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 Canon Nelvaan

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    Name: Nelvaan

    Coordinates: Q-16

    Hyperlane: Triellus Trade Route

    Rotation: 23 standard hours, 347 standard day orbital period

    Satellites: Three Moons(Álom,Valgustus, and Rauha)

    Inhabitants: The world is home to a lupine sentient race known as the Nelvaanian. Very few outworlders come to the planet much less stay.

    Climate: Nelvaan’s climate can be best described as tundra. As such the world often experiences extended winters and brief springs and summers(the latter two affecting the equator regions but only by a few degrees below freezing). Warmer temperatures can be found in caverns, where plants even the size of trees can grown. Regular blizzards are harsh on the world especially for outsiders. Nonetheless it’s atmosphere is tolerable for most oxygen based species.

    Terrain: The surface of Nelvaan consists of mainly mountains, hills, valleys, canyons, spruce forests, glaciers, streams, ravines, and rivers. Underneath in caverns temperatures can be more warmer depending on deep it goes. These affects various plants such as mushrooms that food gatherers depend on. Because of the world’s low gravity, it has resulted in many oddly shaped mesas. In standard gravity such formations would’ve collapse long ago.

    Resources: Within the mountains is deep caverns containing light crystals, and various minerals. Glacier water is not only highly valued by the tribes but also by Bothan traders that occasionally visit the planet. This liquid so far is Nelvaan’s only known export to the galaxy.


    As a whole the Nelvaanian people have no centralized government. They are divided into various tribes scattered across the planet. Usually lead by a chieftain who is supported by his/her bond-mate, and consulted by a shaman on nearly every vital issue in their community. The selection for tribal chief is determined through a series of trials of leadership and religious importance. If the candidate passes all tests, he/she is deemed by the shaman as worthy to govern their people according to the will of the Great Mother(their dominant deity).

    In turn the entire tribe is required to accept the choice, regardless of any personal bias. With all that in mind, the tribes are relatively isolated from intergalactic affairs and prefer to stay that way. The main exception being small groups of Bothan travelers that briefly stop by the planet to trade for glacier water and a few items made from animals.


    A typical Nelvaanian tribe is made of a series of what could be referred to as klán(extended families) living together. The smallest tribe has four kláns, and the largest contain fiveteen or so. In this structure a recognized elder(usually a woman) directs the affairs of their kin who in turn answers to the chief. Below the klán are the immediate family, the parents and their offsprings.

    At the heart of their society is worship of the Great Mother(the planet itself). It produces them life, so the Nelvaanians are raised from an early age to honor the Great Mother in whatever role they have. For example hunters are forbidden to kill too many prey. To do so in their eyes would disturb the natural balance and endanger their existence. The same is with the food gatherers, take what is only needed to survive.

    Of course there are exceptions, but such groups and individuals who conduct in such matter are untrusted and even threaten by violence. Waste is highly frowned upon as well. If one has a fresh kill or catch they must utilize not just the meat but also the bones or even skin for other purposes. Included in their religion is different spirits that are to be respected, one notable example being that of Fire. Of course not every tribe views all of the spirits in the same light, this sometimes leads to disputes among them.

    Considering their primary deity motherhood is most sacred to Nelvaan’s people. For without it they would not exist. In addition children are to be treasured and protected regardless of their gender. If children are orphaned, the nearest relatives within the klán is expected to adopt them. If there is none or they are deemed unworthy then, another klán will assume the responsibility and must regard them as their own flesh and blood.

    To torture or murder a mother or a child or both is the most hideous sacrilege in the eyes of any devoted Nelvaanian. Such offenders are to be put to death, often in the harshest way possible. Whether they be warrior, chieftain, or even shaman it matters not. Lesser crimes/offenses like theft are often dealt by restitution in one form or another. Personal quarrels between warriors if not solved by intervention are allowed to be settled by a duel in hand to hand combat. Victory is secured by submission or knocking the opponent unconscious.

    Killing and permanent crippling during a duel is strictly off limits. To commit either one is a sentence to exile into the harsh wilderness even if it was accidental. Should the exile survive the journey they are allowed to join another tribe should they find one.

    The tribe is built and maintained on trust. This requires all its members to perform some form of duties to the community. Males are to be hunters and warriors, providing protection against native predators and rival tribes. Females assume the role of food gathers, builders, and most importantly as mothers to support this way of life. Of course if a male has been rendered crippled they are given other means to serve such as craftsmanship, art, or assisting the elderly to teaching the youth.

    During celebrations or ceremonies selected tribal members will wear special masks, and gauntlets as they perform ritualized dances around a large bonfire as music by flutes, and drums plays. These performances are conducted for various reasons. One to appeal to the Great Mother and the Spirits in times of need. Another can be to honor guests and those who committed great deeds. Also to mourn fallen members of the tribes and celebrate the lives they lived.

    Generally the tribes establish their settlements on cliff edges, and in mountain caverns as a form of defense against attacks by beasts, enemies, and the often hostile elements. They rely heavily on white bantha during long travels on the surface and as a food source. In the harshest winters the natives utilize a growing network of tunnels to journeys. Control of these underground pathways is becoming a bigger issue between the communities, even the cause of outright conflict.

    The Nelvaanians have no written literature and so rely on oral tradition/story telling and music to educate and entertain their people, especially children. Art in the form of painting on the walls or animal skins serve in the same function. In terms of attire men wear no tops, only loin clothes, and brown side cloaks and pants. Women clothing is long gowns of red, gray, and brown color. The youth often wears brownish robe-like garments.

    Points of Interest:

    Mouth of the Mother: Located in the far north is the deepest cavern of the whole planet. It is a treacherous maze of passages that the natives claim lead to the heart(core) of the Great Mother. As such the cave is considered the most sacred place in their religion. Only the truly desperate, searching answers to life that none else could give be brave enough for a bitter journey to reach it. The few survivors who return speak of not only facing physical dangers but also hallucinations.

    The latter seem to reflect whatever the traveler’s memories, their ambitions, and nightmares have. These hallucinations are describes to be so vivid that they can drive a person mad or kill if they are careful.

    Rokrul Village: Craved into the edge of a cliff in the equator, Rokrul holds a particular purpose in Nelvaanin society. Unlike other settlements, it is considered neutral ground, serving as a trading post and indeed has the few outworlder merchants that come by temporarily. What’s more, it provides shelter during calamities. In rare instances, Rokrul can be used to host gatherings to settle conflict between tribes.

    The Whispering Valley: Within the central mountain ranges is a long shaped valley consisting of rare flat land and a thin lined stream down the middle. The northern winds constantly funnels down into the area. The level of its strength varies depending on the season. Natives would claim that they can hear whispers in the wind if traveling that route. They believe it to be the Great Mother speaking to them.

    The Halott Ruins: Inside a lonely mountain that lies in the west is the abandoned settlement of Halott. Generations before it was once the most populated and protected center for Nelvaanians, the size of a small city. Then one day Halott‘s people vanished without a trace. All that remains is the settlement itself. Ever since other tribes believed Halott cursed and generally refuse to enter it.

    A few individuals at one time or another had stepped inside. However all were sacred off by what they call as unnatural beasts lurking in the desolate city.

    History: Nelvaan’s origins is shrouded in legends and myths that varies between tribes. What is known however is that the Nelvaanians themselves were believed to be once a united people countless centuries ago. That was before being scattered across the planet by a major cataclysmic event that nearly drove them into extinction. It is often blamed for the ice age that continues to this day. Ever since then, the inhabitants had focused on surviving and adapting to the harsh environment.

    Slowly but surely disputes over hunting grounds, territories, and personal vendettas have lead to tribal warfare. This cycle repeats itself despite them developing a similar culture to one another. Only the threat of terrifying predators like the giant Horax or their devotion to the Great Mother keeps them from committing even further bloodshed. It was in the year 6964 BBY that the famed Bothan adventurer Cais Londaet following a pirate ambush had her crew attempted an emergency landing with their freighter called the ‘Endeavor’. The vessel proceeded to crash into a forest outside of the Rokrul Mesa.

    Cais and surviving Endeavor crew members found themselves trapped in unforgiven surroundings. They spent the next week and an half trying to repair the ship and contact for outside assistance. Little did the Bothans realized they were being watched by scouts of the Rokrul tribe. It wasn’t too long before the shipwrecked outsiders were attacked by a horax. The desperate outsiders were on the verge of annihilation when the hidden tribesman lead by Harcos made a split second decision and intervened.

    Using baiting tactics, the Nelvaanians lured the beast away. They managed tricked the massive animal into falling off a cliff and to its death. Saved, the explorers were then taken escorted by Harcos’ band to their village. Once there and after much consultation the ruling chieftain allowed the strangers to stay with them. For the next seven months, the Bothans would live among the Rokrul, slowly learning the language and the culture.

    Not one to sit idly by Cais would go off exploring but was constantly followed by Harcos who was assigned to the task. Initially she found the arrangement utterly bothersome but eventually accepted and even welcomed his company. During one of these numerous expeditions, Harcos was wounded in an ambush by a rival tribe but was saved by Cais, deepening their bond with one another. There were constantly tales afterward that they became lovers but this was never officially confirmed.

    Meanwhile the Endeavor crew had been sending out signals on the holonet frequency repeatedly but to no avail. One day, that changed when it was picked by a Christophsian patrol ship. As the explorers bid farewell to the local community, none were more sadden to leave than Cais Londaet herself. Yet she refused to turn back, even as Harcos looked on, they would never see one another again. This would lead to in the near future a treaty of mutual friendship between Bothuwai and Rokrul village, establishing trade relations that still exists.

    In that decades that followed life on Nelvaan continued mostly uninterrupted. Though the discovery of the planet has periodically attracted slaver bands to stage raids. Some of the tragic victims were reportedly sold off to the Exiles and turned into abominations during the latter days of the Hundred Year Darkness. On rare occasion few of these people for various reasons have willingly left their homeworld to explore the greater galaxy.

    Following the ascension of the Sith Empire the planet Nevlaan had been left mostly unaffected due to a lack of interest or knowledge of it. The succeeding Bothuwai governments had made sure it stays that way. In part of because of the now deep bond between their two peoples and to keep competition from tapping into the glacier water trade they have there with the Nelvaanians. For the next five centuries this policy worked but recently reports have come in that an aggressive mega corporation has repeatedly sent out scouting parties into the world and building a base there.

    The fate of an entire civilization now hangs in the balance...

    Notable Tribes: Bátor, Rokrul, Henki, and the Kõrge

    Technology: Nelvaan has no modern technology due to its civilization’s divided tribal state. Only visiting outworlders have such means but are discouraged from sharing modern tech like blasters or speeders by the Rokrul leadership.


    This world and it’s species were featured in the 2003-4 Star Wars clone wars series and was made canon sometime ago. Of course the canon lore was limited so I took limited inspiration from legends content and expanded upon it. The purpose for this write-up is to give roleplayers a world for frontier/survival and mystical/force based adventures. Also to help provide a much needed background for anyone would wants to make a Nelvaanian character.

    The lore has been updated in light of the current timeline.
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