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    Name: What is the name of the NPC organization?
    Description: Please explain the purpose and role this faction has in the context of the galaxy and timeline, in action and intent. Detail its laws, culture, and any other significant details. Make note of where the organization can be found or largely operates at.
    History: Detail the lore and history of the organization.
    Structure: Detail the hierarchy of the faction, particularly ranks and duties. As a reminder, you cannot start off as leader of a NPC organization.
    Assets: Please detail primary assets involved in this organization. This includes, but not limited to, militaristic capabilities, ships, institutions, etc.
    Roster: Name any members or affiliates.
    Intent: The most important, please detail from an OOC perspective why this group needs to exist and should be approved. This section is considered when reviewing for approval.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.