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    NAME: Mephetch Tsississ
    FACTION: Galactic Alliance
    RANK: Rebel (Privateer)
    SPECIES: Trandoshan
    AGE: 30
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 2m (6'19'')
    WEIGHT: 150 kgs (330.7 lbs)

    Mephetch stands very tall, towering over most of average people at 2 metres and looking down at them from the top of his ridged muzzle, completely covered in slick dark green scales along with the rest of his well-built body. Small horns protrude from his head, and a line of ridges goes along his spine starting from the top of his head. His eyes are yellow with a horizontal pupil, typical of the species. His hands have three fingers and an opposable thumb, all tipped with a sharp claw. He doesn't wear shoes at any time, showing off three-toed clawed feet.

    If it wasn't already obvious, this Trandoshan is well-trained in combat in general, making him a fierce warrior and a pretty dangerous foe against most opponents, but he's also a bit overconfident at times, which could make him get in rather dangerous situations. He may not look very intelligent, but in fact he's cunning and calculative, even if often he just jumps into the fight without a real plan. His stamina is quite high again due to his training, but his thick fingers give him some difficulties with more precision jobs, even if he still can manage some precision.

    Gruff, rude, vulgar, loud, not-so-discreet are some adjectives that a person who doesn't know him would describe him with. But he can also be kind and friendly, and he's quite talkative too.

    Born on Trandosha, his childhood and first years as a young adult were pretty much like any other Trandoshan's upbringing: he got trained in hunting, fighting and other skills that would help him, and when he turned adult at 15 years he did the traditional hunt the rite of passage consisted of, and got sent on Tatooine to hunt nothing else than a Krayt dragon. He beat the beast with relative ease, even if he lost an arm in the process (which will regrow completely during a few months, as Trandoshans are able to slowly regrow lost limbs), and he returned home with the beast's skull and pelt as trophy. As he says himself, the Scorekeeper, who's the Trandoshan main deity, blessed him.
    For the following ten years, he spent time on Trandosha as an arms dealer and builder, in the sense that he took normal weapons like blasters and such and upgraded or modified them into unique weapons for bounty hunters, high-rank soldiers, crime lords and such. Even if this life was quite profitable, he had the feeling that he was... incomplete. Like if this job wasn't satisfying enough for himself, and the oppostunity came when an offworlder that definitely wasn't the usual crime lord or such showed up in his shop, offering him the opportunity to help an uprising rebel faction by working for them as a privateer. The Trandoshan accepted the job immediately, and the fun started from there.
    For five years he worked with various crews on his little Nexus class light freighter named the Dosha's Vengeance, making numerous minor assaults on low-traffic trade and supply routes, and regularly handed to the Galactic Alliance part of the loot as per contract... until he got betrayed by his second in command and got captured by Old Empire forces. It's been a few months since he got thrown into a prison established somewhere around Geonosis, but its exact location isn't still clear...

    His main specialities are melee and ranged combat, along with weapon customization and building. Along with that, he also has some experience with splicing, which can be pretty useful for a privateer, at times. He's also a quite skilled pilot, at times even able to outmatch pilots of his same rank that come from the Navy.




    A Nexus class light freighter named the Dosha's Vengeance

    A MR4-series protocol droid for when he needs a translator, and also for some company.



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