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 Ask  Plot Mythra? I can't even SEE ya!

Discussion in 'Unknown Regions and Wild Space' started by The Storyteller, Aug 12, 2019.

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    Mythra? I can't even SEE ya!


    Oh, these are some creepy fierfeks, right here. A pirate crew based out of a warrior cult have made Mauk their base of operations. Normally, we wouldn't bother messing with these freaks, but recent events have forced our hands. How so? Well, they happen to have hit a convoy in the Inner Rim and snatched for themselves a very, very generous shipment of purified mythra.

    Like us, these pirates favor melee combat and heavy armor. The warriors don't seem to really sleep, they just... eh, 'meditate', or some nonsense, but you'll still have a better chance attacking at night. Take some warriors and hit their barracks. Cut down all who stand in your way, and seize the mythra. We're actually doing these fools a favor; they wouldn't even know what to do with the stuff, anyway.

    Discipline. Discipline and honor. These are the foundations of all warriors, and this was the way of the Iarumas Raiders. A paramilitary branch of a cult established somewhere out in the Outer Rim Territories, the Iarumas Raiders have evolved from their former function as mere guards and enforcers.

    By the grace of their Majestrix of the Void, the Iarumas Raiders have a new purpose, which they will see done by overthrowing their former masters. But before they can return to the Unknown Regions, they'll need money. With money comes power, and with power, they will fulfill the will of their Majestrix.

    To that end, the Iarumas Raiders have recently seized a shipment of purified mythra. Useless to them, but to others, a precious metal, indeed. Storing it within their barracks, the raiders have gone into their nightly meditation, ready to turn their haul into a profit at the turn of the next day. That is, unless warriors of another breed seeks to steal their legitimately stolen cargo...
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    Uhtred had a complicated relationship with forest worlds, especially ones with bizarre glowing plants. On the one hand, it often reminded Uhtred of his time with his father, back on Mandalore. Warms days beset by cold nights, and empty skies of moonlight over wind-rended branches of indefinite trees.

    On the other hand, however, it was worlds with many woods that had the most to be feared. The worst things always hid within the woodlands, whether beast or man. Perhaps that was the case for the cultists before now. But this night, things would change, for they were no longer the fiercest thing to be feared in the woods this night.

    As Uhtred and the rest of the Deucalian warband quietly moved through the woods of Mauk, careful to take notice of the armored cultists that dwelt about, the Battle-Master kept his lockbow fastened to his back. Ideally, he wouldn't have need of it; the trees were a natural barrier when it came to ranged combat. And besides, they often made too much noise on their own. If they could help it, Uhtred would prefer they deal with their opponents in the ways of old, with axe and sword in hand... or hammer, for those so disposed to smashing things.

    One of the Decualian scouts ahead stopped in his tracks, holding up his arm to the others in sight of him, who in turn stopped everyone else behind them. Through hand signs, the word got back to Uhtred and the others; 'the barracks was found, hostiles present'.

    With his beskad-in hand, Uhtred moved ahead alongside several other warriors to initiate their attack. Secrecy and surprise were always temporary allies, but they were powerful allies all the same. Through the woods, the Deucalian raiders moved on until they caught sight of their targets, and then waited concealed until the moonlight was shrouded by the clouds. Pulling a single hatchet from his waist, Uhtred then began his own attack as he threw one of his small hatchets at an enemy from behind, striking him in the back of the skull and killing him instantly. Drawing his beskad-to the fore, Uhtred then immediately charged another cultist, who by this point had drawn his own blade.

    The blade was somewhat strange in form to Uhtred, but it was nothing he felt ill-equipped to deal with. Entering into a melee with the second cultist, the two exchanged metallic blows, with Uhtred almost being done in by a clever feint. With his blade, the cultist warrior attempted to decapitate Uhtred, managing to instead slash into his helmet and digging a moderate gash down the side of Uhtred's face. At the same time, however, Uhtred made the best use of the cultist's attack and struck on his own at the same time, impaling the cultist straight through the heart.

    At once, Uhtred used his boot and kicked the dead cultist off his blade in readiness for pressing the attack. While the others were attacking as well, there were still several more about that needed killing.