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 October 2018 Newsletter

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    October 31st, 2018

    Site Changes & Updates · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News
    Greetings again for the tenth month in a row, fellow SWRPers! This months newsletter includes an introduction to the Republic-Hutt War, information on new staff members and much more!
    Site Changes & Updates

    A New Timeline is Incoming!


    The Eighth Timeline is approaching! Set five centuries after The First Sith, the new Eighth Timeline will continue the site canon first established during the Sixth and act as a direct sequel to this one. The evil Sith Empire has taken over the galaxy. The Jedi Order is diminished and thought to be extinct. But the fires of hope have not gone out of the galaxy entirely. The Mandalorian clans, bitter at the suppression of their religion and culture, have begun the hunt for a new Manda'lor in hopes of throwing off the shackles of Sith rule. Meanwhile, in the lawless corners of the galaxy, a fragmented but steadily growing Rebellion—with the aid of the last surviving Jedi Knights—rises to free the galaxy of the Sith Empire's dominion and restore democratic rule... Read More.

    There have been adjustments to the tech rules and some individual items. Be sure to read everything yourselves, but the gist of the changes are as follows:

    • Added Advanced Tech section to the rules, formalizing many adhoc rules and guidelines that have been in place, especially regarding tech plots and what counts as advanced tech.
    • Reduced standard damage and ammo capacity for repeater weapons in core tech rules. @AutoFox and @Loco will start editing the individual weapon write ups personally, but if you know you have created one that doesn't comply with the new rules, feel free to help them out by fixing it yourself.
    • Hyperdrive usage rules significantly changed. This prevents people from just using the hyperdrive as an instant "/exit thread", and allows for more tactical maneuvers in space battles.
    • Added "Air to Ground" sections for Ships and Vehicles, specifically addressing what weapons can and cannot be used against PCs in a pvp, and how they can be used for certain other situations.
    • Adjusted Pulse Wave Tech write up. These were OP and needed a significant nerf. Please read carefully, as all current Pulse Wave weapon usage will be held to this new standard. Despite the standard accepted international "no snitching" policy, I encourage you to rat out anyone you see using illegal equipment of any kind in a manner that would draw attention to them.
    • The Tri-Barrel Blaster has been changed to advanced tech, to better represent its strengths in comparison to other weapons now.
    • General cleanup/clarification of Tech Rules thread. Lots of little things that don't have a significant effect on how things are or have been, but might be a bit easier to read and understand now.

    Minor Change Log
    1. There has been an update to the rules regarding time in PvP: "Section V, D: All members are expected to post in battles quickly and efficiently. In a 1v1 or 2v2 fight, each team is expected to post within 48 hours. For fights with more than 4 combatants, each side is expected to post within 72 hours. Teams should, whenever possible, post in team blocks. Failure to post in that timeframe will result in your round being considered a "pass" regardless of whether the enemy team has posted.
    2. Force Light is no longer allowed in PvP.

    PLEASE NOTE: Not all minor changes will be listed here.

    Current Story Updates

    General Time Update
    Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

    PVP Updates

    In Memorium
    1. Allard Keever died when his own blaster bolts were deflected back at him by Tavek Aldir.
    2. Nard Mores was way out of his league going to toe-to-toe with Darren Reed.
    3. Eisa Nimbus was blown to bits by pirate ships protecting Kessel after steering her exploration vessel towards the broadside of a Broadside Frigate.
    4. Macc "Cinders" Ardinre was summarily judged and executed via spacing by Xornoth Sk'ar for his (in)actions above Kessel.
    5. Serie Fond was held down by members of the Black Hand, drained of her Force by The Eternal and finally stabbed through the back and killed by Vex.
    6. Rocks fall and Fiona MacBheathain dies, after not being bothered to move to avoid them and nobody saving her.
    7. Grug, while making a rushed escape, was blasted to bits by Barry Weathers and Marcella Wren while the Wook held him in place.
    8. Darth Evandrus was struck down by Jinlo Halan on Ruusan, leaving a daughter behind. Evadrus' death set up a rather unfortunate series of events...
    9. Jinlo Halan, after killing Evandrus, was killed by Darth Kravos and mercifully so considering what would follow afterwards to her body.
    10. Aliyah Phoenix, as she was unconscious, had her lekku ripped off by Darth Kravos and savagely had her head torched in his fury.
    11. Having passed out due to grossly overestimating his own power at the start of the fight, Telunaris had his head torn off with the force by an Andraste engulfed with rage.
    12. After several close calls before, Jedi Councilor Vollen Shai's time came to an end as he had every bone crushed in his body by Andraste. His end coming not long after tainting himself with the Dark Side.
    13. As Vincent Cross and Tynian fought in a heated duel, but only Tynian was able to walk away with his life after bisecting the Sith.
    14. Gael Flúr's head was obliterated with an execution-style pulse-wave shot courtesy of Camila Shan while Dennys Waszylla held the Jedi Knight in a stasis lock.
    15. Dileas Nimbus was too slow to dodge the blaster bolts coming from Kyp Durant, and died.
    16. Cavalas Onn and Brandr Jarl killed each other.
    These characters are now Level 2 and widely known throughout their faction:
    1. Galahad Vult
    2. Jubba the Mutt
    These characters are now Level 3 and are known within the other factions:
    1. Brandr Jarl
    2. Lucian Volante
    These characters are now Level 4 and are known throughout the galaxy:
    1. Spencer Ward

    These characters have have ranked up:
    1. Azar Torsin has ranked up to Jedi Master!
    2. Galahad Vult has ranked up to Jedi Master!
    3. Jubba the Mutt has raked up to Jedi Master!
    4. Dennys Waszylla has ranked up to Sith Master!
    SWRP SWAT strikes again!! Monthly SWAT report:
    1. N/A
    Plot and Events Updates
    • There are currently 129 plots underway
    • One Hundred Fourteen (114) plots have been complete
    • End of the timeline events are on their way! Stay tuned.

    Completed Player Plots

    Black Hand Target: Serie Fond Eliminated (Retroactive)
    Serie Fond was marked for death when wind of her trying to defect to the Jedi came to the ears of Sith Leadership. The Black Hand successfully carried out the assassination.

    Time To Step Up
    Bruce set out to collect and salvage a large quantity of Jedi Knowledge and teachings from the orginal attack on Ossus, saving it from absolute destruction. The addtional outcomes were to save a group of villagers and enable a seperate defensive system fro the Academy and all future temple; finally have Bruce appointed to the Jedi Council holding the title of Caretaker of First Knowledge.

    Eisa's Personal Development Plot
    To Provide a means for Eisa to grow away from being a loose cannon by developing and learning to focus and harness her abilities and powers to give her the stepping stones to develop towards Sith Master

    Tecov Trying For Triskele
    Tecov and Faison go after a bounty that is worth a fair amount of credits and capture him. Tecov interrogates said bounty for info on a gambling den and lets Faison keep the majority of the reward. Tecov persues a higher risk bounty with a larger bounty on her head so he has enough credits to actually spend at the gambling den. After collecting that he goes to the gambling den and wins a sizeable amount but one of the card sharks does not take kindly to this and it devolves into a one on one brawl until Tecov knocks him out and leaves with his winnings intact.

    Bar Bar Drinks (Retroactive)
    Wax used his earnings from multiple Makeb bounties to purchase the Bar Bar Drinks Cantina.

    Zia's Return (Failed)
    The investigation is incomplete due to the early death of Herrith Hendarsin, therefore the ship's past remains a mystery.

    Gaining Green Stone
    Together Tecov and Eisa take out a Bull Rancor on Vatol earning both trophy and security for the bunker. Afterwards they go into town and get a droid mechanic to agree to being their personal mechanic after dispatching local lowlifes. Tecov ventures to an old cache of weapons that is over a century old and with the uncalled for (but still appreciated) assisted from the young Sith they slay the gamorean locals that uncovered the stash. Calling on Eisa again Tecov and Eisa go to Corsin and without issue infiltrate the luxurious home belonging to the descendant of a man that harmed Tecov nearly a century prior. Together they liberate some information and credits along with some pleasure from seeing the man squirm. They depart leaving the man alive but otherwise no other trace remains of their infiltration. At a blackrow warehouse Tecov assualts and eliminates the majority of the guards which are finished off by Eisa. They both acquire the stored resources they were after.

    A light in the Jurassic Temple: Director's cut
    The Jedi successfully rediscovered and reclaimed the lost Ellora temple.

    Before the real investigation kicked off, Fennex and Company caught Silas and his apprentice sneaking onto Tython once again, sparking a tense stand off. After Silas agreed to go peacefully, he was briefly questioned, and the Jedi investigators moved on to Andara to confront Master Talus. Ultimately, Silas and Isola were released from custody and Master Talus agreed to return to the Order as a Knight to atone for her mistakes. It's not all smiles, but nobody got hurt.

    Ghosts in the Snow
    Evandrus collected the 3 cubs and walked away with a scar between his eyes.

    Failed - The Fop and the Fluff
    Hijacking and kidnapping occurred but escaping to get the rewards did not occur due to death.

    Failed - The Reach of Lothal
    Secured raw materials, secured planet of Targon for the Sith Empire, secured refinement plants, secured planet of Baros for the Sith Empire, secured ugnaught engineers - Darth Evandrus died in pvp before he could secure construction droids or technical specialists.

    Failed - Keep a LID on it
    Secured headquarters/office space, secured a team of designers, secured deal with a Mandalorian design prodigy; did NOT manage to headhunt a team from Mandal Motors due to death of Darth Evandrus.

    Failed - Uniting the Core
    While multiple Deep Core worlds were assisted, the worlds were unable to be united before the scattering of the fleet and Vollen's death, making the effort moot. Though hopefully their assistance might have lent them some friendly ears in the times to come.

    Important IC News

    State of the Jedi Order

    Four Jedi sacrificed themselves to kill Darth Evandrus. While noble, his death seemed to stir the Empresses rage and trigger an all out attack on the Jedi Order. The Sith Empire glassed Ellora temple and an invasion of Ruusan and Tython came swiftly after, attacks that the Jedi tried to stave off but failed.

    Grand Master Wyck sensed death after death of his comrades and knew that the destruction of the order was near, despite all his efforts to bolster their defenses. Because of this he ordered operation Knightfall.

    "This is Jedi Grand Master Wyck with a message for all surviving Jedi. Regretful I am, to report that night has fallen on the galaxy. The Sith Empire has defeated our Jedi Order on Tython and Ruusan; begun targeting other places sacred to our Order, they have. A final order from myself, this is: return to Brighthome with any ships remaining in our fleet. Stay away from any world or temple associate with our Order. Avoid detection. The time for Operation: Knightfall, it is. More instructions will I give you, when you all arrive. Be safe. Be strong. And may the Force be with you all..."

    Operation Knightfall was simple: scatter the Jedi fleet, go into hiding and wait until the time was right to emerge again to fight the Sith.

    State of the Sith Empire

    After Darth Evandrus' death, the Empress vowed to wipe out the Jedi Order once and for all. She launched several attacks on the order including Ellora, Tython and Ruusan. All attacks were successful, marking a tremendous win in the Sith Empires history... among many other wins.

    The Empress not only launched several attacks, but asked her first husband Siris to give up the role of The Eternal and it's mask. She feared for his sanity and safety if he continued to wear it. Siris, as a loyal husband, decided to give up the mask. The mask, hurt and angry, summoned Vex to see if she was worthy to take over the role.

    Before the reckoning of the Jedi, some events took place that shook the Empire. Sith Master Serie Fond, blind to her own failures and unhappy dealing with the consequences, attempted to defect from the Empire to the Jedi Order. The Sith Leadership caught wind of her plan and ordered the Black hand to deal with her. As one of the most lethal and effective organizations of the Order, the Black Hand successfully assassinated Serie Ford, leaving her body marked as a warning for other potential defectors.

    State of the Hutt Cartel

    While the Hutt Cartel had a strong start to the war, the tides have begun to change. Slowly, the Republic has secured victory after victory. Though this has discouraged some in the cartel, many still see it as a perfect opportunity to make bank.

    Others have continued war efforts. One group successfully smuggled weapons for the cause and another group hired a gang in Republic space to cause destruction and chaos. With efforts still ongoing, perhaps the tide will change back to their favor again.

    State of the Republic

    The Republic war effort against the Hutt Cartel has continued to grind onward, with some of the Republic officers distinguishing themselves in the line of duty.

    In co-operation with allies within the Republic and outside of it, Hutt gang activities have been targetted, Republic supplies have been safeguarded and multiple Cartel gang operations have been wiped out entirely.

    It seems that destroying crime is impossible but the Republic is determined to make a damn good show of trying regardless.
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