hands and figured it out, but she had to get the tools from a Madalorian ally's shop; this of course after the fact they'd told them the truth about themselves. The saber base itself was made almost entirely from the wood as a sort of sleeve. The inner parts she had to buy and collect, a few she had to make herself. Then, over the wooden hilt were blue metal brackets to assist with the grip and also hold the ignition and power output switches together in one place. The crystal on the inside -which still purred with a faint energy all its own- was blue in color; blue like Kae'Leigh.

    There was another saber on her hip, this one similar in design. It had a green crystal in it and had been with Kae'Leigh since the beginning of her training. This is what she intended to return to her master, once she found him at least. But with both sabers hanging on her waist, it was crystal clear this girl was some Force user. And...due to the dark color of her robes, everyone around her saw her as a Sith. It kept the bounty hunters at bay, but the civilians around her Kae'Leigh could feel were fearing her. It just so happened that very soon, she'd give them a reason to trust in her.

    Looking around, Kae'Leigh tried to sense her master again but found still there was no trace of him. How was she supposed to find him when his communicator was off and he hadn't given her his home address. They'd only parted ways two weeks ago. He couldn't have gotten far....