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    NHB-01 / Hawkbat

    Tobian Solaris; Custom Order

    Assault Combat Machines


    2.5 kg

    Durasteel & Chromium
    Magnetic Accelerator Pistol
    Verpine Shatter Pistol

    Light to Medium Damage when further than 80 Meters (Damage decreases the further Tobian is from a target. The type of ammo being used also determines the damage done.)

    Medium to Heavy Damage when at 80 Meters or Closer. ( Damage increases the closer Tobian is to a target. As well as what type of ammo being used determines the damage.)

    14 Rounds Per Cartridge

    Semi Automatic

    80 meters

    The NHB-01 or Hawkbat as Tobian calls it due to.the whistle.of.the projectile fired sounding like a Hawk-Bat's ecolocation looks like an aggressor series pistol. But it's looks are a bit deceiving because this pistol is a Verpine Shatter Gun. Instead of bolts, Tobian's pistol shoots anything he can fit into the barrel, or load it with a metal alloy projectiles designed for this weapon. It is nearly completely silent when fired, save for the faint crack when Tobian pulls the triggee or whistle when the projectile flies by who he is aiming at, that is if the target is lucky enough to dodge the projectile. The pistol has a night vision scope that Tobian can take off. The barrel that allows him to shoot at the insane distance for a pistol can be taken off as well. There is also an option for Tobian to mount a flashlight if he chooses to do so. The one draw back for all these features is that it takes a short amount of time to attach features he wants to use. The metal alloy projectiles are loaded into the gun through the use of a cartridge at the bottom of the handle. While other potential projectiles must be able to fit through the barrel in order to be used, and must be loaded into a multicaliber cartridge. If Tobian uses other projectiles besides what is really designed for this pistol, the lethality of the pistol is affected. So using other projectiles as ammo is really only when Tobian has exhausted the metal alloy rounds.

    It is made with a combination of Durasteel and Chromium so that it can withstand more of a jolt than the typical Verpine Shatter Gun but if it was somehow to take a really bad jolt or direct damage the pistol will be rendered useless until Tobian is able to repair it. And despite the materials used this shatter gun is still to a degree vulnerable to EMP and ion weapons due to the magnetic field principle of the pistol.

    It's maximum range is eighty meters instead of the typical fifty meters for pistols. The damage Tobian does to a target depends on the distance, the closer he is the more damage he will do, while the further away he is damage will become less. Environmental factors will also have an effect on the affectiveness of his weapon. Even jedi must be on guard since blocking projectiles from this weapon will be difficult since the metal alloy projectiles are small. But the projectiles can be blocked. Really the best course of action is to find cover and wait for an opening.

    Restricted, a verpine pistol costs anywhere from 15,000 to 45,000 credits. Illegal outside The Empire borders since it is made for and owned by Tobian Solaris, an Imperial Officer.

    This Pistol will either be an award Tobian gains due to his services to The Empire or at some point in the future special orders it from a dealer who lives on the planet Roche.

    Yes. This pistol is not mass produced and is expensive to order. It is a very rare weapon because the Verpine race are generally very peaceful species and very rarely produce weapons of any sort.

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    I had no idea there was a ship with a similar name. Should I change the name for the pistol?
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    It's actually probably fine. I'm just messing with you a little. It would be more of an issue if you made a ship with the same name but since it is an entirely different category then it is fine I think.
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    Alright, so, I've got some problems.

    I just want to preface this by saying that I personally dig shatter guns. That said, slugthrower weapons in this timeline are severely under-powered, and that's for a reason. In the previous timeline, everyone was going around making over-powered slug weapons that outclassed blasters in just about every way, and to be honest, it was kinda breaking things.

    I realize this is advanced tech, but it still violates our restrictions of slug weapons; mainly, pistols like this are not going to be able to do heavy damage. I realize that shatter guns work slightly differently, but they're still blunt projectile weapons, so we count them the same way.

    I don't like that this weapon is all but silent in combat. Nothing with that capability that I know of is smaller than a carbine, and they certainly don't do heavy damage. This also out-ranges normal pistols, which isn't going to fly either.

    Finally, I don't like that this weapon uses the same image as an existing weapon, even given the justification for it doing so. If a weapon can do everything that this can, it would have to look distinctive at the very least.

    In summary: too powerful for a slug weapon, too quiet, too much range, too similar in appearance to something else.

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