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    Character Name and Level:
    @Hask Jen (level 3)

    Character Rank:

    Name of Plot:
    Need a hand?

    Participants in the plot (Character accounts):
    @Raven_41 (@Irolia Shen)

    Intended Outcome of Plot:
    To get a Vor'yc Baar left arm for Hask and a Nightsweeper-Class Star Yacht for Irolia

    Actual Outcome of Plot:
    Hask and Irolia, after almost dying, arguing and finally warming up to each other, managed to get him a Vor'yc Baar left arm and a Nightsweeper-Class Star Yacht for her

    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved?

    Link to Dice Roll Thread if used:

    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:

    Three is a crowd(Ask/Self-DM): Hask and Irolia run into each other while hunting a wanted criminal and finding him in a diner on Coruscant. After a bit of an argument Hask pitches a proposition for her and she agrees.

    Prime Time(Ask/Self-DM): Hask and Irolia arrive on Petram Prime. They dive into an abandoned Cortosis mine and fight through scores of enormous spiders in order to find the shipment left over from years ago and secure it. Outside the two of them lose it and get into a fight, ending with her kissing him...and thanking him. Confusion intensifies.

    Afternoon drive(Ask/Self-DM): With the cortosis shipment loaded in, Hask and Irolia travel back to the spaceport on the planet. On the way they have a much-needed chat over what the hell happened a few minutes ago, but get rudely interrupted by raiders looking to steal their cargo. After fighting off the raiders they finally arrive back at the spaceport and manage to escaped unharmed.

    Twenty minute adventure(Ask/Self-DM): Hask and Irolia set off to Boonta in order to find a stolen shipment of parts needed for his arm. On the way there they all but verbally confess their feelings, though neither party complained all that much. On Boonta they sneak into a pirate base and steal back the parts, escaping inside a Nightsweeper Yacht that the pirates somehow got their hands on. Back on Coruscant Hask's new arm is installed and Irolia takes ownership of the Yacht.
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