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    · Senator for Corulag
    Numenius Pax

    Excerpt · Biography · Personality · Skills and abilities · Miscellaneous

    From this name alone, you may be excused for thinking that Numenius is a pacifist. He is a man of conviction, a man of passions that run deep and a man with a singular vision; Peace. Unlike a pacifist however, Numenius is more than will to adopt the motto; Peace, by any means.



    Numenius was born to two Jedi Exiles, both of whom fought the Jedi in the 100 Years Darkness but settled on Corulag to have a 'fallback' position should the war turn against their side. When it did and the combined Exiles were beaten back, Numenius' parents carefully inserted themselves into lives within Corulag's higher society, using the Force and plunder from the war liberally to assure that Numenius wanted for nothing.

    He was taught by private tutors until he was deemed ready to attend a private boarding school, where he excelled in leading his peers into all manner of mischief. Though his parents were called many times, they insisted on only punishing him if he was caught doing something. If he was not caught he got a pat on the head from his father and some encouraging words from his mother. With this in mind, he soon realised that leadership was for him but he knew well enough that being a leader was all well and good but he wanted to ensure that he remained leader so he was willing to do whatever it took to maintain leadership.

    So long as he didn't get caught.

    At age 14, Numenius joined his school's debate team and dominated the local competition, decimating them as best as he could while making it appear to be a team effort. That way when his team won the local awards, he was praised for his knowledge but also for his leadership skills. This was, strangely enough, what pushed him to run for student office. Throughout his time as school, the normally rather weak roles the student offices held were strengthened tenfold until he was seen as a viable alternative to a teacher in mediating disputes between students and he never forgot that heady feeling.

    Right out of school, against the advice of his parents, Numenius ran for the position of Corulag's Senator and was soundly beaten. Taking his lumps, Numenius worked with his father, learning about the re-emergence of the Exiles as a force to be reckoned with and working jobs overseeing supplying of several Exile holdouts as a trusted ally. Enamoured with their strength, Numenius asked his parents why they had never trained him in the ways of the Force for the first time in his life and was told the truth.

    Numenius was born for a singular purpose - he was to be a tool to advance their cause.

    Certainly, his mother and father stressed that this had been their intention but they had fallen in love with him as a child and sworn to be the best parents they could while still subtly guiding him towards their designed goal. He accepted this as a sign of their un-ending love for him, providing him with a path to a future he so desperately wanted already.

    With experience in the 'supply' industry as a mid-level manager and political activist against slavery and gang violence, Numenius ran for office again and won. As he was sworn in as senator for Corulag, he remembered the words of his family, the 'House' words that his father had set down for him and any offspring he would create;

    Peace, by whatever means.


    Numenius is a passionate man, capable of being very emotive when he needs to be and willing to force himself to be stoic when he doesn't need to be. He has found that people respond well to him when he encourages them to meet their own goals and so strives to do so as often as seems natural; taking care to sabotage their efforts if their own goals run counter to his own, just enough so that it appears that they fail on their own merits so the blame cannot be turned back on him.

    When in front of an audience, he has been described as being both "larger than life" and "rather hammy" and takes both as a compliment.

    When alone, or with close friends, Numenius is just as focused as he is on his end goals as he is when in public - the only difference is that when he is alone he is a lot more brooding than he otherwise would be.

    On the subjects of love and romance, Numenius finds himself with admirers which, to his mind, means he finds himself with people easily led. While he acknowledges to himself that he is a homosexual, he finds that no one has 'grabbed his attention' in any significant way beyond the purely physical and he doubts anyone ever well, if only because he would not trust anyone with the position of his spouse when he achieves higher positions within the Galactic Senate.

    Skills and abilities

    • Intelligent - Rarely needing to learn anything over a longer period of time than a few weeks of dedicated study, Numenius holds numerous qualifications in political studies and business management. This also means he is rather quick witted and more than capable of writing his own speeches.
    • Charismatic - Numenius enjoys gaining the attention, admiration and respect of others and he is good at it, able to change people's opinions of him with but a few words or deeds.
    • Marksmanship - As he was not trained as a Force User (and never will be), Numenius was trained instead in traditional gun play by a variety of private tutors and is a good shot for a young man in politics.
    • Naturally Gifted Pilot - One of Numenius' few legitimate vices is his need for speed and he balances this nicely with some natural talent at flying that means he has yet to become a smear on a wall.

    Possessions include;

    One 4C Blaster Pistol
    - Vibro-Knife
    - Armoured suit
    - One Diplomat Class Shuttle

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