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    Thread Prefix: Fanon
    • Name: Nuria

    • Coordinates: I 20 in the Outer Rim. Third of seven planets in the system.

    • Hyperlane: N/A

    • Climate: The climate is temperate, with ice caps at the poles and jungle near the equator. Average temperature is 17°C. The main continent has average temperatures of 3°C in winter and 28°C in summer. Spring and autumn bring strong, directional winds that are use for transportation by air ship.

    • Terrain: 32% of the planet is landmass, comprising of three main continents and many islands and archipelagos. The main continent has many forested areas, separated by grass lands.
    • One notable landmark are the Firefalls. A waterfall down a mountain with large quarz deposits. At sunset in late spring and early summer, the setting sun shines through these deposits and illuminates the whole waterfall, making it glow like lava.

    • Rotation: 25 Standard hours. Orbiting the sun once every 400 days.

    • Inhabitants: The main sentient species on the planet are the Karta'Esh. They have originated on it. They have been the only sentient species for most of their known history before Humans literally fell down from the sky. Other than that, there is a lot of faunal and floral live all over the planet.

    • Resources: The most obvious natural ressources is biomass. Vast forests and jungles, various species of fauna and flora. Unburdened by heavy industry, the planet at large is unpolluted. The native population mines for coal and ores, smeltering iron and steel. There might be deposits of other materials on the planet, but the native population hasn't found any they would recognize or have any use for it.

    • Government: The society on Nurias main continent is feudalistic. Noble families, so called Houses, rule over certain areas. The important houses controlling larger areas, the lesser houses receiving fiefdoms from them. On a national level, the houses come together in a council, regulating the nations policies, while maintaining independent power inwardly.

    • Culture: Honour is important to the nobles, duels are common, although only the fewest are taken as far as serious injury or death. They are meant to show skill and personal commitment. Entertainment also has a high standing among the Karta'Esh. Musicians and Storytellers are well regarded. There are as many songs conveying historic events as there are history books. Probably more.

      The writing system has its origins in claw marks, pressed onto soft clay or wax tablets. These markings are now also written with ink or set in print.

    • Technology: Manual labour, simple mechanics and steam engines are the pinnacle of local technology. Hot air is also used for travel in air ships, utilizing the strong directional winds of spring and autumn to transport cargo quickly over great distances.

      For at least two centuries, until recently, electronics and higher technology did not work reliably inside the star system. A theory says it was caused by interference in the surrounding hyperspace.

    • Satellites: One moon circles Nuria. It is a lifeless piece of rock.

    • History: The Karta'Esh have developed on Nuria. About two thousand years ago, a small group of human ships crash landed. The then tribal Karta'Esh accepted the strange species among themselves. The newcomers influenced the tribes, organising them into greater structures, the houses formed, then the realms/nations. The humans struggled at first, but multiplied. Still, there are more Karta'Esh in the realms than humans. Without their machines, they had to adapt to the nurian way. Over time, most of the technical knowledge was forgotten, but the stories persisted. Still, the stories changed, were adapted to society and mutated. What little is known of the bigger universe has taken on the form of legends.

    • Intent: I invented this planet a long time ago as the home planet for the Karta'Esh and have used it in various settings, including a play by post Star Wars RP. The Character I submitted for play here had been in said RP.
      I was told, before the character can be approved, I need to submit the species and their home planet. I really like the character, she has already had life breathed into her, and changing her species would feel really wrong to me. She is not the only character of this species on my roster, with time, I hope to introduce more of them onto this site.
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    I am terribly sorry for the delay @Darkon.

    Are you still interested in having this planet/species reviewed?
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    I'm sorry, but I am not interested in the submission anymore. While waiting for a response, I have found a different forum to play in and have established a character there.

    Also, my apologies for not answering sooner. I simply forgot I still had an account here.

    Thank you for your reply, nonetheless.