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 New character for RP next TL

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Help Archive' started by Brick, Dec 10, 2018.

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    So, new character concept... Give me any feedback. Let me know about anything.


    Biographical information



    Physical description

    Hair color
    Eye color
    Skin color
    1.8 meters
    85 kilograms
    None (he bald)

    Chronological and political information

    Affiliation(s): Independent
    · Sub Contract Hitman/Body Guard
    John Lex

    Biography · Personality and traits · Powers and abilities · Equipment · Roleplays


    John Lex was born into a life of crime and wealth on Corellia. His father was a buisness man who worked in the weapons industry. He was in charge of a operation that sold illegal weapons to terrorist groups.

    John learned a lot of things from his father including, weapon shooting, advanced martial arts, and a taste for money. John grew up and found jobs. He began guarding people, then as a hobby moved to a hitman, taking out people for money or favors.

    He earned enough money and enough contacts to move out of his home planet, and to Nar Shadda, where plenty of people needed protection, and the occasional killing. John quickly learned of his talent for murder and interrogation, so he joined a local gang, doing some smuggling runs and ransoms.

    John figured out that he was good with people, but being in a gang didn't suit him, so he left the gang and traveled around, taking jobs that pay the bills.

    John had heard of the Hutt Cartel, but didn't feel like joining because it wasn't of much interest when John had to obey a Hutt slug. He also didn't join the empire because of its rules and strict guidelines. John liked off the book records, "hush hush" stuff.

    Personality and traits

    It Pays to Kill.....
    John is not quick tempered, and does not like to talk much. He is a risk taker, and can see through lies most of the time. John occasionally drinks, and likes shooting. John has not had the luxury of being in a relationship, mostly not having the proper time. John is skilled in interrogation too.

    Powers and abilities
    John is versatile in martial arts and hand to hand combat. John also knows how to operate heavy weaponry, and shoot weapons. John also knows how to pilot ships, and operate on droids. John is a not a quiet man, loves to strike up a conversation or a argument, he also knows how to lead, and can take a management job.

    Appearance and Equipment

    John is athletic, muscular, and good looking. John has great stamina and can run pretty fast.

    Gear On Person
    dual CSR-2A blaster pistol
    Suit with armor underneath
    2Lc Carbine (attachments include: red optic sight, grip holder.)



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    A lot of irregularities in the character. You mention in the bio that he learned that he was good with people, and then in the personality section you say he's shy and can't speak to people. Which is it?

    "During his teenage years, his father conducted experimental studies on him. John became a superhuman with abnormal abilities." "Because of the experiment, John is superhuman, with abilities such as super strength, and long lasting durability." This stuff isn't gonna work, you give no explanation what these experiments were, how his father got the funding to do the experiments and why would an arms dealer do anything of the sort? Seems like something you've just thrown in to have an OP character. And if his experiments were to study him then why would they give the character any abilities.
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    Gottcha, i'll edit the part, thanks for the info.