NPC MC-53 "Mac"

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    MC-53 "Mac"


    ► 60
    ► JD-300 Peackeeper Droid
    ► 2.1 Meters
    ► 200kgs
    ► Jedi Order
    ► Corellian Intergalactic Robotics
    ► Co-Pilot
    ► No, disappointingly
    While primarily engaged in creating the Peacekeeper Droids for the Jedi Order, Correllian Intergalactic Robotics dabbled in a few other variations of this particular design to fill other niches the Order had need for. While none were mass produced, many were still found out in the wild, their original design altered most notably with new, often strangely affecting, programming to change their skills to fit needs. However, this alteration onto a model already prone to personality quirks did not make this problem go away, often exacerbating it in some form of another, usually unpredictably.

    With this we can understand the basics of how Mac came to be, though it’s probably not how they’d tell it. Acerbic, edgy, and fully optimised for piloting, Mac is not a droid comfortable with sitting around, like most of the JD’s.. And yet that he had to, for far too long, lost to time in the catacombs of a Jedi Temple on Devaron, listless as he remained strapped into the pilots seat of an S5 Jedi Starfighter, too conscientious to leave but too restless to simply turn himself off, Mac kept the damn ship in working order in the decades that went by, and wander off more than a few sinister looking intruders too.

    Eventually discovered by Jedi Master Vollen Shai, Mac still to this day has not left the cockpit of the S5, now dubbed the “Homeward Bound”, but has found a host of new tasks to keep his ever bristly personality occupied, and can often be heard directing repairs and refits to hangar staff from his seat inside the ship, the Scottish affectation in his vocoder echoing throughout the halls. While his aim has weakened somewhat over the years, his pilots mind has not. Invaluable in the air, and loyal to a man, Vollen wouldn’t part with his friend Mac for the world.

    ►6958 BBY: JD-300 Pilot series begins.
    ►6942 BBY: Mac picks up voice affectation from former Jedi pilot Hala Tyrell.
    ►6940 BBY: Touching down on Devaron, Mac is left alone in the darkness as the temple is taken by strange beasts.
    ►6898 BBY: Master Vollen Shai rediscovers the temple, and Mac along with it.
    Skills and Abilities
    Issuing Orders [****]
    Shooting [**]
    Being Polite[*]