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    Mordha Kur


    Biographical Information



    21 G. S. Y.
    Sith Empire
    Yes (trained)

    Physical Description

    Hair Color
    Eye Color


    1.7 m
    57 kg
    Dirty blond

    Dark grey




    Skills and Proficiencies

    Saber combat
    Force combat


    Equipment and Tech

    Personal History

    From the moment Mordha Kur came into being, he was alert, his big dark eyes drinking in the world around him with a startling alertness. As any infant, he cried and fussed and babbled, but there was something about him that struck those who met him as someone to watch.

    Mordha's first word was "why" and his parents would later claim that question was the root of his being. As a child he was incessantly curious, greedy for all the knowledge he could draw out of the adults around him. He loved stories, especially those about the history of his people and his planet, and his memory for detail was sharp and unfaltering. The elder Kiffar adored him for it - even when the other children his age ran off to play at soldiers, he would stay and ply them for more stories.

    His life changed dramatically when he was in his thirteenth year. A Sith emissary came to his community on a diplomatic mission (he wasn't entirely sure what that meant but despite his best efforts he couldn't get any more information out of anyone). For the duration of the emissary's stay, Mordha followed at her heels, pummeling her with questions about herself, her people, her adventures on far-off planets, and the Sith. After a time, she left, as emissaries do, but before too long she had returned with an offer for his parents. She had sensed both his presence in the Force and his capacity for learning, and with the leave of the powers that be within the Sith she would like to bring him to the Academy where he could learn to harness his drive and his Force sensitivity to become something far greater. He begged his parents to let him go, and they ultimately agreed.

    His apprenticeship was a series of challenges like none he'd faced growing up on Kiffu. At first he was discouraged, certain he would never be able to match his peers in combat prowess or sheer power. But before long he learned to use his failures to spur himself on, and while he would never be the strongest fighter in terms of physicality, he learned to draw on the Force and his keen observational skills to keep him a step ahead of his opponents. The fighting was never his favorite part of his lessons, though. The true joy of his training was the same as it had always been growing up - learning the history and legends of the Sith. His lust for knowledge was encouraged by his mentors, one of whom taught him about the power of psychometry. Inspired by the thought of having such an ability himself, he turned his mind to the task of learning to use the Force to draw history out of anything he could touch, throwing himself into the practice with a fervor.

    Personality, Values, and Goals

    Mordha is as curious at 21 as he was as a boy, but over the course of his training he has focused in on history and legend as his primary area of interest. Developing his psychometric abilities has allowed him to fill in a few of the gaps in the Sith archives - only small things like how a particular artifact came to be where it was when it was discovered, but still enough to give him a sense of accomplishment and a thirst for more. His greatest ambition is to join the Dark Council and establish himself as a true authority on the ancient knowledge and mysteries of the Sith.

    Now that his time as an apprentice is complete, Mordha spends much of his time in the depths of the Sith archives, learning everything he can about everything he can. Few things can tear him away from his endless quest for knowledge, but one thing that can do so is the chance to travel. He'll jump at the opportunity to visit new worlds, particularly ones on the fringes of known space where he thinks there may be history not yet known to the Empire. One of his truest joys in life is discovering some new tidbit of ancient knowledge or legend to bring back to the Academy on Korriban; he also has a reputation among the younger apprentices as being one of the best storytellers around.

    Recent Sightings

    [Kiffu] [Calling of the Clans]
    [Korriban] [To Reign Eternal]
    [Location] [Completed Thread Title]

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