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    Reply here to apply for a rank. Rank up guidelines: Please read these thoroughly as failure to comply with them and to fill out the proper template will result in your application being rejected.
    • Age -
    • Level -
    • Current rank and rank seeking - Characters may not gain multiple ranks at once. Failure to hold the rank directly previous to the rank being sought will result in your application being rejected.
    • Notable Deeds - In a few sentences, please tell what your character has accomplished with their previous rank, how they have developed, and what makes this character deserving of promotion.
    • Relevant threads - Provide names and links to thread completed as the previous rank.
    Please note:
    1. Characters attempting to switch factions must submit a (minimum 2 thread) plot justifying the change.
      [b]Character Name and Subaccount Link:
      Character Age:
      Character Level: 
      Rank Seeking:
      Current Rank:
      Notable Deeds: [/b]
      [spoiler=Relevant Threads][list][*]Thread 1
      [*]Thread 2
      [*]Thread 3
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    Character Name and Subaccount Link: @Arianna Marris @Faded Truth
    Character Age: 23
    Character Level: 1
    Rank Seeking: Sith Crusader
    Current Rank: Sith Acolyte
    Notable Deeds: The up and coming Arianna Marris, a rising star in the Sith Empire who has shown dedication, commitment, intuition, and initiative in furthering Imperial interests as well as assets. She assisted with missions that were lagging behind, brokered an allegiance with rebellious insurgents on Taris, has led a long and complicated plotline to strengthen her own force powers as well as provide Darth Vrael with access to nightsister magics by traveling to Dathomir and capturing nightsisters, has formed a business arrangement with Corsec arms to have the company produce their infamous knock out grenades at Imperial factories on Serenno and thus providing the valuable advanced tech to Imperial forces, and has embarked on several secret missions whose knowledge remains with only the Emperor, the acolyte herself, and a select few.

    I'm tagging @Narsi in on this.
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