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Discussion in 'Outer Rim Territories' started by Timmen Rytt, Dec 2, 2019.

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    The screams which echoed from the slightly opened threshold filled Timmen with dread.
    "No, not again"
    He whispered in the darkness of the hallway. Which would it be tonight? His mother, bleeding from every pore on her face, his wife holding the bloody baby as she breathed her last ? Which horror would cone to visit him now, as he slept? He approached the door and turned the knob, pushing it out of his way to reveal another dimly lit hallway, the screams led him to a scene which had haunted him since youth.

    The boy was thin and small, his auburn hair curled around his pale head, he held on to the boot of a mandalorian walking towards the door. It was Timmen himself...
    "Please dont Leave me! Pleeeaase!"
    The boy gasped, gripping the boot tightly. His cries grew louder until the man reached the door and kicked the boy with his boot hard in the face. The iron heel breaking Timmen's nose and causing him the let go. The man, his father, opened the door, walking out into a blizzard and shutting the door with a hard slam.

    Timmen sat gripping his face as the blood poured out. As an adult he still felt that kick, the last kiss from his father, their final goodbye... Timmen approached the child, though this waa a dream he felt compelled to go to him as he blinked the days seemed to pass, the blood turn to tears, the boy thinned, his hair fell out in clumps and finally after what seemed like years he reached him, Timmen placed his hand on the boys shoulder and with one swift motion the boy revealed his face again: the long, silvery hair was thin and steel grey eyes sunk deeply into emaciated sockets and thin lips pursed together by dried saliva. His ribs showed through skin and his stomach was distended. The eyes looked up at him and in a weak voice the creature, once Besk'in whispered
    Timmen fell backwards in fright, and after what seemed like an endless fall he finally awoke in his bed, sweating bullets as thick as blood which had even pooled in some of his bed. He found that Morning was well away, but he would not sleep again. He crossed the room and found Besk'in sleeping on his mat, fine and still very well taken care of. Having seen that he was ok Timmen headed for the small sitting area just beyond the doorway where the stove was. He took tinder and lit it on fire in the small steel box, stacking kindling around it and soon placed two logs inside to burn. He closed the stove and took water from a large clay jug and filled a pot for tea.

    Morning came more quickly than he had anticipated, the sun rising just over the hills surrounding Vhettir, Bringing red and orange hues like a great fire burning just beyond the horizon. He went and sat on the porch which overlooked the village. Soon the door swung open and Uncle Dhern came to sit beside him.
    "My time is coming soon, my boy."
    He said taking his seat. Timmen looked at him
    "It's gotta come for all of us, uncle. How long do you think you have?"
    The old man sipped his tea, contemplating the question
    "Im not sure. But soon. I wanna die here, overlooking this village and when I go give my old armor to the boy. He can make it into a new set or keep it vintage. My days wearing beskar'gam have come to their conclusion. Even coming to this chair has exhausted me."
    Timmen did not speak for some time. he only looked at the old grizzled veteran. The man who once stood so tall he thought he was a giant, was now withering.
    "I owe you everything I have, uncle and I never thanked you for it until now"
    The old man looked at him queer
    "You earned it, Timmen. You were a fine apprentice and the closest thing I ever had to a son. I did all of it because youre my blood, the flesh and blood of my beloved niece. The day I brought you here was the first time since his death that I smiled. And when you and Gyn had Besk'in? It easily gave me an extra 6 years of life."
    The old man gave out a great laugh, nearly spitting out his tea.
    "I remember when I brought you here, knee high to a nuna, scrawny as a twig and afraid of your own shadow! You didnt speak for nearly a month before you met Gyn but boy were you chatty after meeting her. And after a few years? You developed into a warrior, honorable, loyal and brave. I could not have asked Kad Ha'rangir for a better outcome given your start in life."
    He laughed heartily and stopped.
    "My time is now.... you raise that boy Right Timmen ... Rytt... or else i'll-"
    The old man leaned back in his chair, giving one more chuckle before breathing his last. Overlooking the village he loved, surrounded by the people he loved. Timmen reached over, shutting his eyes
    "March on, uncle"
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