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    Name: Ner’Giza [ Stiletto ]

    Age: 33 years, born 468 ABC

    Species: Rutian, Twi’lek

    Gender: Female

    Species: Rutian Twi’lek

    Homeworld: Ryloth

    Faction: Galactic Alliance

    Rank: Rebel Lieutenant

    Role: Smuggler

    Height: 5’ 10”

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Skin Colour: Blue

    Eye Colour: Amber

    Force Sensitive: Latent

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Appearance: Ner'Giza is failry average in size and height for her species being 5' 10" and 160 pounds. Training in dance in her earlier years gave her grace, strength, and her slender physique which she later honed through martial training. Her headwrap is unadorned made from Rycrit hide while strips of leather wind about her lekku. Amber color eyes peer out over a well defined mouth which is prone to breaking out into frequent laughter. Comfort is the key phrase when it comes to her attire and for Ner'Giza that means a good pair of supple knee boots, form fitting trousers beneath the drape of a loin cloth and whatever halter top happens to be clean at the moment.



    Strength: 7/10
    Dexterity: 9/10
    Stamina: 6/10
    Intelligence: 7/10
    Wisdom: 5/10
    Charisma: 8/10

    PERSONALITY: A hard working individual, she can be a bit impulsive at times, seeing the immediate needs rather than thinking in terms of the long run. While she is fond of her solitude, not from social awkwardness but more so a need for her own sense of peace, she is also something of a practical joker.

    If life has taught her anything is that it is just as easy to laugh as it is to cry. While laughter is to be shared, she believes that her tears are private and she is not apt to share such things with others. Mostly hiding behind a sense of humor, she does have quite the temper whose release is often followed by remorse. Her tendency toward quick action, going in fast and striking hard has served her well enough so far...

    Motivated by her need to effect change for her people, her passionate nature has been focused toward supporting the rebellion. Trained to follow and obey the conventions set out by the traditions of her enslaved people, her independent nature found much there against which to rebel. She finds no contentment in the status quo and this restlessness is sure to carry her deep into precarious grounds.



    Ner’Giza spent the first 14 years of her life with her parents, Ila’Giza and Shiri’Giza in the city of Kala’uun. Her education consisted of everything she would need to be a good slave to whoever her father decided to sell her to; naturally this included dance among other methods to become the most alluring of slaves and fetch a good price. Her mother's brother, Taln’erca was against this practice claiming that his brother -in-law was afflicted with the Brightsickness and not thinking straight. Such was not the case, but tempers often ran high between the men. While her father was an acquiescent product of generations of slave mentality, and despite being born of the Sesk’kesva, merchant class, ever eager to secure their financial means. Her uncle was of a more rebellious nature and turned his hand to smuggling.

    The sale turned into a double cross, the slavers capturing her parents rather than pay the sum of one dancing girl and would have made off with everyone were it not for her uncle’s interference. She was never quite sure how he happened to be there, in the right place at the right time and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know. It was not like she could go back in time and warn her parents of his suspected duplicity. Surely the sibling feud did not run so deep as to include arranging for her parent’s capture and sale leaving her uncle with custody of his niece. It didn’t matter for that night her life completely changed forever.

    Instead of spending her life ‘under contract’ to one of the Hutt, she was indoctrinated into the mentality of resistance. No longer did her days consist of dancing and appealing to the baser desires of a master, but hand to hand combat and the art of deception. Moving from Kala’uun to her uncle’s place in Lessu, which had the distinction of being situated at the end point of the Death Wind Corridor, she was soon absorbed into a small resistance faction under the mentor-ship of her uncle.

    Her father had been so conciliatory, always acting in a placating manner, and never causing waves. Faced with a whole universe of possibilities, a sense of pride in who her people were and what they could be began to grow in the teen. Ner’Giza would never be content to just ‘ride out the storm’ again. No, she wanted to be the storm.

    Uncle Taln’erca’s role in the resistance revolved heavily around smuggling. It was a battle worth fighting, the right to determine free trade, or at least this is what he always told her as he was showing her the ins and outs of the lifestyle. While she knew that their small movement needed to have funding from somewhere it seemed to be lacking in the sort of convictions for which she was searching. To Ner-Giza, his means of survival was no different than that of her father.

    Taln’erca’s view of the goals of a rebellion might be at odds with her own, but he was never stinting in seeing that she had every advantage. Once it was discovered she had an aptitude for flying, he made certain she received training from some of the veteran pilots the tiny rebel cell had to offer. While her new skill set would secure her place with the smuggler’s, it was the freedom it brought that made her feel alive. Determined to acquire her own ship one day, she flew the runs that were assigned saving all the funds she could hide away.

    Not long after she reached her goal that she ran into her future partner, Aurelian Keth. It was one of those right time and place kind of moments, with his extra set of hands jumping in to help her load her cargo. It didn’t help much that they were being shot at by some double crossing gun runners; otherwise she might have been a little more discriminating in throwing in with a complete stranger. As it turned out the Human was not all that hard to convince to team up with her on the ship, The Tempest Hunter. She spun tales of their future exploits together, he helped trade the ‘rescued guns’ for some Empire contraband, while they made the delivery to some struggling folks on Ryloth. She liked to call it judicious redistribution of goods. Recalling that day, the best part was the look on his face when he found out the cargo had been guns! It had teased her sense of humor to keep hidden her true purpose from the man.

    Expanding into making supply runs for other cells, they began to maneuver their way into the broader resistance against the Empire.



    Average Survival, Hunting
    Excellent Athletics
    Excellent Marksmanship - blasters, rifles, ship's lazer cannons
    Excellent Melee - Lyaer'tsa
    Excellent - Pilot
    Questionable Demolition - you press the button it goes off, right?
    Languages - Rhyl, Huttese, Galactic Basic; Learning: Shyriiwook, Mando'a
    Average Dance
    Average Singing
    Average Blackmarket
    Poor Mechanical - droid dependent, 99- fix it, fix it, fix it!
    Swimming - Those are fighting words as she can't swim and has an irrational fear of drowning.


    1 main arm - Vorantikus Blaster Rifle
    1 side arm - DH-7 Blaster Pistol
    1 side arm - R5 Blaster Pistol
    Quick Draw Blaster
    1 melee - Lyaer'tsa
    4 grenades - frag grenades
    Medium Armour - Ranger Scout Armour
    Long Johns
    The Tempest Hunter - Mynock-Series Freighter
    Blue Angel - Malla-class starfighter [ GA owned ]
    The Nightingale - Distance-class corvette [ GA owned ]
    Nine-Nine- KLT-99Z Series Astromech Droid


    Kanjiclub aka The Quilting Bee



    • [​IMG]
      I feel a million miles away, still you connect me in your way
      And you created me, something I would've never seen
      When I can only see the floor, you made my window a door
      So when they say they don't believe, I hope that they see you and me
      After all the lights go down, I'm just the words you are the sound
      A strange type of chemistry, how you've become a part of me
      And when I sit alone at night, your thoughts burn through me like a fire
      You're the only one who knows, who I really am.
      • Taln'erca - uncle who took her in, brought her into a small smuggling and resistance cell. [ NPC ]
      • Aurelian Keth - A scholarly man, Aurel is her dearest friend and part of her family. The two left Ryloth to join the greater Galactic Alliance forces on Savareen. Often times their missions keep them apart, especially since joining Star Squadron, and she feels more than the distance of space growing between them.
      • Jorin Pell - a Firrerreo trooper in the GA who joined Ner'Giza and Aurel on a mission to Tatooine to rescue the talented slicer Sonna Deli who later joins the Alliance.
      • Devrim Wolfe - an accomplished warrior of the Alliance who teamed up with Aurel and Ner'Giza to rescue Twi'lek women and children taken prisoner by Trandoshan slavers.
      • Aurora Blackwood - met on a mission to Ruusan to bring relief supplies to villagers in the company of her partner Aurelian.
      • Alysanne Drast - met on a mission to Eriadu, Ner'Giza holds a growing respect for the teen who is accomplishing so much for the Alliance.
      • Leah Reach - Met the Jedi Master, before the revelation that Jedi were still in existance, during the briefing of Star Squadron. She witnessed her deeds at the tribunal and later helped to free the woman from possession by the Nightmother Sycorax on Jehda.
      • Tycho Draykon - She met Tycho during a mission to free some of the faithful from cultists on Jehda and formed an immediate rapport with the man. He currently is teaching her the Mandalorian language.
      • Magnus Ornsson - rescue the lad from being branded as a witch bringing him to the Jedi in the GA.
      • Luy - Nera met the Master Jedi before the return of the Jedi was revealed to the Galaxy and so was under the assumption the man was just a diplomat she was charged to escort on missions. His true identity was revealed during an encounter with the Bothan Spy Network in which he won the organization to the cause of the Galactic alliance.
      • Nikka Toren - Rebel that she met on Savareen and during the evacuation of Hoth. A strong feeling of kinship washed over Nera at their first meeting but the war efforts have kept them running to opposite ends of the galaxy with little time for exploring this burgeoning friendship. As yet she is unaware the woman is Jedi.
      • Liam Vos - Nera met the rebel during the investigation of a murder at the base on Endor. Having seen the man box, during their off time, she has a fairly good opinion of his skills.
      • Harkam Gant - She first encountered the man in passing during their off time at a boxing match in a hanger on Endor. Later she partnered with him on a mission to the shipyard on Fondor to acquire a contract for ships for the alliance. She enjoys his company but has sever reservations about the man's love of yogurt finding food you don't have to chew seriously suspect.
    • Kanjiklub: A personal squad of 6 men who make up part of Nera's personal squad.
      • Slippken - Gunner and co-pilot, the man is a bit reckless but skilled in combat nonetheless. Gifted mechanic.
      • Ji Hu - member of Kanjiklub, he trained Slippken back when the youth first joined up with the Dovi Gang.
      • Dozer
      • Akahige
      • Maddz
      • Birdman

      Crew of The Nightingale: Comprised mostly of Wookies that were rescued from the Orbital ship yard over Naar Shaddaa, six have attached themselve to Ner'Giza as part of her personal squadron.
      • Nyash - Wookie Co-pilot named Nyassheeeghrorr

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    What kind of grenades is she using? It says 4, but it doesn't specify what kind.

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    now i have to show my ignorance. the kind that explode?
    I will pick some out.

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

    edited in 4 frag grenades

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    Looks like you reference the rewards and links in that comment but I'd advise putting it actually on your CS's original post.
    Also you mention the long johns with the insulation function. Technically as a force user I don't think you can use those.
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    she is not woke. its latent force use. nearly forgot about the long johns. and as stated on the discord wth? do you see ho wold this stuff is? on my first character? too late to change the formating now. go not pick on someone else.

    basically what i don' t understand is why you are poking me about a character that was approved a thousand years before you became a mod, latent force use, long john,s and screwed up formatting and everything. ya hear me? this character is approved. everything on her is approved. what's your point here man?

    how about you delete your comment and stay off my character sheet. and when you are done you can delete this post too.

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    Absolutely uncalled for, tone down the attitude.
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    Also, to clarify something. Just becuase a character is approved does not mean that it cannot be reviewed or questioned by anyone from that point onwards.

    SWRP has always supported peer review on things, members are more than welcome to chime in and ask questions, and that extends to characters. (As long as it's polite and civil off course)

    So there was nothing wrong with Dara providing some feedback, it was all meant to be constructive and there was surely nothing negative behind it.
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