Sith Empire Markus Varo

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    Space (Coruscant)
    454 ABC

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    1.70 meters
    55 kilograms
    Several blaster scars
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    The Sith Empire

    Markus Varo

    "This is Commander Varo. He's been recently promoted and placed in command of a newly finished Nefarious-class Frigate."
    —Emperor Varyn Rask to Milo Vemec-Drast⁽¹⁾

    Markus Varo was a male human Commander in the Imperial Navy living during the Fires of the Rebellion era. Though born in a freighter, several lightyears away from Alderaan, he was raised by his family on Coruscant, where he attended the Imperial Academy. He graduated with flying colors and became a pilot, spending the better part of two decades in a Crux-class starfighter fighting for the Empire. He spent ten more years after that aboard larger ships, learning his way around the bridges of capital craft. When the time came, he willingly joined the Old Empire and was promoted to Commander, being placed in charge of a Nefarious-class frigate that later came to be commanded by Milo Vemec-Drast.


    His parents were traders from a modest upbringing, and Markus Varo was born on their freighter shortly after leaving Alderaan. He was welcomed in his family by a mother and a father, who later set down roots on Coruscant, seeking to offer their son every opportunity that was available to him. Markus breezed through his formative years and finished his schooling with high grades, after which he was convinced to enroll in the Imperial Navy by a recruiter on the street.

    He started as a cadet at the age of 18, attending the Academy on Coruscant, where he learned the ins and outs of piloting. Markus had a natural affinity for it, as if his birth in a freighter had fated him, and quickly rose to the top of his class. By the time he graduated, he was a talented pilot and a disciplined soldier, quickly falling in line with the rest of the ranks of millions of others. He piloted a Crux for so long he grew to be able to describe every inch of the ship, spending almost 20 years doing missions for the Empire—everything from thwarting pilots to quelling rebellions in the Outer Rim. He went on to earn a medal for taking out a pirate fleet after the rest of his squadron had gotten shot down, and his heroic acts earned him a spot on the bridge of a newly-constructed frigate. He spent a decade on it, learning how to plot hyperspace courses, ensure all systems were online, serve as a gunner, and everything else there was to learn. Markus became an ace of all trades, and was commended by those around him as an incredible soldier.

    When the Old Empire defected, he was in the Outer Rim, and found himself reporting for duty on Korriban, simply seeking to do his duty, not caring which of the two Empires he was fighting for so long as it was an Empire. After honorable service, the unification saw Markus earning a promotion. Commander Vato was assigned to yet another frigate, except this time, he was in charge of it. A little later, that same frigate was gifted by the Emperor to Milo Vemec-Drast, but Markus did not complain about being pushed into being second-in-command. All he is concerned with is being a good soldier.

    Knowledgeable of his craft and respectful, Varo is the soldier everyone wants around them. He takes orders with a "Yes, sir," and provides advice only when asked for. He sees himself as a simple cog in the machine that is the Empire, and is happy to help in any way he can.

    Though not an alcoholic, he likes the occasional drink at a cantina during what free-time he has with other soldiers, though he generally prefers to relax in his quarters and read detective novels. He steers away from drugs or any other illegal substance or activity, and tends to be more abrasive toward those teetering on the brink to criminal activity.

    With his fellow crew-mates, he is a friend, always ready to lend a helping hand and always ready to help anyone in need.​
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