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    Tasha had come to visit Varyn on many occasions at Dromund Kaas, Korriban, and various Imperial worlds, but for all their times, he had never torn himself away from his work to come see the company she had built. By all assessments, the company was thriving even under the Mandalorian rule, and his interest in her extended automatically to an interest in her company.

    Getting onto the planet had required some false IDs and subtlety, but before he'd been the Emperor, Varyn had been an assassin, which meant accessing places he didn't belong. He'd flown in under a false ID, left behind robes, dawned a black suit (because even his suits had to be black), and made an appointment with the CEO under a false name: Covir Anson. It had required some Force-tricks to convince them that he belonged on the schedule, but they'd complied shortly thereafter.

    Call it a surprise visit, and hopefully one that she wouldn't mind taking. After all the Emperor did have plenty of investment means.

    He was led to a private turbolift and told to wait in the anteroom to her office for Miss. Blackwell to see him. He gave a nod, but rather than sit, he paced around the room slowly, looking at the various decorations that hung on the wall.