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    It felt weird to Siris to finally have peace. For so long he was used to a secondary presence right over his shoulder, watching every one of his moves with a magnifying glass. He tried to compare what the two feelings were like now but he couldn't exactly process it, not able to conjure up the memories of what the Eternal felt like. Siris was currently sitting down in the grass, his knees resting on his elbows as his eyes trailed after Elix while he ran around in circles. His son's collections of toys were growing expositional and it almost made Siris wonder if it was time to cut him off. Either way, Elix's powers were getting better and he used them to his advantage, making the toys appear with life and move on their own.

    With the imagination of a seven-year-old, Elix could be preoccupied with his own man-made war for hours without falter. Siris just chuckled softly, running a hand through his jet black hair as he let out a soft sigh after. The water was right by the two of them and he stared out at it, watching the sunlight reflect and piece through the massive lake. Their abode was only a few minutes away with his wife inside with Lyanna. With the sun starting to come down, Siris cast a glance towards the sky before standing up, "C'mon general, it's time to go home." Elix gave him a pouty look before picking up his toys, "Oh, alright."'

    Siris smiled before roughing up Elix's hair as he passed, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll win the next battle." It reminded of what his wife was doing, now the final preparations in place to truly wipe out the Jedi. She had returned home from her campaign and Siris was eager to see his wife again. When the two arrived home, Siris opened the door before nodding to Elix who rushed inside, shouting after his sister and clearly ready to mess with her. "Alais?" He called out, tossing his keys on the nearby table before taking a few steps inside while glancing around for her.