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    Medium Beskar'gam

    Although heavy armor is the preference for many Mandalorians- especially front line shock troopers- many Mandalorian raiders and specialized units make use of lighter armor that allows them more mobility and flexibility for completing their tasks, while still offering reliable protection and the intimidating presence of their signature t-visors. This medium armor is even more prone to customization than normal heavy armor, and is often used by jetpack troops, scouts, snipers, and saboteur troops, where the tactical options it allows are most needed. It's also a favorite of lone mandalorians throughout the Galaxy, who like to bring the intimidating reputation of their people into their profession as bounty hunters, enforcers, assassins, or body guards.


    Mandalorian armor- typically defined as anything bearing the cultures iconic T-visor- has been banned in Sith space as a part of the Mandalorian Cultural Repression laws meant to curb the peoples individualistic and rebellious tendencies. Outside of Sith space, the armor doesn't tend to invite any further scrutiny than other armors in its class, and local jurisdictions vary widely.


    This provides a standard issue medium armor for Mandalorian special troops.


    Type and Coverage

    Type: Medium

    • Head: A full coverage duraplast helmet with transparisteel t-visor
    • Torso: Segmented beskar-alloy plating over bantha hide undersuit covering most of torso
    • Back: Solid beskar-alloy plating over bantha hide undersuit, covering upper back
    • Upper Arms: Duraplast pauldrons and elbow protectors
    • Lower Legs: Armored Boots with duraplast shin plating and knee pads


    Function 1: Scout HUD
    • Scout HUD - Contains a 4x magnifier and Compass.
    Function 2: Jump Boots
    • This unusual technology- a precursor to rocket boots- is able to propel a person up to 10 meters beyond what a normal person would normally be able to jump, especially when armored. It is not capable of sustained flight, and requires a brief engine cool-down before it can be used again (1 post cool-down).
    Function 3: Variable
    • Variable. Mandalorians love customization, and even standard issue armor features variation from soldier to soldier..
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