Off the Books - Completion

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    Character Name and Level:
    Eisa Swan - Lvl 3

    Character Rank:
    Jedi Knight

    Name of Plot:
    Off the Books

    Participants in the plot (Character accounts):
    @Eisa Swan @Hask Jen

    Intended Outcome of Plot:
    Eisa, looking to do some off the boks activity to aid the Galactic Alliance, seeks out a Mercenary to assist in an act of piracy on a band of pirates to capture a Blockade Runner transporting weapons and medical supplies that had been getting stollen from the Galactic Alliance's supply chain, and returning the cargo that is much needed to support the Rebels

    Actual Outcome of Plot:
    Eisa meets Hask and is able to successfully broker an arrangement for the use of his crew and ship to carry out a raid on the pirate transport convoy. The initial ambush whilst successful in crippling the ship did result in the Hurricane sustaining damage from the pirates fighter support. After the fighters were neutralised, both Eisa and Hask undertake a boarding action on the stricken brig, working their way through the halls of the ship and systematically clearing the ship of pirates and securing the ship and its cargo, before making way for Taris to have the ship repaired. Eisa as a result aquires the ship, whilst Hask acquires a Quick Draw pistol from the cargo.

    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved?
    None required - Self DM

    Link to Dice Roll Thread if used:

    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:
    By Alternate Means: Eisa, wanting to help the Galactic Alliance recover the stollen supply shipments. Travels to Tatooine to seek out Mercenaries who would be willing to assist, for a cut or the recovered cargo. Withing the Cantina she Hask and after hashing out details, Eisa finds that her past actives in Taris liberating enslaved engineers, had not been easily forgotten by one of the swoop gangs. Whilst They were able to make an escape from the cantina, the Black sun's thugs were persistent in tracking them down resulting in a firefight within Hasks hanger taking place before they could make their escape.

    Stock Reallocation: Eisa and Hask onboard the Hurricane ambush the pirates as they drop out of hyperspace, immobilising the Brig with an ion cannon burst, and then taking out its engines. Before contending with the retaliation from the escort fighters.

    Stow it Away: Eisa and Hask board the ship, and carry out a boarding action, taking out the defending Pirate crew and securing the ship and its contents. Once the ship had been secured, Eisa and Hask check over the contents of some of the cargo containers, before brokering an additional deal to have Hask and his crew assist in repairs and relocation of the stricken craft to safety.