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    Paroaria Crime Family or Black Tails was a family run mafia formed up around the elite prestigious Paroaria family. Based on Nar Shadda it operated independently and was formed by the well known politician, Lucas Paroaria. Paroaria's Mafia provided a large array of criminal services, including: Distribution of illegal product, falsification of legal documentation, weapons selling, blackmail, and assassination. The Paroraria's performed most of his work through agents and third parties, taking a 'share' of the profits from any deal they brokered or lisenced, employing bounty hunters to collect on late payments, and enforcers to keep their people honest.

    The Paroaria Mafia has been in business for centuries, but was not popular nor well-known due to terrible management. Each generation of Parorarias had been in charge of the family, running the secret operation helping them amass their great wealth and prestige in the underworld.


    Lucas Paroria established his gang in the underworlds of Coruscant. For as long as people can remember, the Paroria family had been a wealthy elite family, however, the Paroaria mafia is known to few who interact. The Paroria mafia has used it's power and influence to blackmail politicians and government officials to help better themselves. People outside of the organization only knew the mafia by it's official name, the Black Tail. However, within the gang, and close associates know that the powerful Parorias operate it completely.

    The Parorias work in complete secrecy, helping to destabilize governments or assassinate an opponent. The Parorias never do the dirty work themselves, but instead use their enforcers. The Black Tails operates alongside other criminal organizations, and is aware of the rise of the Exchange. The Paroria mafia is old-school and likes extorting in order to get information.

    Gang Structure

    The Paroria family mafia is structured as follows:
    - Boss (The boss is almost always a blood-relative that has the last name of Paroria)
    - Sub Boss/Lieutenant (These individuals are members who have contributed to the family, and can be trusted with assets)
    - Enforcer (This group is the bulk of the mafia, with individuals specializing in different occupations that contribute to the family)


    • Nar Shadda
      • The Compound - Base of Operations and Storage Facility
      • several other bases
      • Npc guards and workers
      • Coruscant
      • Office and storage
      • several bases
      • Npc guards and workers


    John Paroria (Npc-Cardinal's father)

    Sub Boss/Lieutenant
    Cardinal Paroria
    other Npc

    Alliances & Relationships

    Blue indicates a strong alliance/friendship.
    Green indicates a mutually profitable relationship or a one-sided appreciation, more neutral than anything else.
    Red indicates a heated rivalry or an enemy.

    + The Exchange
    + InterGalactic Banking Clan

    + Anyone willing to do
    illegal business


    To create a write up for Cardinal's gang, and to provide storytelling operations within that gang and its relationships with other groups within and without of the Exchange. Assets, History, and Roster will grow and change to reflect the events that happens ICly. This write-up is to match the gang of @Nor'baal and others made this TL and last TL. This is a lore write up of a NPC gang, that will turn into a PC gang when my character, Cardinal Paroria takes it over in a plot.

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