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    This thread is a mission board for Nem'ro's criminal empire. These missions are things for both members of the empire or members of the Hutt Cartel, who wish to be associated with Nem'ro, to do in order to expand the faction's influence and add to our assets.

    Members who successfully complete missions (and take part in them) may find themselves as lieutenants in the empire, in charge of their own operations or bases/outposts. As the empire expands, we can add other ranks and roles depending on the need. There are also the possibility of credit rewards (from Nem'ro) to be spent on tech, depending on which plot is completed and how well it is done. Completing plots/missions, additionally, earns you favor with Nem'ro.

    The most important thing to remember is that this faction is not all about Nem'ro. It's about YOU: the members. Your stories, your characters. While these missions certainly benefit Nem'ro, do not be afraid to spin them to be beneficial to your character too. For instance: you establish an outpost/base/business? You get to run it as the lieutenant in charge of it. You do a bounty? You get the credits. Make it about you and what interests you and the faction will thrive.

    Instructions: These missions are just bullet points. To successfully complete these missions, you will need to come up with and execute a plot that fulfills the objective of that bullet point. (Depending on the difficulty/the reward) these plots may not have to be very long. Please get with myself or one of the plot mods if you have any questions or need assistance.

    If you see a mission on here that appeals to you, gather like-minded Hutts and go get it done! Post here when your plot is completed so that the mission tracker and the main faction page can be updated. If you do not see an appealing mission, check back often. More will be added as they are suggested/thought of.

    Mission Board

      • Establish a black market on Kuat.
      • Sabotage one of Balla the Hutt's gambling venues on Nar Shaddaa and obtain information that can be used to blackmail the Hutt. Make sure that your activities cannot be traced back to Nem'ro.
      • Invade the droid factories on Hypori and re-outfit them to produce H1 battle droids.
      • Set up a slave ring on Sullust or Kashyyyk.
      • Hack the shipyard computers on Mon Cala and download schematics for new Sith ships. Plant evidence that the hacking was done either by Republic hackers or Jedi Shadows.
      • Kidnap a member of House Kuat, from the planet Kuat, so that the gang can blackmail the wealthy house into securing the Cartel a business deal with Kuat Drive Yards (KDY).
      • Kidnap a member of the Selkath government on Manaan to be used as a bartering chip as a means to secure more lucrative kolto deals for the Hutt Cartel.
      • Steal a shipment of illicit cargo (i.e., drugs, slaves, weapons, etc.) and smuggle it to the palace.
      • Obtain a shipment of coaxium, isotope-5, or both from Makeb.
      • Travel to the ruins of the Jedi temple on Ossus and bring back Jedi artifacts for Nem'ro.
      • Obtain a shipment of kolto from Manaan.
      • Go to Dathomir and bring Nem'ro back a young rancor.
      • Bring Nem'ro Jedi artifacts (i.e., holocron, lightsabers, texts, statues, artwork, robes, armor, etc.) - continuous mission
      • Intimidate the Noghri on Honoghr and, in doing so, convince a clan of them to join Nem'ro as the Hutt's special squadron of assassins.
      • Intimidate the spaceport director on Nar Shaddaa so that the spaceports on the Smuggler's Moon are placed under Nem'ro's supervision.
      • Target ships along the Corellian Run, which runs from Ryloth to Corellia, and bring their shipments in for Nem'ro to repurpose.
      • Successfully execute a heist or bank robbery.
      • Raid tibanna gas from Bespin.
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