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    Padawan Training Guide

    The Darkness has shrouded this galaxy for over five centuries, it has been far too long since the Jedi Order has earned back their title as guardians of peace and justice. We are no longer legends or whispers told to younglings as bedtime stories or the dreams of those in face of helplessness against the Empire. The Jedi of the past have waited too long, sat by as they allowed the followers of the darkside dictate their path, but now, we are not waiting any longer, you have been given an opportunity to bring hope and change, and that starts with your training.

    – Jedi Master Arda Breaux

    The Jedi are still small in numbers, but done are the days that they hide in the veils of myth and run from the darkness they had created. We are unable to rely on the paths of the old, this is a different time and we must make changes if the Jedi are to survive for centuries to come, this includes how we train. To become a Jedi Knight, you must fulfill five qualities:

    1. Self-Discipline: A Jedi must be competent within their abilities without being overconfident. There is still much in the galaxy to learn, it is a journey that should be accepted in order to grow both in self and the Force. Additionally, Jedi must exercise self-control, to understand their limits physically, mentally and emotionally; if you’re unable to know yourself, then you will struggle to help anyone else. Be open to experience and do not deny or submit to your emotions, work through them and come out stronger in the end.

      • Overcome your fears by facing them, find yourself in a situation where you have to confront what you do not like and walk out stronger even if you fail at your task. This can be done alone or with the support of others.

      • Anger and aggression can be valuable in motivating one to do the right thing, too much can lead down the path of the dark side, too little can cause harm to yourself and others around you. You have been tasked to motivate a village in taking a stand against raiders who steal everything from food reserves and crops, but lately they have begun taking people too.

      • Visit one of the Jedi temples in order to challenge yourself in developing a new skill that will push yourself and test the limits of your abilities.

      • The dark side manifests itself in many ways: passion, control, desire, these are all traits a Jedi must be mindful; though it is not in the nature of a Jedi to search for trouble, trouble always seems to find a Jedi. Place your Jedi in a situation where the dark side would be tempting and demonstrate how your Jedi will overcome this obstacle.

    2. Responsibility: A Jedi should hold compassion for all walks of life from allies, friends, and family to enemies, criminals, and the ignorant. Approach with an unjudgmental attitude, be honest and be the example for others to lead by, earn respect and do not coercive others to your will.

      • Encounter an anti-force sensitive group of individuals and demonstrate patience and understanding in their values while accomplishing your goal for a mission.

      • Anti-Alliance sentiment has risen on some worlds under the Galactic Alliance's influence. Visit these areas and ease any tensions and misunderstandings civilians may have.

      • Find yourself working with an unlikely ally in order to finish a mission successfully.

    3. Failure: Failures are opportunities to learn and to grow, you have gone through life with trial and errors, sometimes you have been held back, other times you have moved forward, for that is the natural lesson of life, mistakes will happen. As a Jedi you will make mistakes, you will face the impossible, you will not have the answers or the solution and that is fine. Carrying a chip on your shoulder will not solve the problem, nor ruminating over your failure make you wiser, a Jedi learns and continues forward on their path, knowing how to better the next time.

      • Search for an artifact that turns out to be nothing more than a personal trinket, leaving of no value except for the journey it took your Jedi to discover its purpose.

      • A mission doesn't go as planned and more lives were lost than predicted as the result, decide how your Jedi moves on from this encounter.

      • Sometimes problems are not always recent and can be from the past, if there is something holding your Jedi back from the past, confront it and resolve it.

    4. Service: A Jedi should humble themselves to others and stand against the darkness as a guardian of peace and justice. We can offer a voice to those who are burdened and become the sword and shield that pushes back the darkness.

      • Participate in a PvP against the Empire.

      • Aide a town in an epidemic outbreak infecting its people.

      • Provide assistance in recovery efforts before or after a natural disaster.

      • Rally others in the fight against the Sith and the Empire in order to gain more allies.

      • Take a more diplomatic approach to gain allies of worlds that have yet joined the Galactic Alliance.

    5. The Force: It is more than just a power to lift rocks and read minds; the Force is balance, an energy created by all living things as they experience life and death, warmth and coldness, peace, violence, the light, and the dark. Though gifted with the ability to perform great feats with the Force, as Jedi we serve to restore and preserve the balance. Trust your feelings, trust in the Force, it will not lead you astray.

      • Build your lightsaber.

      • Lead newer students in a training exercise that can help them practice their abilities in the Force.

      • Discover or recover former Jedi enclaves, temples or artifacts that can benefit others in the Jedi Order.

      • Restore balance by defeating a Sith or stopping a dark side cult from corrupting and spreading their influence.

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