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    November 1st, 2019

    Site Changes & Information · Current Story Updates


    Site Changes & Information

    Activity Bonus Updates

    Starting today all special credit bonuses for all main factions will be in effect and the formerly mutually exclusive Tier 1 and Tier 2 bonuses have been merged together. Characters created October 20 and on-wards will be eligible for the character creation bonus in those factions.

    Also characters that have already been granted Character Activity, Mission Leader bonuses can apply for the bonuses once more, but still may not submit threads/plots/pvps before this announcement.

    For full details of the bonuses and where to apply, see the Special Credits Submission thread.

    Current Story Updates

    General Time Update
    • It is 508 years after the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
    Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.


    State of the Galactic Alliance

    Grandmaster Arda's attempt at reclaiming Tython from the Sith didn't go as well as hoped, due mostly to some of her Jedi not showing up where they were needed and others not focused on the objective. Still, Arda remains hopeful that the Jedi heritage world will come once more under Jedi hands.

    Star Squadron, led by Master Eisa Swan, is leading her squadron to battle dangerous pirates in a bid to gain the support of a few sectors, notably with the planet Fallean among others. An ambitious endeavor no less

    Some time after the razing of Mandalore, Grandmaster Arda and Manda'lor Leandros are meeting with each other. The previous alliance between the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorians fell apart, but still both mutual interested in destroying the Sith especially after the Sith's attempt to cleanse the Mandalorian homeworld.

    State of the Sith Empire

    After the razing Mandalore, the Sith have regained momentum by retaking Korriban from the Mind-breakers, expelling their vile presence from the birthplace of the Sith Empire. With that the Sith are once more aiming to expand their Empire to bring more resources into the fold. There is also a team to secure a secretive prison from it's dangerous imates.

    With all that, things have taken a sudden turn in the other direction: On the planet Atlas in it's Shipwreck Island, what turned out to be some fun, drinks, and gambling for Empress Aadyaa, Darth Valravus along with other Sith company, it quickly went South as the island's Sith-hating gangs stormed the building and engaged in fierce fighting where they were not welcomed.

    When Aadyaa used the Force to set the place on fire, the chemicals inside caused a bigger explosion before anyone knew it. Among the many dead, newly minted Sith Lord, and her lovers Darth Valravus was killed. With Aadyaa badly burned and having lost all she loved and Darth Valravus having been a big asset to the Sith, was quite a big blow to the Empire and Aadyaa herself.

    And then the raw, graphic footage of the bar encounter came out to the holonet along with a slampiece news report, becoming viral across the galaxy.

    In the end Aadya Drast opted to resign, abdicating the throne.

    State of the Mandalorians

    The attack on Mandalore has left many dead as the Sith not only bombarded it, but sent ground troops to exterminate the Mandalorians, all spearheaded by the Empress herself. Not only that, Mand'alor the Chosen Raz Solus is reported dead as well.

    Although devastating as the attack is, the Mandalorian fighting spirit has not yet perished. Leandros Solus, would then step up and then give an inspiring speech and lay claim to the title Manda'lor, vowing to destroy the Sith once and for all and avenge all Mandalorians.

    "I will take up the mantle of the Mand’alor. I will avenge the destruction of our home! I will force the coward Sith to kneel before us and beg for mercy!"

    “The galaxy will forget the Empire, but it shall forever remember the children of Mandalore!

    The Mandalorians applauded his speech and accepted him as the new Manda'lor "Manda'lor' the Crusader", a title given to him by his people. And the new Manda'lor the Crusader didn't waste time getting to work, as his crusade already has the wheels well in motion with Operation: Talonstrike launching attacks towards planets towards the Core Worlds, violating the United Protectorate's neutrality to strike brutal blows at the Sith.

    The fires of rebellion are being fanned once more...

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