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 New Beginnings, Dark Ones, Mwahaha

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Help Archive' started by Kharnov, Nov 2, 2018.

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    So, I happened to find my way to this website at an opportune moment; a switch in the timeline means that I get the chance to be present for a fresh start, with all the opportunities available out of the gate. I am currently working on my character sheet, and plan on posting it into the Workshop for public input soon enough. But since I have a general concept for my character already figured out, including some thoughts on the goals I want him to pursue and how I hope for his story to progress, I thought that I might also start preparing for the new timeline by seeking out other people who have some idea of what they want to be doing in the new timeline, acknowledging the limited details currently available.

    The character I am imagining is an Umbaran Force-sensitive, an aspiring Sith Sorcerer and dark side philosopher. Interested far more in mystical wisdom and arcane power than martial might or political influence, I am fairly confident that he will be associated with the more traditional Old Sith Empire based upon Korriban, dedicated to understanding the nature of the dark side of the Force. I'm imagining him as being more thoughtful and patient than the typical Sith, less prone to kicking puppies and stabbing people in the back just for laughs, but still utterly egotistical and sociopathic in the pursuit of his goals.

    Regarding those goals, a lot of the long-term big picture stuff is pretty typical for the Sith; immortality, dominion over the inferior masses, etc. But as noted earlier, he's much more of a "knowledge is power" type than a totem-pole-climber, only engaging in the latter when necessary for the sake of acquiring the former. Which of course leads to his primary goal(s); expanding and honing his mastery of the Force, especially the insidious powers of Sith magic. To do this, he might seek out lost relics and lore of the ancient Sith, or he may need to place himself in the service of a more experienced Sith Master, performing the tasks he is given in return for mystical teachings.

    Another one of his goals that is more specific and short-term in nature is finding a lightsaber instructor. I am imagining my character as a bit of a bookworm, who has done fairly well in his time as a student on Korriban, but is only an average warrior (at best). Having spent most of his training practicing the Niman form of lightsaber combat popular among amateur swordsmen, but known for limited effectiveness under wartime conditions, my character would hope to improve his technique by supplementing it with the defensive abilities of Soresu (or something similar). Achieving this goal would almost certainly require him to find a Sith instructor, but another possibility may involve recovering a holocron containing lightsaber combat instruction.

    As for who I think would get along well with my character, that kind of depends on your definition of 'get along.' He's a charmless snarky jerk who only cares about himself. But as long as you aren't in direct competition with him, he is pretty willing to cooperate, within reason. He can be motivated to participate in almost any mission or scheme conceivable, if you can offer him an obscure holocron or a map to a forgotten Sith tomb. Possibly the most difficult kind of individual for my character to work with would be a fellow sorcerer, someone who represents a nigh-inevitable rival for mystic supremacy among the Sith, who would likely be trying to claim the prizes that my character desires for himself.

    Anyways, please feel free to respond if you have any ideas for characters or groups that my character could associate with. A "higher up" for him to answer to, whether the Master teaching him or simply a Sith Lord with the authority to command him, would be particularly interesting; while I don't imagine my dude enjoying the politics or playing servant, he would understand the need to play the game to some extent in order to get anywhere. Outside of the Sith Order itself, I could see him forming alliances with freelancers and treasure-hunters of various sorts in the hopes of uncovering Sith ruins or other lost knowledge of the dark side.

    Feel free to post in here to discuss possible plots, or to message me privately if you want to chat about more nefarious schemes *WINK*WINK*EVILLAUGHTER*
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