Ask  Plot Mythra? I can't even SEE ya!

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    Mythra? I can't even SEE ya!


    Oh, these are some creepy fierfeks, right here. A pirate crew based out of a warrior cult have made Mauk their base of operations. Normally, we wouldn't bother messing with these freaks, but recent events have forced our hands. How so? Well, they happen to have hit a convoy in the Inner Rim and snatched for themselves a very, very generous shipment of purified mythra.

    Like us, these pirates favor melee combat and heavy armor. The warriors don't seem to really sleep, they just... eh, 'meditate', or some nonsense, but you'll still have a better chance attacking at night. Take some warriors and hit their barracks. Cut down all who stand in your way, and seize the mythra. We're actually doing these fools a favor; they wouldn't even know what to do with the stuff, anyway.

    Discipline. Discipline and honor. These are the foundations of all warriors, and this was the way of the Iarumas Raiders. A paramilitary branch of a cult established somewhere out in the Outer Rim Territories, the Iarumas Raiders have evolved from their former function as mere guards and enforcers.

    By the grace of their Majestrix of the Void, the Iarumas Raiders have a new purpose, which they will see done by overthrowing their former masters. But before they can return to the Unknown Regions, they'll need money. With money comes power, and with power, they will fulfill the will of their Majestrix.

    To that end, the Iarumas Raiders have recently seized a shipment of purified mythra. Useless to them, but to others, a precious metal, indeed. Storing it within their barracks, the raiders have gone into their nightly meditation, ready to turn their haul into a profit at the turn of the next day. That is, unless warriors of another breed seeks to steal their legitimately stolen cargo...