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    Biographical information

    6941 BBY
    37 standard years*

    Physical description

    Hair color
    Eye color
    Skin color
    1.8 meters
    70 kilograms


    Chronological and political information



    Capstone perk

    - Formerly Imperial Republica

    - Formerly Sith Crusader

    Merrick Helmsdottir

    Excerpt · Biography · Personality and traits · Powers and abilities · Equipment · Roleplays

    Merrick Helmsdottir, a Sith Acolyte active in the early days of the Great Galactic War, was a ready to what it took to succeed and survive in the Empire.



    Not one of high or noble birth, Merrick's earliest days were spent travelling the length of the Empire, down and up the trade routes with parents who refused to settle. Little more than merchants, his birthplace of Alsakan had been one of happenstance, and even now there was little connection to his place of birth.

    What he did know though was the Imperial Republica, he'd flown it from top to bottom, and by the time he left the Academy he'd enrolled himself into, his piloting was the one thing that still tied him to that life, the one thing he wouldn't leave behind from it. Where the rest of his family was now was of little consequence, what mattered was where he directed himself instead.

    A year in the army, a trio in the navy, and now seconded to Imperial Intelligence, Merrick still kept on the move, even if it was a little more strict than his early years had been.

    Part of him still wishes to continue that life, to live free like he believed the Sith code said. But there was more than a little respect in his bones for the Empire, it wouldn't be given up so easily.

    That was until the coming of the Civil War, the rising rebellions across the galaxy in all corners. Sent on mission after mission, Merrick became jaded with the Imperial Republica, with the notions of being a Sith that each side offered. He meant ot live life a different way, always had. And now, hidden away from the Empire after a disastrously failed mission, he took his chance, and left, taking instead to drifting across the galaxy in a chance to make something new of himself.

    Personality and traits

    Daring, though stern at times, Merrick's goals could change with the wind, which likely explained his rather confused career. But if he failed in his task, Merrick could be more than a little hard on himself, contributing further to his fire to keep moving, trying, embracing the new whenever it was needed. Same for his piloting, it kept him nimble, active, exactly what he needed, like there was a restless energy within that couldn't escape.

    That was where his training came. It had been the thing that focused him, gave him direction, a beat to the rhythm. Perhaps it made him seem uncommitted, but when his mind settled on something this was how he focused on it. And, if it failed? He'd find something else, find another way.

    Powers and abilities

    Energetic and now trained to channel it, Merrick had put some time into developing a variety of skills that were serving him well still.

    • Marksmanship: A fine shot, or so his instructor had said. Nothing notable about his skill with blasters.
    • Hand to Hand: Ready and willing to be in a tussle, he'd learnt long ago to handle himself if need be.
      • Bladed Weapon: Another skill from the academy, Merrick's familiarity with lightsabers and other bladed weapons was strong.
    • Conversational: Ready to strike up a conversation, his charisma wasn't legendary, but he got along well enough with most.
    • Piloting: His longest held skill and passion, from fighters to even ground vehicles, Merrick was a capable driver and pilot.
    • The Force: He'd felt the force from a young age, and the academy had only honed it and focused it into a solid skill for his arsenal.
    • Slicing: He can use a computer, but slicing and hacking wasn't exactly his strong suit.

    By his hip he kept a dual phase lightsaber, as well as Pugio Blaster (with two spare power packs), and when in battle he wore a set of functionless Sith Trooper Armour, with a set of DG-500's on his hands. Generally he carried two frag and two concussion grenades (hidden under cloth at the rear of his armour). While when he flies it is usually in his Reflex class fighter. He also now packs a PIPE for the mission that might need it, a reward for his ongoing service.


    Chapter 1 - When in Rome
    __1. Rise of the Wookkies - Skirmish in the sky

    __2. Outback Holdout - Clearing the land
    __3. Skyfall - Let it Crumble
    __4. Blockade Run - Bolting the gates
    __5. Sunday Driver - Fighters Fighting Fighters
    __6. Fireworks Night - Remember, Remember
    __7. Rats - A Pyke Problem

    Chapter 2 - Branching Out

    __8. Hammer Song - Lost and Listless
    __9. Black Moon - Back in the Game

    Other canon appearances

    Non-canon appearances

    * Date may not match up with her age given changes in site time. Ten years added for timeskip.

    - Credit to Malon for profile code
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